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The beautiful York,? a city? in the county of North Yorkshire, England, UK, famous for its cathedral.
Situated at the confluence of the Ouse and Foss rivers, it lends its name to the historic county of Yorkshire, of which? considered, the traditional capital.
The city? offers several historical and tourist attractions of which York Minster and York Castle are the main ones, as well as a number of activities. collateral that make it a popular destination. The city? was founded by the Romans with the name of Eboracum in 71 AD, and in fact it is offered the possibility? to walk on the very suggestive walls and which offer a breathtaking view especially during the sunset time.In the nineteenth century, York became a well-known railway exchange as well as? a confectionery center. In recent decades, York's economy? was even more? conditioned by the presence of a vast railway network that belongs to it. The University? of York? the hub of local education. York has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. How is the city climate in the rest of the York Valley? pi? dry and hot than the rest of the Yorkshire region for the most part. low altitude of the location of the city? of York where there are frosts, fog and cold during the winters, but a very early spring and summer for the area. Christianity ? the religion pi? widespread in York, with 59.5% of residents declaring themselves as such in 2011. Then follows the percentage of atheists and then the other main religions spread on the British Isles in line with the national percentages, but with a small group of people defined as "non-believers" .
There are 33 active Anglican churches in York whose headquarters? constituted by the mother church where the archbishop of York is located, the York Minster, which? also administrative seat of the Northern Province of the Church of England and the Anglican Diocese of York.

During the Christmas holidays of 2019, my parents came to visit me in Liverpool to spend the holidays together, as per tradition. I have always traveled with them, and even on that occasion we could only book a ticket and set off to discover new cities. After several reflections, we came to a conclusion: YORK. I fell in love with it just looking at photos on the internet and above all the weather, for that day it was sunny. "Let's go on December 23, there are also Christmas markets" said my dad? and so? it was.

1 day

On December 23, 2019, at 7:30 am we were at Liverpool Central Station to take the train that would take us to York in two hours. Once we arrived we headed straight for York Minster, a must for anyone visiting the city. The city? was even more? beautiful live, and the sun made it even more? spectacular. From the train station to York Minster or York Minster, it took us about 15 minutes on foot but the walk was longer. how pleasant. After 15 minutes we found ourselves in front of a majestic cathedral and, in my opinion, really beautiful. The cathedral has an ornate Gothic-decorated nave and chapter house, a perpendicular Gothic choir and English Gothic-style north and east transepts. The nave contains the "West Window", built in 1338, and above the Lady Chapel. At the east end of the transept is the "Great East Window" (completed in 1408), the largest largest medieval stained glass window in the world. In the north transept are the "Five Sisters", five sister windows, each 15 meters high. The south transept contains the rose window, while the "West Window" contains a heart-shaped design so? called "The Heart of Yorkshire". After visiting every detail of the Cathedral, we walked towards another unmissable historical attraction, namely York Castle, a fortified complex comprising, over the course of nine centuries, a succession of castles, prisons and legislative courts as well as other buildings in the south of the Foss River. The prison, currently in ruins,? the only genuine surviving part of the medieval Norman castle and? commonly referred to as Clifford's Tower. A disastrous explosion in 1684 rendered the structure unusable for military defense, but York Castle continued. to be used as a prison until 1929. Did the milestone role of York Castle begin? to fade between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when it came more and more? used as a prison for both local criminals and political prisoners. At the time of Queen Elizabeth I, the castle had now lost its military role but was kept as a symbol of authority. directed in York. The outbreak of the English Civil War in 1642 saw the repaired and refortified York Castle play an important role in defending the city. During the twentieth century, Clifford's Tower became a well-known tourist landmark in the area, as well as? national monument. Currently the site? open to the public and? owned of English Heritage. The other parts of the castle are used by the York Castle Museum and as the Crown Court, a British television series. After taking some photos in front of this beautiful castle illuminated by the sun's rays and surrounded by a mantle of green grass, we continued our walk through the city center, very suggestive and full of details to photograph and admire. I must say that although it was December, the cold didn't bother us much. We stopped in some local shop, I am in love with the original souvenirs to give to friends and relatives. It was now 12:30 and then, after filling the bag with gifts, we ran to the restaurant that Mom had booked a few weeks earlier, being famous and consequently always full. Was it the Bettys Café? Tea Rooms. Location rating? 10. A mixture of art, antiquity? and modernity. Service ? state at the top, nothing to complain about, helpful and very kind waiters and the food? super tasty and refined. Satisfied with our lunch break and our time together, we gave way to other customers eager to occupy our table. On the ground floor of the restaurant, there is a small pastry shop where? You can buy Christmas cakes, chocolates or cookies. I did not think twice, I bought three sweets that apparently seemed the most? good of the world ... and I was not wrong at all! We still had 4 hours left to visit the last things before returning home. Did we visit the university? of York, founded in 1963, includes more? thirty departments and research centers in the areas of the humanities, science and engineering. The campus spans approximately 0,82 square kilometers, and incorporates York Science Park and the National Science Learning Center, and some historic buildings in the downtown area. of York. Immediately outside the university center, we had the opportunity? to visit also internally, are the YORK MUSEUM GARDENS, botanical gardens in the center of York, England, near the River Ouse. They cover an area of ​​10 acres of the former grounds of St Mary's Abbey and were created in the 1830s by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society together with the Yorkshire Museum they contain. Full of greenery, of nature, just as I like them, they were probably one of the most? beautiful and relaxing of the day that I recommend to anyone visiting York. Last stop, the city walls, a wall built starting from the Roman era to protect the city? English of York. Currently a large part of the original walls? still visible in the city? and not by chance York? the city? English with the greatest number of miles of walls still standing since medieval times. They are also known as Bar Walls and were built starting from the Roman era. The city walls? of York, as well as in other important cities? of the world, are interrupted by four gatehouses, called bars in English, (Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, Walmgate Bar and Micklegate Bar). These restricted the passage of traffic in medieval times so? to allow the payment of tolls due as well as to guarantee protected passages in case of war. You walk for long stretches of the perimeter with a beautiful view both inside and outside of the city. unmissable. Unfortunately our day in York ended? here and I will bring it to me? always in my heart and I will return, without a shadow of a doubt. Is it a city? wonderful, a mixture of history, art, antiquity? and modernity, excellent for both young people and adults. Find some of the photos taken that day, but I preferred, more? what to shoot, enjoy the present moment and all that? that that city? he was offering me. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact me on Instagram, will I answer?

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