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Wynwood, the artistic heart of Miami

Wynwood. A name that until a few decades ago was unknown to most but now everyone recognizes as one of the most popular areas of Miami.

Located near downtown, in the heart of the city, Wynwood, with its murals, art galleries and craft breweries, it is considered its best neighborhood artistic and eclectic.

This new life of his, Wynwood owes it to a group of entrepreneurs who in the early 2000s decided to revive its fortunes. Before that, the neighborhood was all a succession of abandoned warehouses and factories, vestige of the ancient Garment District, where immigrants from the Caribbean area worked and lived.

The real engine of its rebirth, however, was art: they were the galleries, the innovation and the murals, to bring a breath of modernity, originality and creativity to the dark and dull buildings that inhabit the neighborhood, which is now internationally recognized as an important pole dedicated to art, in all its forms.

What to see in Wynwood

Wynwood has become the artistic soul of the city of Miami. There is no street here that does not host at least one gallery or some other activity linked to the art world. Here are the attractions that you absolutely cannot miss when you decide to visit Wynwood:

Wynwood Walls

The visionary real estate developer Tony Goldman, one of the promoters of the relaunch of Wynwood, was also the creator of the winning initiative of the Wynwood Walls. His idea was to create a large open-air art gallery, using street art as a means to create it, to restore life and color to the anonymous walls of the buildings in the neighborhood.

Created by the best and most famous buskers around the world (Os Gemeos, Retna, Kenny Scharf, Barry McGee, Ron English to name a few), the Wynwood Walls are now one of Miami's most popular attractions, not just locally, but around the world.

For this reason, those who decide to visit Wynwood cannot say that they have really visited it if they do not stop to admire its fantastic murals.

If you want to be sure not to miss a single one, and you are curious to know their history and the stories of those who wanted and made them, you can rely on a guided tour.

Bakehouse Art Complex

The Bakehouse Art Complex, which in 2018 celebrates 30 years of activity, is a space dedicated to artists, which provides them with a studio where they can create, exhibit and promote their art.

Even before the revaluation of the neighborhood, the Bakehouse Art Complex, which is located inside an old bakery factory, it was a place where artists could experiment, compare and exhibit their works.

At any time you decide to visit it, you always come across some exhibition, course or other interesting events dedicated to the world of art.

A Cinema

Like all the activities found in this part of the city, the O Cinema is also unique and particular.

This independent cinemain fact, it does not screen films intended for the general public, but independent films from all over the world.

It is not unusual to come across some reviews organized on the occasion of the release of special films or the anniversaries of historical films. 

Rubell Family Collection

The Rubell Family Collection is one of the largest private collections of contemporary art of the world, owned by Rubell family.

Donald and Mera Rubell began buying works of art as early as the 60s: thanks to the fact that Donald's brother, Steven, was the co-owner and co-founder of the STUDIO 54, the spouses came into possession of dozens of works produced by the greatest contemporary artists, who then gravitated into the orbit of the famous New York club.

Today the whole family, including Rubell's children, Jason and Jennifer, contribute to the management of this impressive collection, which includes works by Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons e Damien Hirst.

Craft beer factories

Another great attraction of the Wynwood neighborhood is hers craft breweries.

The most famous is certainly the Wynwood Brewing Company. Located in the heart of Wynwood, this family-run company produces top quality beers, which can be enjoyed in its tasting room.

Another famous Wynwood Brewery is here J. Wakefield Brewing: located a short distance from the Wynwood Walls, this young company that is not even 20 years old offers, to those who decide to venture into its tasting room, beers of the highest quality.

If you want to enjoy all the best of Wynwood, the Wynwood Art & Beer Adventure guided tour is the right solution for you. 

Where to eat

An eclectic neighborhood like Wynwood can only host equally special premises, which offer their patrons a truly unforgettable experience. Here are the most famous:


Alter, the restaurant led by the chef Brad Kilgore, offers visitors a unique experience, which includes traditional American cuisine revisited in a more exclusive and refined way, mainly prepared with seasonal and kilometer 0 products.


The owners of the famous Lokal have seen fit to bring some of their flair also in Wynwood.

And what better place than this to serve excellent street food revisited in a more refined key, accompanied by a selection of craft beers?

Their menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads and even vegetarian dishes.

Coyo Taco

If tacos are your thing, Coyo Taco, in Wynwood, is the right address for you. Tacos are served here at any time of the day, prepared by the chef Scott Linquist only with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

The Salty Donut

Just think that this place, which is now a real point of reference both for the inhabitants of the neighborhood and for tourists, started its career as a pop - up restaurant that only opened its doors on weekends.

All over Miami you can't find better donuts of those prepared by the chef Max Santiago.

Try to get there in time, though: as soon as the dough runs out, the place closes and doesn't reopen until the next day!

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

To satisfy not only the taste, but also the view, you can choose this beautiful tapas place, whose cuisine is characterized by Latin influences, which is located right in front of the Wynwood Walls.

Joey’s Spagnan Cafe

If you are homesick, Joey's Spagnan Cafe is the place for you. In a convivial atmosphere you can enjoy excellent pizzas and tasty pasta dishes.

Where it is

Wynwood is located in the vicinity of downtown, and is bordered by NE Second Avenue to the east, I - 95 to the west, I - 395 to the south and NE 36th Street to the north.

How to reach it

Wynwood is easily accessible both by car and by major public transport. Here's how to get there:

By car

Whether you are in Miami Beach, downtown or in another area of ​​the city, reach Wynwood by car it really is very simple.

Da Miami Beach

Take McArthur Causeway eastbound, exit Biscayne Boulevard US -1 northbound. Continue north until you reach NE 29th Street, and continue west to NW 2nd Avenue.

From the north

Take I - 95 south and continue on I - 95 east, then turn right on 29th Street and then turn again onto NW 2nd Avenue.

From the south

Take I - 95 northbound and continue on I - 95 eastbound until you reach the North Miami Avenue exit. Once you exit, head south and turn right onto 29th Street, then turn onto NW 2nd Avenue.

Con i mezzi pubblici

The Miami city trolley service is free and reaches all major areas of the city, including the Wynwood neighborhood and its Wynwood Walls.

even the subwaybus reaches the Wynwood neighborhood.

From the stop at the Government Center of the Metrorail it is possible to take the buses of lines 2, 6, 77 and 277, which reach the heart of the Wynwood Art District.

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