Wrestling in the USA: WWE Smackdown arrives

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During the television zapping, it is difficult not to have stopped at least once to admire the technique and physical prowess of the wrestlers: a successful combination of show and fight, as well as the transposition into the ring of the eternal struggle between good and evil are the two main ones. ingredients that made wrestling famous in America and, after some time, even overseas.

In Spain, television has been broadcasting this type of meeting for several years now: currently, on the Cielo station, the best wrestling in the world, the WWE Smackdown.

If, while watching TV, the moves of Seth Rollins, the exploits of Randy Orton (moreover, son and grandson of art) or the exploits of the former football player Roman Seigns have always thrilled you, imagine what chills on your back these live champions will be able to arouse in you.

Attending a wrestling match in the audience, with the warmth and enthusiasm of the public around us, really has a very different flavor from seeing it at home, on the sofa: one of the most American experiences that you can do in the your dream trip to the States is to cheer live for your wrestling champions.

And it doesn't happen every day: luckily for you, WWE Smackdown will be held at the American Airlines Arena / The Miami Heat on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Given the extraordinary coincidence, if you plan to be, if not a Miami, at least in Florida for September 1st, I absolutely recommend that you plan to spend an evening at WWE Smackdown: let yourself be thrilled by the truly herculean feats of the champions, let yourself be overwhelmed by the pathos of the public and you will never forget your trip to Miami ...

To make this competition even more exciting, there will be the proclamation of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion: in short, a race not to be missed both for fans, but also for simple admirers of the masculinity, cunning, courage and passion of the best world wrestlers.

If you can't be in Florida in early September, these are the other meetings in major American cities:

- Toronto: September 25;
- New York: October 3;
- Boston: October 5;
- Philadelphia: October 6;
– Los Angeles: October 25;
- San Diego: October 26.

If you are passionate about wrestling and are not planning a trip to the USA, on 11 November there will be a meeting at the Palalottomatica in Rome.

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