World cuisine: 10 things to taste once in a lifetime

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What are the delivery times? weirder dishes that the kitchen can it give to the strongest stomachs and the most curious palates? The traditions culinary dishes from distant countries sometimes present dishes that would make even those who are usually not afraid to experiment shiver.
Tokyo cuisine generally offers dishes of great charm to anyone who shows gastronomic curiosity: but probably not all fans of Japan they are willing to taste it Shiokara, an appetizer consisting of seafood left to ferment for more than a month in their own juices.

It is certainly of particular charm Snake wine, prepared in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia: it's a kind of rice grappa in which, at the discretion of the producer, they are left to macerate reptiles od insects, such as snakes, spiders and scorpions.
Certainly among the most particular foods there are fried spiders area of Cambodia: this dish is tasty for the inhabitants of the country finger food to nibble on at one of Phnom Penh's many kiosks.
The more courageous can try, instead, i Beondegi, boiled silkworms, spiced and sold as tasty appetizers. To enjoy this delicacy you will need to go to the South Korea.

Among the strangest dishes of South American cuisine it is worth mentioning the Escamoles: a delicacy of Mexican gastronomy, it is prepared using the eggs of the ants black giants.
Still on the subject of insects, know that in Japan the bravest among you will be able to taste some characteristic cookies enriched with a surprising filling based on whole wasps: they are extremely protein.
Only the bravest visitors to the South Korea, however, they will have the guts to taste the Sannakji, pulp tentacleso raw still able to writhe in the pot.

What are the strangest dishes of European cuisine? For example we can mention it Scottish Haggis, a kind of mess of offal stuffed into the animal's stomach.
In Finland, on the other hand, it is traditional to prepare some pancakes a basis of blood: this element, moreover, is still used in many cultures. Historically it was appreciated for its high nutritional properties.
It is recent news that a London company has developed a line of gelato produced with human breast milk. Its taste is unknown to us, but its price is really exorbitant: we are talking about 15 pounds per serving.

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