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Could I never have thought that Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, was like this? beautiful.
Embedded in the rock, Tbilisi rises on the banks of the Mtkvari River:? a city? surprising, rich in history and traditions. Crossroads of peoples? immersed in a mix of cultures that gives it a unique and fascinating aspect.

Here are my tips for a low cost trip to Tbilisi.
Answer? to questions: what to see in Tbilisi, what to do and above all, what and where to eat.


- How to get to Tbilisi from Italy? Has Rayanair added the Milan (Bergamo) low cost route since November 2019? Tbilisi, direct flight. There are really super affordable flights starting from 35 euros. I booked on skyscanner, I found a super offer from 03/12/2019 to 1/01/2020, I must say that I spent a Magical New Year in Tbilisi. The duration of the flight? about 4 hours.

- How to get from Tbilisi airport to the city center? very convenient, the bus line number 37 arrives in the center in 20/30 minutes, the price of the bus tickets? of 0,50 Gel = 0,14 cents. ? really comfortable highly recommend it? a good way to save the money of the taxi, and the route that runs through the city center.

- Georgia time zone? UTC +4, therefore for the mechanism of the summer time? 2 hours ahead of Italy when daylight saving time is in force and 3 hours ahead of Italy when solar time is in force.

- A visa from Italy is not required to visit Tbilisi

- 1 euro equals about 3.51 Gel (Georgian lari) the pieces are super affordable for a European, both as accommodation and as a restaurant.

- The electrical outlet in Georgia? type C, E and F, i.e. the European standard.

- The tap water? drinking.

-? free wi-fi available? Tbilisi Loves You? throughout the city center.

- Does the climate in Tbilisi vary mostly? from 20 to 32? in summer and from 13 to -1? C in winter.

- Tbilisi? a city? very safe

- The predominantly spoken language? Georgian: a fascinating language that UNESCO has included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Other languages ​​spoken include: Russian and English.

In order to visit Tbilisi I suggest a stay of at least 2-3 days, even if only to have more? possibility? to try different typical dishes of Georgian cuisine, the pride of this nation.
The historic center is not? very big, so I recommend you book a hotel in the center and move on foot, the hotel prices are super affordable, I booked on Booking I stayed at HOTEL 38 (38 Iakob Gogebashvili Street, Saburtalo, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0179 - SEE MAP) I highly recommend it for the excellent quality / price / location ratio.

1 day

My first day? travel status I arrived in the evening at midnight so I only had the opportunity to admire the lights of the city? and the Christmas decorations from the bus, the feeling I got when arriving in Tbilisi? state of a city? welcoming and hospitable, outside the airport my boyfriend was waiting for me he had arrived from Baku and together we headed to the hotel to rest.

2 day

Our first real day in Tbilisi? started very early in the morning breakfast at 7:30 at the hotel and off with the visit to Old Tbilisi:
The City? Vecchia starts right where the Metekhi bridge is located, from which you can see the Narikala Fortress and the imposing Mother Georgia Statue that dominates the entire city.
Here is the Abanotubani district, with the city spas and waterfalls but also Sioni Street with an ancient caravanserai in which? set up the Museum of History and the Cathedral of Sioni the cathedral more? great of Georgia also called Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The clock tower which houses the Marionette Theater deserves a small stop and where at 12.00 a small musical show takes place, with the animated figurines that dance every day for the audience present.
Did we then move to the nearby Rike Park area where the Peace Bridge is located? a completely different zoana from Old Tbilisi. The futuristic bridge? was it made by an Italian architect (Michele De Lucchi)? becoming a real symbol of the city.
From Rike Park we took the cable car to Narikala Fortress. From there, on foot? You can see the huge statue of Mother Georgia up close and visit the Botanical Gardens.
Finally we come to my favorite moment: the one in which I recommend what and where to eat in Tbilisi. ? it is necessary to state that the kitchen? one of the aspects of which Georgians are (rightly) most proud. In Georgia you eat well and spend little!

The two dishes that are absolutely worth tasting are:
The Kachapuri or the bread with cheese in its many versions which is also defined as the Georgian pizza,? delicious, Georgian cheese melts in your mouth, exists in many versions.
The Khinkali which are ravioli stuffed with meat and broth or with cheese to be eaten by advancing the stalk, are very good;
Eating in Georgia? an experience that will give you? great satisfactions and the capital offers many clubs of all kinds. I point out some restaurants in Tbilisi where we had a great time and we spent less than 10 euros each.
- Sakhachapure N1
- Pasanauri
- Dinehall

3 day

In the morning we took a tour of Liberty Square
From Piazza della Libert? begins Shota Rustaveli Avenue, the main street of Tbilisi dedicated to the national poet where there is also the Palace of the Parliament famous for the massacre of April 9, 1989 and for the Rose Revolution.
After eating a delicious Kachapuri and a rich salad, we headed first by subway and then by bus to a wonderful place, the place I loved the most. in Tbilisi: The Chronicles of Georgia
The Chronicles of Georgia? an imposing monument dating back to the late 80s that tells the story of the town. L? next to it is the Tbilisi Sea, an artificial reserve that offers a beautiful panorama.

In the evening we returned to the center to admire the illuminated streets. The most illuminations? beautiful can be admired along the Ristaveli Avenue where c ?? the Parliament building, surrounded by the two best Christmas trees in the city. We waited for midnight in the streets of the center, a real party music fireworks people celebrating in every corner, Tralaltra Tblisi? a city? very quiet and safe, a real find!

4 day

After checking out at the hotel on the last day in Tbilisi? started in the Sololaki district where you can take a nice tour among the ancient buildings of the city? with wonderful frescoes, Moorish ornaments and traces of the golden period of Tbilisi.
After we went to a very nice and avant-garde place: Fabrika
Fabrika? a multifunctional cultural center with a rather unique history: it was born from a former Soviet-era textile factory that yes? transformed into an area where artists gather, work in modern co-working spaces, discover local crafts and drink lots of coffee!
Inside ? there is also a hostel, so it could be the ideal solution for low-cost accommodation immersed. ? the symbol of the renewal of Tbilisi, and the inhabitants are rightly proud of it.
We relaxed on the sofas a nice p? in this wonderful place, after which? we greeted Tbilisi and we went to the Aereoorto why? in the evening we flew back to Italy.
The trip to Tbilisi? was wonderful,? a city? what me? remained in the heart to which I will return? definitely.

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