Wine break: what are the most beautiful French destinations?

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Tourism today is oriented towards more specific objectives than mere entertainment. Travelers now want to discover the places of their stay from the perspective of culture and terroir. Thus, wine tourism, including the discovery of wine regions and their productions, is booming. If you too are a wine lover and want to know the most beautiful destinations in France to satisfy your passion, follow the guide, we give you all the information to prepare your wine trip!

Explore the Aquitaine vineyards

The Aquitaine region produced some of the most famous vintages in the world ! Indeed, its winegrowers work every day for the international recognition that France enjoys in terms of wine tasting. Nearly 140 hectares of vines allow wine enthusiasts to visit estates and cellars with appellations as prestigious as Saint-Emilion, Sauternes or even Saint-Estèphe.

Saint-Émilion, near Bordeaux

And with more than 9000 castles awaiting the visitor, Aquitaine is the leading wine region in France and undoubtedly the ideal destination for a high-end wine stay. Enthusiasts can push to Périgord to dip their lips in a Bergerac or a Monbazillac. And why not take the opportunity to accompany them with everything that makes the high value of local gastronomy!

If you want train you in the pleasures of tasting Before setting out on the road, it is strongly recommended to have a basic knowledge: so why not first take an initiation into wine tasting with Sport Découverte? Indeed, wine tourism requires knowledge and a certain habit of the palate to be fully satisfactory. Thanks to this comprehensive program, you will approach the art of wine from the point of view of history, technique but also of the big names which have always carried the reputation of wine-growing France. And all this will of course end with a tasting to appreciate, identify and savor the incredible variety of the French vineyard!

Getting started on the wine route in Burgundy

With only 28 hectares, the Burgundy vineyard is much less extensive. Yet it houses an exceptional diversity and quality of terroirs. The famous wine route that crosses the region is therefore a royal gateway for those who wish to learn about the pleasures of tasting during an oenological stay. Like the landscapes, the climate here is very varied from one area to another, which allows Burgundy to produce very different wines. Red wine lovers will eagerly orient themselves towards the Côte de Nuit or the Hautes Côtes, while fans of white wines will draw their nectar from the cellars of Chablis and its region. Finally, lovers of exceptional bubbles will find their happiness in Crémant de Bourgogne by visiting the Châtillonnais region.

Panorama in Chablis

Taste Alsace wines by practicing wine tourism

The Alsace vineyard is even smaller than that of its neighbor Bourguignon. However, the northernmost wine-growing region of France has all the characteristics necessary for an exceptional wine-tasting stay. There too, an official wine route allows you to discover terroirs magnificently established in the heart of wine-growing villages typical of the East region. From Marlenheim to Thann via Colmar and Gertwiller, you will be surprised by the diversity of local productions. Pinot noir, Sylvaner or Gewurztraminer are among the most famous, but crossing the region you will discover well other names that are more confidential but no less tasty.

Vineyard in Alsace, near the Château de Kaysersberg

Practicing wine tourism in the Rhône Valley

In terms of area, the Rhône Valley vineyard is the second largest wine region in France behind Aquitaine. This wide scope also allows it to offer an extremely wide range of tastes and flavors. In the northern part of the Côtes du Rhône, you can taste powerful red wines as well as dry or sparkling white wines. Further south, we strongly recommend that those who take wine tourism seriously to go through the villages of Gigondas or Séguret. We also recommend combine the pleasures of the palate with those of discovery by renting an electric bike to explore the trails of the region and fill you with the beauties of this land of character, during your wine stay. 

The Rhone Valley

Discover the wine terroirs of Provence

Provence is best known for its fruity rosé wines which elegantly refresh the scorching summers that are very common in the region. However, the nearly 75 hectares of vineyards that cover the region contain numerous cellars whose wines present flavors as diverse as the local terroirs. For combine tasting and historical visit, we advise you to go through Fréjus whose vineyards extend not far from the Roman amphitheater. Fans of the Côtes de Provence appellation will rather explore the Var, but all will undoubtedly pass through Aix-en-Provence during their oenological stay. As a real hub of local gastronomy, the city is indeed an ideal starting point and information to adjust its route to its personal tastes.  

Vineyard near Aix-en-Provence

France has been a land of winegrowers for centuries. Its territory is thus marked by an infinite diversity of producers. This richness that the world envies us unfortunately does not allow us to name all the appellations and terroirs that participate in this primary gastronomic identity of our beautiful country. We therefore recommend that you go on the roads and once you have explored all these regions, perhaps you will then head to Nantes or Champagne. And don't hesitate to spice up your stay with these ideas for activities or these unusual accommodations.

Good tasting !

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