Wich is the Smallest City of the World? It's called Hum!

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The typical holidays almost always lead us to focus our gaze on marine destinations with white beaches and crystal clear waters, they make us do fourteen hours, if not more, by plane to reach distant continents, to see skyscrapers and go shopping wild in mammoth shopping centers. . We are now so used to thinking "big" that sometimes we forget the ancient saying "Good wine is in the small barrel" and we don't stop to think about what it means.

We will take you, therefore, to take a look at a village where chaos and consumerism are unknown words, where you can breathe history and culture, where traditions are more alive than ever and magic, the unique atmospheres that you will hear will make you travel like never before!


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Hum, in Croatia, is the smallest city in the world

So let's go to Full, in Croatian Hum, a Croatian city located in the heart of Istria. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is "the smallest city in the world", with its own 20 inhabitants about and a 'extension of just 100x30 meters. Ideal city for a relaxing stay, a place of peace and serenity, great for those who love the breathtaking landscapes and nature as it rises in the mountains, also fantastic for those who love to do trekking!

To get there you can walk the Avenue of the Glagoliti which connects the two villages of Roc (Rozzo); even if it is 7 km long it is worth taking this walk, so you can admire the large stone monuments which rise adjacent to the road, representing the letters ofGlagolitic alphabet, in use by local citizens until the last century.

Hum's story

Hum dates back to IX century, the period in which Istria belonged to the Franco kingdom; Count Ulrico I built on the remains of theancient fortress the castle of Hum, and next to it developed an agglomeration of houses that made up the village. History buffs will certainly appreciate knowing that its appearance hasn't changed since then! Arrived, in fact, at the small medieval town, you can enter from its only access, a bronze door still with knockers and ... a breath of antiquity will envelop you! You will be surprised to see that the micro-city is still surrounded by ancient walls who once defended it. Walking along its only two alleys you can stop and admire its few houses and its only ones two Romanesque churches, that of san gerolamo and that of San Giacomo, with its bell tower.
It really takes your breath away to think this city-monument has remained intact until today; it is a rare example of urban development within medieval walls. Art lovers, strolling in the heart of Hum, cannot fail to find the frescoes are wonderful dating back to the twelfth century, a period in which the city belonged to the patriarchate of Aquileia, which most likely commissioned the works, posters of art and skill of an artist, unfortunately unknown. Other frescoes of inestimable value are exhibited in the Chapel of San Girolamo near the cemetery of Hum.

History and tradition to drink: the Biska di Hum

And if we have satisfied lovers of history, art and nature, we certainly cannot forget the admirers of food and wine trips! Hum's inhabitants produce Biska, one homemade sweet grappa made with pomace, four types of herbs and white mistletoe leaves. This obviously secret recipe dates back to almost 2.000 years ago, when the ancient Celts inhabited these areas and today they only know it in Hum's Inn, received by the late parish priest Josip Vidal.
What to say, then ... "A good stay is in the smallest city in the world!"

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