Why choose a farmhouse? Here are 10 good reasons!

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Farmhouse, a form of holiday which was created to support the agricultural sector by offering hospitality in its company a cheap prices; initially it envisaged that the tourist / guest would help the farmer with his daily work in exchange for room and board! He spent the night in bare houses with no comfort and in exchange he had to wake up at 5 in the morning to go to the barn to milk the cow, collect the eggs that the hens had made and maybe even help out in the fields. A very unique way to take a holiday!
Now things have changed a bit, since the farmhouses are now equipped with spa centers, swimming pools e golf courses. Their structures are wonderful bagli or cascine, rustic houses renovated with elegant furnishings in their simplicity, in order to give that touch of ancient and poor, while maintaining the comfort of today's holiday places. However, for those who wish it remains the contact with the ancient tradition of learning the trades of the past ...
I believe that this mix of things can already raise the farm to the top of the ranking better places for a nice vacation, but if you want, here it is 10 good reasons to choose an agriturismo!


  1. Value for money
  2. Warmth and hospitality
  3. Contact with nature
  4. Rediscovery of traditions
  5. Authenticity of food and rediscovery of ancient flavors
  6. Escape from stress
  7. Ideal for families and couples
  8. Old style elegance
  9. Easily accessible oasis
  10. Flash vacation
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Value for money

I'd say that's a good reason to start. Days of relaxation, ofgreat food, surrounded by nature, with accommodation in cute comfortable rooms, at lower prices than a hotels of equal prestige, or at the same price as a b & b offering bed and breakfast only. In a farmhouse you can enjoy all its comforts, eat typical products for breakfast, lunch and dinner, enjoy the landscape and have fun in the open air!

2 - Warmth and hospitality

The agritourisms, in most cases, are managed by the families themselves who own the structure and the surrounding land. These family businesses often give away a informal atmosphere, thanks to them great hospitality, attention to the host and warmth in the service.

3 - Contact with Nature

The farmhouses are always immersed in places of wonderful serenity, whether it is in the mountains in the woods, or near the sea, in a beautiful pine forest, or hidden among gentle hills. In any case, being awakened by birdsong, looking out on the balcony and smelling the earth wet by the morning dew, seeing uncontaminated landscapes gives the holiday a touch of simplicity and uniqueness!

4 - Rediscovery of traditions

It is wonderful to relax in front of the fireplace, with the farmer who tells you old stories and legends of the place, images of a world that, alas, is disappearing! The farm almost always offers the opportunity to rediscover, even if only for a few hours, ancient traditions now dormant: home cooking lessons, excursions on foot or on horseback immersed in nature. Many facilities provide guide who take you to visit the places where the delicacies that you will taste at the table are produced, you could learn how to milk a goat, you will feed the animals, or maybe you will collect the vegetables that will be served at the table that same evening!

5 - Authenticity of food and rediscovery of ancient flavors

The law provides that in a farmhouse 60% of the ingredients for the preparation of food comes from the company, is grown and / or raised inside, to ensure freshness and authenticity of products, further enhancing the traditions of the place. So you can enjoy delicious breakfasts with milk from the nearby farm, accompanied with bread and freshly picked fruit jams. You can savor freshly picked vegetables from the garden and delicious meats raised with care and love! At the table you will rediscover ancient flavors of the cuisine of the past with typical local products.

6 - Escape from stress

But which ones 5 star hotel in the center of gray, chaotic and smelly metropolis! A farmhouse is aoasis of peace and tranquility, ideal for one escape from stress, to unplug and get away from the usual tram tram. On a farm, you can allow yourself to relax lying in the shade of a pine tree reading a good book, or you can have fun going for a ride. On the farm you can enjoy those sounds, smells and flavors that the city has made you forget, or has never made you know!

7 - Ideal for families and couples

I moderate prices and endless activities will surely convince the families to go on vacation. Isn't it wonderful to rest on a wooden bench, caressing the grass with bare feet, while enjoying the sight of your children running carefree in the fields? No less convincing it can be for the pairs who want to pass a romantic weekend walking hand in hand through the fields of poppies, cooking together, making long rides on the back of splendid horses in the enchanted forests or along the seashore!

8 - Old style elegance

The eye wants its part! And here too the farmhouse has no rivals, with its wonderfully restored ruins, old warehouses transformed into antiques "museums", rickety farmhouses and rough beams that become rustic "castles"! Even the interiors are well cared for, with poor art furniture, antique hand-embroidered tablecloths, tools and tools to work the land hanging on the walls to remember the hard work in the fields. Simple but refined rustic furnishings, with particular attention to detail, this is what makes the difference!

9 - Easily accessible oasis

For those who are afraid of the plane, or suffer from seasickness, for those who prefer to travel comfortably seated in their car, without having to think about how many suitcases to take with them, the farmhouse is a easily accessible by car. A few km away from your home there will surely be one!

10 - Flash vacation

It is not easy to be able to take a week off from work and some places need a visit that goes beyond the weekend. This is not the case for farms, as you have everything in a weekend time to relax, rest, do excursions, eat well, see new places, enjoy the quiet that these unspoiled places offer.

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