Who are the most popular and famous travel bloggers in the world?

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We continue our journey to discover the bloggers who "made it".
After talking about the top of the class nationally, now we focus on the top influencers worldwide. Yes, because in the global world we live in today, all you need is a laptop, a wifi connection, and a good knowledge of English to reach a potentially infinite audience across the board.
Or maybe not...?!

In fact, just like their Italian colleagues, the travel bloggers we are talking about today have proven to have exceptional gifts in terms of ambition, fortitude and ability to adapt, and they proved it with the numbers of their success. So, aspiring travel influencers, get inspired by these models if you want to go ahead.
Here are the most famous travel blogs in the world.


  1. World of Wanderlust
  2. Nomadic Matt
  3. The Poor Traveler
  4. Hippie In Heels
  5. Migrationology
  6. Vagabond Expert
  7. Hand Luggage Only
  8. Jonnhy Jet
  9. the planet D
  10. The Blonde Abroad
  11. Pinoy Adventurist
  12. Local Adventurer
  13. Bucket list journey
  14. Swedish Nomad
  15. Ordinary Traveler
  16. Our Awesome Planet
  17. Out of Town Blog
  18. Be My Travel Muse
  19. Goats on the road
  20. Journey Era
  21. The World Persuit
  22. Finding the Universe
  23. Young Adventuress
  24. Chasing the Donkey
  25. Getting Stamped
  26. User questions and comments

World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward is a 26-year-old girl who can't stand still, eager to discover the whole world, one country at a time. After a period of digital nomad which allowed her to establish herself as one of the most followed travel influencers in the world, she decided to settle in Tasmania to rediscover the pleasure of routine. But as you might have guessed, it took her just a little while to go back to yearning for the freedom to travel.

  • Link: www.worldofwanderlust.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +589.000 Facebook, +623.000 Instagram, +28.000 Twitter, +50.000 You Tube

Nomadic Matt

Matt was a guy like any other, super busy with his studies and not too interested in traveling.
After college, he quickly found a good job. In short, everything was going smoothly until 2004. That year Matt decides to take advantage of his 2 weeks of vacation for his first trip abroad. Since that time, his life has changed. Matt opened up to the possibilities of the world, got lost in a jungle, flew hundreds of thousands of miles, visited over 80 countries, discovered new cultures and met people from all over the world. As if that weren't enough, in the meantime, he also created a blog followed by thousands of people, and became author of a best-seller titled "How to Travel the World on $ 50 a Day". Not bad Matt. Not bad really!

  • Link: www.nomadicmatt.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2006
  • Social : +247.000 Facebook, +92.000 Instagram, +116.000 Twitter

The Poor Traveler

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos were two penniless people with a travel obsession. They shared a mediocre apartment with 4 other guys and the only way they had to travel was by taking advantage of business trips paid for by the company. The problem was that today they travel, their desire to travel is growing dramatically. So they began to do extra work and save on everything to satisfy their addiction, and at the same time they started blogging about cheap travel. Shortly thereafter the blog exploded into becoming one of the most followed in the world. Today Vins and Yoshke are full-time travelers.

  • Link: www.thepoortraveler.net
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2010
  • Social : +620.000 Facebook, +67.000 Instagram, +8.000 Twitter

Hippie In Heels

Rachel Jones has always loved traveling; she always told her friends that she would do any job that allowed her to travel at least 6 months a year. It went well today is on the road 12 months a year. She has the soul of a wandering nomad and the look of the perfect fashion addicted. He lives his life halfway between wild excursions in the middle of the jungle and days of unbridled shopping and relaxation in the spa, and he contains all his "contradictions" in his blog.

  • Link: hippie-inheels.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +79.500 Facebook, +89.000 Instagram, +34.000 Twitter


Mark Wiens has two huge passions, one for travel and the other for food, which he has been able to combine in one thing: his blog.
Migrationology is designed for those who "travel for food", for those who want to immerse themselves in the flavors and aromas of the world. It is a place capable of recounting gastronomic excellence and authentic expressions of taste.
Apparently Mark's travel philosophy seems to be appreciated, as testified by the dizzying numbers of his You Tube channelEtc.

  • Link: migrationology.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2009
  • Social : +520.000 Facebook, +320.000 Instagram, +2.250.000 You Tube, +18.800 Twitter

Vagabond Expert

Matthew Karsten is a modern wanderer, a digital nomad who has dedicated his life to discovering the world. He is a professional blogger and photographer who tells stories, takes sensational photos and experiences crazy adventures. He offers advice, inspiration and motivation to those who, like him, are hopelessly suffering from Wanderlust syndrome.

  • Link: expertvagabond.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2010
  • Social : +81.600 Facebook, +155.000 Instagram, +29.000 Twitter, +36.000 You Tube

Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd, are two lovely young boys, both former students of Cambridge University. And it was in college that the two met and on a boring April afternoon they decided to start their blog. Through the pages of the blog the two they tell their travel adventures with spontaneity and enthusiasm, providing tips, advice and inspiration to their readers.

  • Link: handluparmionly.co.uk
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2014
  • Social : +196.100 Facebook, +49.000 Instagram, +23.000 Twitter

Jonnhy Jet

Jonnhy has always traveled extensively in his life, enough to develop formidable skills in finding sensational offers but above all in earning air miles. Today is a Travel Hacker expert who travels for free and makes his knowledge available to others via the blog.
Over the past 20 years he has traveled an average of 150.000 miles and visited 20 countries a year. He has participated in numerous major publications and has been guest on many television stations, such as ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC and PBS.

  • Link: www.johnnyjet.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 1999
  • Social : +37.100 Facebook, +28.000 Instagram, +119.000 Twitter

the planet D

Dave and Debb are two souls united in a single wonderful passion: that for travel. In the past they were musicians, then they did career in the film industryone as a lighting technician and production assistant and the other as a make-up artist. But working 16 hours a day wasn't their life ambition at all and that's why they decided to leave everything and go in search of their happiness. And that's exactly how their blog was born in 2008, what now after more than 10 years has become one of the most followed and appreciated in the world.

  • Link: theplanetd.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2008
  • Social : +198.238 Facebook, +224.000 Instagram, +133.000 Twitter, +15.000 You Tube

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten, also known as Kiki, is a gorgeous blonde who travels the world far and wide. After finishing her studies and getting an excellent job, Kiki realized that making a career in the world of finance wasn't exactly what she needed to be happy. He understood that "normal" ambitions were not suited to his free soul, so she followed her instinct and went on a long journey. At the same time, he poured his brilliant skills into Theblondeabroad project, creating one of the most famous blogs in the world.

  • Link: theblondeabroad.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +179.134 Facebook, +530.000 Instagram, +28.800 Twitter, +27.200 You Tube

Pinoy Adventurist

Mervz is an insatiable lover of travel and adventure, his blog was born in 2005 as a simple personal diary, it has evolved slowly becoming in 2009 a real travel blog. Since 2011, it has been collecting important prizes and awards both in the Philippines and around the world. Adventurista's goal is to provide chronicles of adventurous travels, including alpine climbs and itineraries outside the traditional canons, but above all to encourage others to pursue their dreams, to travel and live their own adventure!

  • Link: www.pinoyadventurista.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2009
  • Social : +79.550 Facebook, +21.000 Instagram, +7.000 Twitter

Local Adventurer

A fairly common thing happened to Esther and Yacob. They lived for years in Atlanta, then they moved elsewhere for work and once they were "away from home" they realized that they had left behind many beautiful places worth visiting. The remorse was a lot, and since then they have decided that they would no longer waste time. Today they seek adventure every day in places near home, but the unique thing is that every year they move from one city to another, so as to always experience new exciting "Local Adventure".

  • Link: localadventurer.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2013
  • Social : +7.000 Facebook, +58.000 instagram, +103.000 You Tube

Bucket list journey

Annette is a serial adventurer, author of Bucket List Adventures, co-owner of a restaurant in Petaluma, California, and creator of the award-winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey. in practice she is a crazy woman obsessed with the idea of ​​always having new experiences. And there are so many things to do, to be more precise 1035, all marked on his special Bucket List.
Needless to say ... in the beginning there were 1000 things to do, then 35 more were added, and we are ready to bet that many more will come out.

  • Link: bucketlistjourney.net
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +19.791 Facebook, +96.000 Instagram, +49.000 Twitter

Swedish Nomad

Alex is a Swedish professional photographer, as well as one of the best known travel bloggers in the world. Its "mission" is to show its "fans" the places and the incredible diversity that our planet has to offer. He travels in the company of his girlfriend Christine (also an established travel blogger) and with every shot he manages to make the soul vibrate.
On the blog he offers sincere suggestions and advice, based on his direct experiences.

  • Link: www.swedishnomad.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +51.000 Facebook, +153.000 Instagram, +49.000 Twitter

Ordinary Traveler

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore are anti-conformist travel bloggers. And do you know why? Because they are ... conformists!
Among the many travel bloggers who have become such to escape from everyday life, to seek their own happiness while traveling, they emerge: a couple of ordinary travelers.
Christy and Scott have found their happiness all right, mixing small daily pleasures with career ambitions, family joys with adventures around the world, sporadic but intense.
And it is precisely to ordinary travelers that they turn to theirs travel and lifestyle blog, offering useful tips to "balance" domestic life with the extreme desire to travel.

  • Link: https://ordinarytraveler.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2009
  • Social : +11.000 Facebook, +92.000 Instagram, +43.000 Twitter

Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet it is the story of a family, it is a modern album of memories, it is a precious gift from a father to his beloved children. Or rather, OAP was all of this before becoming one of the most successful blogs on the planet. Today he is probably the king of family bloggers.

  • Link: www.ourawesomeplanet.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2005
  • Social : +270.000 Facebook, +36.000 Instagram, +10.000 You Tube

Out of Town Blog

Born as a simple personal travel blog by Melo Villareal, in about 10 years Out of Town has become one of the most followed blogs in the Philippines and the rest of the world. After many personal travels, photographs and travel tips for friends, relatives and online readers, Melo has decided to transform the blog into a real online magazine. And since that moment he has collected prizes after prizes, expanding his editorial staff and his audience.

  • Link: www.ourawesomeplanet.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2008
  • Social : +131.000 Facebook, +18.000 Instagram

Be My Travel Muse

As a child, Kristin was a dreamer. He spent his time painting and playing Civilization, learning capitals and imagining what it felt like to live on the other side of the world. Then Kristin grew up, stopped dreaming and started living her dreams. In 2012 she left for a trip and never stopped. Today, through the pages of her blog, she helps others plan and live their own exciting adventures, just like she did.

  • Link: www.bemytravelmuse.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +53.000 Facebook, +116.000 Instagram, +33.000 Twitter, +7.000 You Tube

Goats on the road

Nick & Dariece, are a close-knit couple, a couple who have been traveling the world far and wide for almost ten years, a couple who manage a blog capable of billing six-digit numbers annually! How did they become all of this? With determination, with study, with their own ambition, with their own spirit of survival (after all, somehow they had to find a way to live happily).
Like many others, however, they started from an ordinary condition ... a house in Canada, a good job and a decent car, all "chains" from which they managed to free themselves to live their own adventure.

  • Link: www.goatsontheroad.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2011
  • Social : +66.000 Facebook, +28.000 Instagram, +66.000 Twitter, +9.000 You Tube

Journey Era

Jackson is a trekking enthusiast who lives for adventure. He's a penniless explorer who would never spend more than $ 12 a night on lodging, one that to material goods he much prefers experiences. Those are really precious ...
Da two years traveling backpacking to discover the wonders of our planet, in search of epic places, among incredible landscapes made of spectacular waterfalls and imposing cliffs. And to finance his travels, he uses the blog and the Instagram profile.

  • Link: www.journeyera.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2015
  • Social : +264.000 Instagram, +5.000 Twitter

The World Persuit


  • Link: theworldpursuit.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2015
  • Social : +76.000 Facebook, +67.000 Instagram, +14.000 Twitter, +15.000 You Tube

Finding the Universe

Behind Finding The Universe hiding Laurence and Jessica Norah, two guys who with hard work and immense passion have created one of the most popular travel blogs in the world, so influential that it has attracted the attention of CNN, National Geographic and USA Today. They are travelers first of all, but also photographers and writers. They use photography and writing to live and finance their travels, selling photos online and offering blog advice. A few years ago Jess started a second personal blog: independenttravelcats.com

  • Link: www.findingtheuniverse.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2010
  • Social : +1.011.000 Facebook, +46.000 Instagram, +25.000 Twitter

Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is an "ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey", a kind but highly sarcastic girl, terribly honest and sometimes irreverent. He was born in Washington DC and after his studies he moved to Spain to teach English. It is in that period that he creates his personal blog, a collector of ideas and experiences destined to grow with her. After an important break in Europe full of adventures, he decides to make a change in his life, "fix" the blog to make it professional, quit and live off blogging. Today she lives in New Zealand and we are talking about her. This means that he had a great idea and good skills to make it happen. Brava Liz!

  • Link: https://youngadventuress.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +44.400 Facebook, +198.000 Instagram

Chasing the Donkey

After so many bloggers around the world, it's time to celebrate an expat family!
They are Sarah, Jane and Mate, who, tired of their old life, have decided to rediscover their European roots by moving from Australia to Croatia. At the beginning the blog was just a pastime, a medicine against loneliness, a means by which to tell one's "Croatian adventures" to friends and relatives thousands of kilometers away. But then they realized that their experiences also interested others, many others.
And so the blog has become "serious" and today it boasts a truly exceptional following.

  • Link: www.chasingthedonkey.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +27.000 Facebook, +85.000 Instagram, +72.000 Twitter

Getting Stamped

Hannah and Adam, a Wisconsin couple who left the "American dream" to travel the world and pursue their dreams. Their story is similar to that of many bloggers on this list. After more than ten years of career they feel a terrible sense of dissatisfaction and find the strength and courage to change. They set off on a journey and never stop. Their blog offers advice and guides to hardened travelers, those who don't want to waste even an hour of their life, those who like Susan Sontag "haven't been everywhere, but everywhere is on their list".

  • Link: www.gettingstamped.com
  • Year of birth of the Blog: 2012
  • Social : +150.000 Facebook, +117.000 Instagram, +108.000 Twitter

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