Which is the richest continent in the world?

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Thinking about what could be the richest continent in the world, we could think of everything but surely our first choice would certainly not be Africa.
This continent comes to mind as an emblem of poverty, but it actually has enormous ones wealth of raw materials. In fact, Africa, with its surface of 30,2 square kilometers, is the second largest continent in the world after Asia. Precisely this extension determines a strong wealth both as regards raw materials and for deposits of precious metals.

The riches of this continent are varied, although investments in this nation have been and continue to be rather gradual. Given the enormous potential, it is hoped that foreign countries will realize the vast wealth of this splendid continent and decide to invest huge resources in Africa ... richest continent in the world!


  1. The richest countries in Africa and blood diamonds
  2. The greatest wealth: tourism
  3. The cradle of civilization: Egypt
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The richest countries in Africa and blood diamonds

  • la Democratic Republic of Congo, which has vast fields of oil, coal and uranium that are almost entirely unexplored;
  • la Guinea which with its deposits of bauxite and ferrous materials is the first producer in the world aluminum and bauxite;
  • la Sierra Leone, which has long been a huge resource of diamonds. Diamonds which, however, constitute the cross and delight of Sierra Leone; the same, although constituting a great source of wealth, at the same time have determined the rise of one civil war which for years has plagued the country and which led to the minting of the famous phrase "blood diamond" (a diamond extracted from a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, to finance an insurrection).

The greatest wealth: tourism

Africa is rich not only for its raw materials but also for tourism. Suffice it to say that almost a million tourists, data released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, choose this splendid continent as their holiday destination.
In fact, the beaches of the Red Sea, with the highly rated Sharm El Sheikh which also attracts many of our compatriots for its coral reef, for the seabed of extraordinary beauty and the spectacular light effects of the reef or the tunisia with its characteristic Medine where all kinds of souvenirs are sold and the Morocco.

The cradle of civilization: Egypt

But speaking of the riches of Africa, we cannot fail to include what was the cradle of civilization in the past, namely Egypt!
Country rich not only in history but also in the largest archaeological beauties of all time: from pyramids of Luxor, To Sphinx of Giza, which is the largest Egyptian monolithic statue with its 73 meters in width and 20 in length, to the enormous treasures found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, first of all that of Tutankhamon, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 about 3.000 years after the pharaoh's death, and considered the richest tomb, in terms of the number of objects found and their value.

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