Which are Most Popular and Best Selling Souvenirs in the World? Here is the Ranking!

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Anyone who loves to travel has it at least once in their life set the eye on souvenirs: to take them or not to take them? Do I keep them or gift them? And if I keep them, do I use them or leave them on display?
For some, the pursuit of souvenirs is a real craze, and the showcase in the house with memories from all over the world is a great personal trophy. But which are the most bought souvenirs in the world? And which cities do they belong to? Let's see the ranking!

10 - Sumo wrestler, Japan

Japan, as we know, is a nation known for many aspects. But apparently the favorite souvenir that tourists like to take home is one Sumo wrestler statuette or keychain, a typical Japanese sport in which there is a hand to hand fight. The contenders must be exclusively men, and often they are particularly overweight.

9 - Matryoshka, Russia

Particular set of wooden dolls of different sizes, openable and one housed inside the other. Matryoshkas are typical Russian, and symbolize the folk art of this nation.

8 - Colosseum, Italy

There is no foreign tourist who visits Rome without taking away a gadget from the Colosseum: statuette, keychain, postcard, etc. Also in Rome, gadgets are also popular in the historic center (Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo): but the Colosseum beats them all.

7 - Cup of Dracula, Romania

Have you ever thought about it? The famous Dracula's Castle is actually the Bran Castle, a few km from the Romanian city of Brasov! For those who go to Romania, a cup of Dracula is a must.

6 - Magnets of the Pope, Vatican City

Just get close to Via della Conciliazione and Saint Peter Square, in the Vatican City, to find yourself surrounded by shops and small shops selling souvenirs. The most fashionable are the Pope magnets, available in different forms, sizes, writings.

5 - Statue of the Pharaoh, Egypt

Those who go to Egypt usually do so to visit the Pyramids and the tombs of the Pharaohs. Among the best-selling souvenirs in the world are the statuettes of the Pharaoh; in second place the statuettes of the Pyramids.

4 - Mozart balls, Austria

Typical Austrian dessert first created in 1890 in Salzburg from pastry chef Paul Fürst, becoming one of the most famous desserts in the world, also for the name of the famous composer to whom they are dedicated. Even today the Mozart balls come handcrafted in the Fürst patisserie, and from there they are also sold on the internet.

3 - Eiffel Tower, France

In Paris gadgets of the Eiffel Tower are sold everywhere: key holders, statuettes, magnets, clothing, etc etc. Even in much of France you can find souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower, among the most purchased in the world.

2 - Beatles Gadget, UK

Not just Liverpool or London: Beatles souvenirs can be bought all over the UK, indeed to be more precise around the world. Statuettes, pins, bags, pillows, mugs, t-shirts, key rings, picks: there is something for everyone lovers of the Fab Four. Of course, sometimes they cost a little expensive, but an enthusiast does not look to the expense ...

1 - Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt, All the world

- Hard Rock Cafe are a real tourist landmark for the cities in which they are located: you cannot visit the city without going to the Hard Rock Cafè. Souvenirs are quite expensive, but they often are unavailable elsewhere of high quality: that's why there are those who don't mind expenses ...

The best-selling gadget is definitely the t-shirt: there are those who even organize to go to the cities of the Hard Rock Cafè in order to proceed with the purchase in person.

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