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Are you ready to go on a journey along the most legendary road in the United States? Don't know where to stop and sleep? No fear! Here is a state-by-state guide to the best hotels on Route 66.


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  • Missouri
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Route 66 Hotels and Motels

La Route 66 begins in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica. Along the way there are dozens of hotels and motels to stop and sleep after a long day of travel. Many of them have kept the same Roaring Twenties style of Route 66 and offer travelers a truly unique experience.

Let's see which are the most famous hotels on the Mother Road, in this State by State guide.



Hotel Essex

Let's start with Chicago, which is the starting point of the legendary American road. If you don't go on your adventure immediately, you'll need to stop for at least one night in the Wind City. In the area near the area from which Route 66 starts, hotels are quite expensive. The best? The Essex Inn and the Congress Plaza Hotel. Discover the complete guide on where to sleep in Chicago.


Route 66 Hotel and Conference center

The city of Springfield is a good place to choose as a first stop to sleep along Route 66. Here are several quaint hotels and motels that were already open during Mother Road's heyday. Among the best we point out:

Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center

The Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center is a property located directly on the Route 66 route, and was the first Holiday Inn located along the route. Today it welcomes travelers who retrace the legendary American Highway in its 100 rooms and 8 suites, offering them impeccable service (average price € 73 per night).

Homestyle Inn and Suites

The Homestyle Inn and Suites is a hotel located within walking distance of downtown Springfield and close to many of the city's major attractions. (average price from € 53 per night).



We now move to the smallest town in Cuba, another jewel of Route 66. Here there is only one hotel to report, a historic hotel on the American Highway: it is the Wagon Wheel Motel.

Wagon Wheel Motel

The Wagon Wheel Motel has been an active structure since the 30s, which has maintained its original appearance, both inside and outside, where, at night, its characteristic neon sign can be seen shining. In short, it is the ideal hotel to be transported back in time, enjoying all the modern comforts (from $ 66 per night for a single room; from $ 74 for a double).


Lebanon is also a practically obligatory stop for those traveling on Route 66. If, after hours spent in the car, you have decided to stop here for the night, you will find another famous Motel on the Mother Road: the Munger Moss Motel.

Munger Moss Motel

Built in 1946, the Munger Moss Motel is a family-run property that has retained all the charm of the past.

The first thing you will notice is the bright red neon sign, then the "fleet" with several vintage specimens, which date back to the years when Route 66 was still open. Inside, you will find themed rooms equipped with all comforts: in short, a true classic of the historic Route 66.


Springfield, this time in Missouri, is another popular location on Route 66 (the Highway is said to have originated here), home to some iconic hotels and motels.

In addition toHistoric Rock Fountain Tourist Court Motel, which unfortunately is closed and can only be admired as a tourist attraction, there are several alternatives, even quite cheap, for those who decide to stop and sleep in Springfield.

Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven Motel

This hotel, which is now part of the Best Western chain, opened its doors in 1938 under the name of Rail Haven Motor Court. Still, the Motel is characterized by the eight cottages and the original style, although other rooms have been added, equipped with all comforts (from € 67 per night).


Another iconic location on Route 66, Carthage is also the ideal place to stop and sleep after a long day of travel.

Boots Motel

The Boots Motel is a true icon of Route 66. Built in 1939 by Arthur Boots, whose name it still bears, the Boots Motel was saved from demolition by the current owners, who are working to restore it to its former glory, keeping it unchanged the appearance (from 66 $ per night).



Campbell Hotel

Tulsa is one of the most important stops on Route 66, and is the second largest city in Oklahoma. If you decide to stop here, the best place to sleep to fully enjoy the Mother Road adventure is the Campbell Hotel.

Campbell Hotel

Built in 1927 under the name of Casa Loma Hotel, the Campbell Hotel is now a delightful 26-room boutique hotel listed on the National Register of Historic Places (from € 123 per night).

Oklahoma City

Lincoln Inn Express Hotel & Suites

Oklahoma City it is one of the most important cities that are on the route of Route 66. If you choose it as a stop to rest, there are two really interesting structures:
Downtown Oklahoma City Reinassance Convention Center Hotel e Lincoln Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

Downtown Oklahoma City Reinassance Convention Center Hotel

The Downtown Oklahoma City Reinassance Convention Center Hotel is a fully-equipped hotel located within walking distance of all the most interesting attractions of the city, which is part of the Marriott chain. It is the best choice if you want to pamper yourself! (From about $ 149 per night).

Lincoln Inn Express Hotel & Suites

The Lincoln Inn Express Hotel & Suites is a hotel with a sunny and bright air and vintage style, with each room equipped with all comforts and an outdoor swimming pool (from € 49 per night).



Route 66 Inn

Shamrock is one of the many towns that lived off the traffic generated by Route 66, and took a hit when the new Highways cut it off. If you decide to stop here, you will still find several testimonies of the mythical Mother Road, such as the Conoco Tower Station, with its interesting Art Deco architecture.

Route 66 Inn

Located near the I - 40, Route 66 and the main attractions of the town, the Route 66 Inn, with its typical architecture of the 30s and 40s and its characteristic sign is a structure equipped with all the comforts, ideal for a one-night break on the long journey through America's most famous Highway (from € 35 per night).


Route 66 Inn ad Amarillo

Amarillo is the city where one of the most famous attractions of Route 66 is located: the C; and with its Route 66 Historic Distric, it's practically a must-see along the Mother Road. Among the hotels near the Route 66 route we recommend:

Route 66 Inn

Located just off Interstate 40, the Route 66 Inn is within easy reach of all of the city's major attractions, including the Cadillac Ranch. Its small and welcoming rooms are equipped with all comforts (from € 58 per night).

Big Texan Motel

Located next to the iconic Big Texan Steak Ranch and its legendary cowboy, the Big Texan Motel is a quaint looking hotel, with its 54 units arranged to resemble an old west town.

Inside too, past and present come together in an environment equipped with all comforts but with the appearance of a typical Texas restaurant of the late 800th century. There is even a Horse Hotel, to accommodate horses!

New Mexico


Roadrunner Longe Motel

Tucumcari is one of the historic stages of Route 66, where you'll find everything you'd expect from a Mother Road town: neon signs, 30s - 40s architecture and one of the most famous motels on the legendary Highway, the Blue Swallow Motel.

Blue Swallow Motel

The Blue Swallow Motel, operating since 1939, is one among the most iconic Motels on Route 66. The Blue Swallow is a family-run business, which with its typical architecture of the period, the characteristic sign and the special attention that is dedicated to the customer, is the ideal place to truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Mother Road (from 79 $ approx per night).

Roadrunner Lodge Motel

From La Plaza Court and Leatherwood Manor (active since 1947 and 1964 on Route 66 respectively) to Roadrunner Lodge, another property that promises to give guests a truly unique experience, taking them back to the 60s. The owners of the hotel, in fact, although they have combined two different properties, have gone to great lengths to restore the complex to its original splendor, preserving its vintage atmosphere (from € 87 per night).

Santa Fe

The Inn King

Santa Fe, with its Latin character, is another obligatory stop on the long journey through the Mother Road: here there are so many things to do and see, and excellent hotels to stop and rest. Among the best we point out:

The Inn King

Located directly on the original Route 66 route, the El Rey Inn offers travelers who decide to stop in Santa Fe an unforgettable experience. With its typical Southwestern style and unique looking rooms (no one is alike), the hotel is a perfect combination of vintage and modern (from € 109 per night ).

The Fonda Hotel

The only hotel located iniconic Plaza of Santa Fe, Hotel La Fonda, with its ultra-centennial history, typical New Mexico architecture and its 180 rooms and suites, offers its guests a taste of authentic Southern United States hospitality, with typical New Mexico dishes. Mexico is an impeccable service. Ideal for indulging in a luxurious break! (from € 183 per night).


Monterey Motel No Smokers

The heart of America's most famous Highway still beats, in Albuquerque, with signature neon signs and historic buildings mingling with newer, more modern ones, and Old Town charm. If you decide to stop and sleep here, you should definitely choose the Monterey Non - Smokers Motel.

Monterey Non – Smokers Motel

Located a short distance from the Old Town and from the major attractions of the city, the Monterey Non - Smokers Motel is a classic stop for those traveling on Route 66. Its nice and comfortable rooms are equipped with every comfort and, as the name suggests, are non-smoking only ( from 70 € per night).



Hotel Posada

Winslow. The city that became famous for being mentioned in an Eagles song, is also a historic stop on Route 66.

Hotel Posada

Built in 1920 as a luxury hotel, Hotel La Posada underwent a slow decline and almost came to be demolished, before the current owner bought the structure from the Santa Fe Railway and restored it to its former glory. Today, La Posada retains that air typical of the residences of the southern United States, and welcomes its customers with the characteristic hospitality of these lands (from € 130 per night).

Earl’s Motor Court

Earl's Motor Court, built in 1940, is the oldest still operating Motel on Route 66 in the town of Winslow ($ 40 to $ 60 per night).


The Canyon Motel

Williams is the ideal base for those wishing to visit the Grand Canyon. If you decide to stop and sleep here, you can do so in the quaint Canyon Motel & RV Park.

The Canyon Motel & RV Park

Located about 60 km from the Grand Canyon, the Canyon Motel & RV Park is a decidedly out of the ordinary structure, which offers its guests the possibility of sleeping in delightful cottages equipped with all comforts or in some train carriages, also equipped with all comforts (from € 94 per night).



Route 66 Motel, Barstow

In Barstow there are many attractions related to the history of the Mother Road, such as the Route 66 Mother Road Museum. If you decide to stop here, you can sleep at the Route 66 Motel.

Route 66 Motel

With its circular beds, neon sign and a collection of vintage cars, the Route 66 Motel offers customers the feeling of being back in time, even if the interior has been entirely renovated and the rooms are equipped with all comforts.

San Bernardino

Wigwam Motel

San Bernardino. One of the last stops before reaching Santa Monica and concluding the journey on Route 66. This city is a must especially because here is the characteristic WigWam Motel.

WigWam Motel

As you may have already guessed from its name, this hotel, built in 1949 is so special because guests do not sleep in conventional rooms, but in Tepee, the traditional tents used by the Indian people. The WigWam Motel in San Bernardino is one of three hotels of its kind still active along the Route 66 route (originally 6 were built). (From € 77 per night).

Should you book in advance?

Yes and no. For this question there is no precise answer. Surely, it is better to book in advance the hotels that are located in the main stages of your trip (Chicago, to begin with, and Los Angeles, if you have not immediately taken the return flight), while, for the intermediate stops, it is better not to make any reservation, so as not to have any time constraints.

Keep in mind that, if you decide to stop in some characteristic hotels, which may have few rooms, if you have not made a reservation you will not be able to find a place.

Another tip is to avoid stopping to sleep in big cities as much as possible, where room prices are higher than those of hotels and motels found in small towns.

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