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    Where to sleep in Philadelphia: areas and neighborhoods for accommodation

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    Philadelphia is a city of extreme importance for American history: in fact, the first movements of opposition to British colonialism arose here and it is no coincidence that it is also the place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America were drafted.

    Visiting Philadelphia is an unmissable experience for lovers of history and culture but not only, you will discover a city that can offer many entertainment and full of surprising elements. Before visiting it, however, you must organize yourself for the pernottamento: the best thing is to find the most suitable neighborhoods, with interesting attractions and hotels adequate. The following are definitely worth considering - here are the zones where to sleep in Philadelphia.


    • Historic District & Waterfront, between history and modernity
    • Washington Square District, l’area verde
    • South Philadelphia, the charm of the suburb
    • Parkway Museum District, the Rocky Stairway
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    Historic District & Waterfront, between history and modernity

    The oldest part of the city, where you can breathe the air of the colonial era with thecharacteristic architecture and the cobbled streets, details of great aesthetic impact. Now it is also the hottest area of ​​the city, with entertainment venues that alternate with places of cultural interest, such as the African American Museum and Christ Church, frequented by none other than George Washington. Also, a salute to the Liberty Bell, the symbol of American independence, located near Independence Hall, cannot be missed.

    In this area you can find some hotels that offer coupons quality / price ratio, considering that it is the central area of ​​the city a few steps from the main points of interest.

    • Club Quarters Hotel in Philadelphia: not only the exceptional location in the city center, just minutes from the major attractions listed above; the Club Quarters it is an ideal solution for those who need elegant accommodation in large rooms, with attention to detail and equipped with the best comforts.
    • Rodeway Inn City Center Philadelphia: structure for all budgets, view and considering the average prices that can be found in the center of Philadelphia. The building in Victorian style it offers modern and comfortable accommodation and amenities such as swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.

    Hotel disponibili in zona Historic District & Waterfront

    Washington Square District, l’area verde

    Another area strongly touristy, is very famous thanks to the public park that gives its name to the entire neighborhood. In the park there are statues of great beauty, first of all the one dedicated to George Washington, but also one to Giuseppe Garibaldi and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    Particular features of the neighborhood are the colorful murals, encouraged by a special program that favors the integration between street art and decoration of public places. Also for this area there is no shortage of facilities where you can stay in peace and at affordable prices.

    • Morris House Hotel: immersed in the greenery of the neighborhood, the Morris House Hotel it is a historic building that has maintained all the elegance and refinement of an eighteenth-century house. It goes without saying that staying here means taking a trip back in time.
    • The Columns On Clinton Bed: charming bed & breakfast obtained from a nineteenth-century building a stone's throw from Washington Square, with antiques, fireplaces and refined furnishings. The rooms are decorated with themes related to the history of the city.

    Hotel disponibili in zona Washington Square

    South Philadelphia, the charm of the suburb

    It is the area of ​​the old shipyards, full of small restaurants and characteristic bars, testifying to the many culinary traditions that have expanded into the city. It almost seems to be a small village in itself, in contrast with the architecture of the city skyscrapers.

    Area ideale where to stay overnight in peace and enjoy walking or cycling through the streets, admiring the small houses in the colonial period buildings, including that of Betsy Ross, the famous woman who sewed the first American flag right here. In this area the hotels they are present in fewer numbers but also have a much lower cost.

    • Holiday Inn Stadium: so called because it is very close to the stadium, and therefore ideal for those who want to attend concerts and sports matches. Well-finished and refined hotel, with a great variety of styles and shapes in the furniture and concept. The swimming pool is a must!
    • Penrose Hotel Philadelphia: one of the hotels most booked by travelers, as it is a convenient solution at a good price. Located halfway between the city center and the airport, the Penrose offers spacious and sufficiently equipped rooms. On the upper floors you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

    Hotels available in the South Philadelphia neighborhood

    Parkway Museum District, the Rocky Stairway

    How can we forget that a cult scene of modern cinema was shot right on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? But in addition to the Rocky statue there are other elements to see, such as the plate dedicated to JF Kennedy in the square that bears his name, also known as Love Park for the modern sculpture that has been placed there.

    The neighborhood also offers many shops and boutiques for shopping at Rittenhouse Square and, as regards the accommodation facilities, these remain on an accessible average, given that it is an area of ​​interest and well connected.

    • The Windsor Suites Philadelphia: the beautiful suites that the Windsor offers are welcoming, modern and equipped with all comforts (dining area, lounge, desk, kitchen, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher). The rooftop pool is spectacular, overlooking the city.
    • Best Western Plus Hotel Philadelphia Convention Center: a relatively new structure which, however, holds no surprises, as one should expect from hotels in the catena Best Western. As usual, a 2-star superior category, not far from the Museum of Art and with good quality services. At a more affordable price than the Windsor!

    Overnight facilities in the Parkway Museum District

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