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    Where to sleep in Orlando? Hotel and resort near parks and in the city center

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    If a part of your Florida tour includes a fun stop in Orlando's parks, you will undoubtedly have the problem of finding a place to rest after the crazy days spent between one theme park and another. In this article I want to give you some tips on where to sleep in Orlando, a city that gives a strange image of itself: on the one hand it appears as a place of support for parks, on the other hand strenuously tries to show its own, original cultural and urban identity, especially in the central districts and Downtown.

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    • Where to sleep in Orlando? The park area
      • Hotel sulla International Drive
      • Hotel near Universal Studios
      • Hotels and resorts near Disney World Orlando
    • Hotel a Downtown Orlando

    Where to sleep in Orlando? The park area

    Disney World e Universal Studios Orlando: these are the most well-known amusement parks in the city, and you will hardly leave the city without having set foot in one of them. What if I told you there are many more?

    Hotel sulla International Drive

    To get an idea of ​​how many parks there are in Orlando, just drive the 10 miles of International Drive (otherwise called I-Drive), a very famous street that winds south of Orlando Downtown, on the sides of which most of them sprout like mushrooms weird and bizarre theme parks, night clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, mini golf courses and more. Here are some of the parks you'll find along the way:

    • Magical Midway
    • Titanic: The Experience
    • Zombie outbreak
    • Ripley's Believe It or Not!
    • Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf
    • WonderWorks (see photo opposite)
    • SeaWorld
    • Aquatica
    • Wet ‘n’ Wild

    Along the busy International Drive and in the immediate vicinity there is one very high concentration of hotels, (more than a hundred) and the solutions are for all budgets. I advise you to consider the following structures:

    • staySky Suites I-Drive Orlando: affordable 3-star hotel very close to the parks, to which it is connected with a free shuttle. The standards of services are not luxurious but it has everything you need to spend a few days full of fun. Noteworthy is the breakfast included in the price.
    • Reinassance Orlando: if you want to make the most of your Orlando vacation and are not satisfied with a "battle" hotel, you can consider the Reinassance Orlando, one of the most popular Orlando resorts on I-Drive, especially for families. It is located a stone's throw from SeaWorld and, needless to say, kids can start getting familiar with the water slides in the resort's large outdoor pool.
    • Castle Hotel Autograph Collection: hotel or enchanted castle? Generally sobriety is not at home in Orlando, but the Castle Hotel really wants to exaggerate: you will find common areas set up with royal elegance and comfortable rooms, embellished with a decorative style worthy of a fairytale palace. The princely services and attention to the customer transform the stay into an experience… from a fairytale.

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    Hotel near Universal Studios

    Universal Studios Orlando, a real branch of Hollywood in Florida, also includes Harry Potter Park and is located in the northwestern part of International Drive. Given the well-justified fame of the park and the large number of people who decide to visit it, there is the possibility to choose between some resort to theme which perfectly reflect the atmosphere and environment of a "movie" set and atmosphere. Are you curious to know what they are? Read our in-depth information on where to sleep at Universal Studios Orlando!


    Obviously, given the short distance from International Drive, the options illustrated in the previous point remain valid, but I would like to add one more tip:

    • Best Western Orlando Gateway Hotel: if reading Best Western you already feel at home, I do not have to explain how reliable this hotel chain is, which certainly could not be missing on I-Drive. If you do not want to move the car from your parking space, you can take advantage of the free shuttle to the parks made available to guests. In addition to this, you will find the inevitable swimming pool, hot tubs, but also a tennis court and a basketball court (if you want to play sports!)

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    Hotels and resorts near Disney World Orlando

    Perhaps not everyone knows it, but Disney World Orlando is not just a Disney park, but a kind of city of fun that includes well 6 different theme parks. Each of them offers visitors a good number of exceptional ones resort in stile Disney, usually quite expensive: an example is the famous Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, but we have also described others in our in-depth study on where to sleep at DisneyWorld Orlando.

    The slightly cheaper Disney resorts are close to Animal Kingdom, while a Disney springs the majority of the accommodations are located, mainly distributed along Hotel Plaza Boulevard.


    The large area of ​​Orlando colonized by Disney parks is called Lake Buena Vista: If your finances don't allow you to spend a couple of dream nights at Disney resorts, you can look for a slightly cheaper solution to the north, on Palm Parkway, on the southern section of I-Drive, on World Center Drive or on Apokpa Vineland Drive. However, keep in mind that you do not go below the 3-star category! Here are a couple of tips:

    • Holiday Inn Resort Orlando: Given its proximity to Disneyland parks, it is one very valid economic alternative to expensive Disney Springs hotels and themed resorts. You will find a cinema and some restaurants and refreshment points in the structure, the rooms are large and comfortable, the swimming pool is suitable for young and old who, in addition to having dedicated play areas, do not pay for breakfast up to 13 years. In addition to the shuttle service to the parks, there are shops and restaurants nearby.
    • Grande Villas Resort By Diamond Resorts: if you are going to discover the Disney parks with friends or family, you can consider this excellent solution. The resort villas are for those who are not satisfied with a room to rest, but want all the comforts of a house American style: kitchen, living room, heated swimming pool, garden, free parking, small shopping market… The resort is very close to Magic Kingdom, the price is ultimately fair for what is offered.

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    Hotel a Downtown Orlando

    As I anticipated, Orlando does not live by parks alone: ​​although the real tourist interest is destined for the suburbs, the Downtown neighborhood seeks to attract part of the large flow of visitors to their attractions. If you decide to move away from the parks area to visit the lively city center (perhaps by following our advice on what to see in Orlando Downtown), you will find a varied but collected urban panorama made of skyscrapers with modern architecture, parks, lakes and elegant historic residential districts. The cultural atmosphere and, above all, the Orlando nightlife they undoubtedly represent the best alternative to the tourist areas where one usually takes accommodation to visit the parks.

    Obviously, the choice of a hotel a Downtown Orlando it is also very good in a strategic key for visiting the parks, which are no more than twenty kilometers away.

    • Eo Inn: practically overlooking Lake Eola, a stone's throw from Downtown, there is this somewhat dated hotel which, however, has the great advantage of not conforming too much to the aseptic tourist standards of the area. You'll find this hotel among the recommendations of many Orlando guides, because there are a few features that make the difference: the rooms with lake view, the jacuzzi on the terrace and the proximity to the Downtown and, in particular, to the restaurants of the upscale district of Thornton park.
    • Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando: impeccable 4-star hotel that is unlikely to disappoint the expectations of those who love the comforts of a luxury stay. Not only the excellent range of services available, but also the attention to detail in the design of the splendid rooms make this hotel one of the most exclusive hotels in downtown Orlando.

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