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    Where to sleep in New York with children: how to find family hotels in Manhattan

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    The image of New York as a chaotic and sprawling metropolis leads many to identify it as a destination not quite suitable for one family vacation, but it is actually a bias. Although traveling on the subway with a stroller is not the best of life, Manhattan really offers a lot to the little ones: it is full of playgrounds, green spaces, museums and attractions for children, not to mention the amazement that its immense skyscrapers arouse. (even in adults) ... in short, those who are planning a family holiday in the Big Apple certainly should not be afraid that their children will get bored, but how to organize themselves with regard to accommodation?

    What are the better areas where to sleep in New York with children? It is easy to find baby friendly hotels o apartments with kitchenette or cook? And services such as cradle, cot, washing machine and microwave oven to heat baby food? What if I need a babysitter? Obviously Manhattan, being one of the tourist destinations par excellence, offers adequate answers to all these questions, and in this article I would like to suggest some tips on how to find the right accommodation. Furthermore, if you are traveling with your children, our in-depth study on how to organize a trip to the USA with children may be useful.


    • The best areas to sleep in New York with children
    • How to find family hotels in New York?
    • Tips for saving?

    The best areas to sleep in New York with children

    Let's start from a premise, the main neighborhoods to sleep in New York without children can also be good for families with childrenHowever, there are residential neighborhoods with a quiet atmosphere that are preferred to chaotic or noisier areas such as Times Square. From this point of view, 2 excellent choices can be the Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods, which overlook the green lung of Central Park, a resource not to be underestimated for those traveling with little ones.

    Another interesting area is certainly the West Village, west wing of the famous Greenwich Village, a neighborhood characterized by narrow and cobbled streets (including the building of the television series of Friends), but unfortunately with few accommodation facilities. You can still try ...

    For an overview of all the facilities suitable for children in these 3 neighborhoods you can see the 3 links below:

    • Upper West Side family accommodations
    • Upper East Side family accommodations
    • Family accommodation in the West Village

    List of family hotels in NY

    How to find family hotels in New York?

    Doing a search on Booking, excellent for both hotels and apartments, the structures in New York that can accommodate children of any age are about 800, this does not mean, however, that they are all Family Hotels, that is, structures designed specifically for families with children and with all dedicated services. Using the "family hotel”A first screening of this number is obtained; even in this case it is not a question of real "family hotels" but it can be very useful to get a first idea of ​​the structures suited to our needs. The filter is not actually always visible, to view it as already set you can go to this link.

    From here, my advice is to play with the other filters to further refine your search. Here are the most interesting ones:

    • kitchen or kitchenette
    • family room, which include the possibility of inserting a cot, a sofa bed or an extra bed (unfortunately each hotel must be seen on this filter case by case)
    • washing machine or laundry
    • breakfast included
    • restaurant
    • kettle

    Then there are a number of very interesting features for younger children:

    • cribs with gates or cribs (free or for a fee)
    • babysitting service
    • Microwave

    Unfortunately Booking does not allow us to filter these characteristics directly on the results, it is in fact necessary to sift through the description of the single structure one by one (type the term you are interested in in the search bar of the browser), for this reason, to make the search more agile, it is important to skim the filters above described above. As further proof, I always double-check that the structure shows the words "children are welcome“, Which usually gives other interesting information, for example on the basis of which age the cot or extra bed is subject to charges (see photo below).

    List of family hotels in NY

    Tips for saving?

    As you know, New York is an expensive city, hotels and apartments are very expensive and services for children are no exception, unfortunately. If with this search you have not been able to find the right solution for your budget you can take a look at mine tips to save. Also keep in mind that, on a vacation to New York, a large part of the budget goes to the attractions. For this reason, I recommend that you also consider purchasing a tourist pass. Here are 2 useful tools in this regard:

    • Which New York Pass is really worth it?
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