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    Where to sleep in New York on a budget: neighborhoods and areas to stay in Manhattan

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    Have you chosen Manhattan as your next vacation destination? Great idea, it's a great city. You have arrived at the fateful moment of the search for accommodation and you are studying all the available offers of hotel a New York? You will have realized that the choice is as vast as it is unsettling; not to mention the prices, among all those astronomical figures you can find cheap or affordable accommodation?

    And the area? Which are the best neighborhoods where to sleep in New York? Where to stay near major Manhattan attractions? And once you have chosen the area, are there any highly recommended hotels to choose from? Let's try to answer all these questions ...


    • Sleeping in New York on a budget: is it possible?
      • Flight + hotel packages
      • Check the offers available
      • Other suggestions
    • What is the best neighborhood to sleep in in New York?
      • Times Square and the Broadway Theater District
      • Greenwich Village: Alternative and Bohemian
      • From Soho and Tribeca
      • Chelsea and the Garment District: for those looking for shopping, fashion and art
      • Sleeping close to the greenery of Central Park
      • Staying on the Upper West Side
      • Upper East Side accommodation
      • Lower Manhattan: Downtown's financial district
      • Harlem: where to sleep in the historic district north of Central Park
      • Long Island City: sleeping outside of Manhattan
    • Map of recommended hotels in New York
    • Apartments in New York
    • Bed & Breakfast a New York
    • Where to sleep in New York with children
    • The best online resources for finding a hotel in New York

    Sleeping in New York on a budget: is it possible?

    Cheap Accommodation New York: tips to save

    From experience, I can say that the most common questions of those who are about to visit New York for the first time are the following: “What is the best and most convenient area / neighborhood to sleep in Manhattan? Where to stay in New York on a budget? How to find cheap hotels? " So here are a series of tips that I recommend you follow:

    • Are you willing to sleep outside the central or neuralgic areas? If the answer is yes, then focus your research on suburban neighborhoods but still well connected by the metro, one of the most suitable areas in this sense is Long Island City, of which I speak to you here .
    • Do you prefer the central areas? Don't want to give up the unique experience of waking up in the morning among the skyscrapers of Manhattan or in front of the green lung of Central Park? You will probably have to spend more but with a few tricks you can still snatch a reasonable price. Let's see how to do it ...

    Flight + hotel packages

    First thing to do: check the combined flight + hotel packages. Many do not actually know it but with this type of solution you can get significant savings. We have made a small study on this and we have verified that the savings can range from a minimum of 150 euros to more than 1000 euros, depending on the type of hotel and flight selected (the more you look for high ranges, the more you save!). To find out more, I recommend reading Bernardo's article on flight + hotel offers to New York.

    Check the offers available

    Second thing to do: check the offers available for accommodation. There are 2 types:

    • Flash Sales and short-term offers: these are promotions available only for certain accommodations, made available for a very short time (usually 2 days) or in reference to certain periods of the year (for example holidays). They allow you to save up to 40% on fares and sometimes even 50%!
    • Discount Codes: they tend to apply to all accommodations, and usually have a longer term; the discount usually settles between 8% and 10%.

    How to find these offers? It is necessary to always be updated, checking directly on the portals, but it is not always easy to keep up with it.

    Speaking of taxes ...

    Before Booking did not immediately include taxes in the prices (usually 14.75% of the price + the tourist tax, a figure ranging between 3,5 and 5,5 dollars per room per night), but fortunately now includes them up to immediately in the final price, making it easier to compare them with other portals, such as Expedia and

    In my experience, the 3 portals are where they are most easily found the best offers they are Booking, Expedia and, but it is also true that the procedure can be a bit long and cumbersome ...

    How to speed it up?

    Why not take advantage of those who already do this work for us? My advice is to use a hotel comparison site which, with a quick search, allows you to view the prices of Booking, Expedia, and all the other portals at a glance.

    The comparator that I personally recommend is Hotelscombined, which has a really large database for the States, just think that only for New York there are more than 2300 hotels, for each of which you can easily see which is the cheapest price. By clicking on the link below you can get an idea of ​​the ease of use and availability of accommodation on this site.

    New York accommodation by Hotelscombined

    Other suggestions

    Often using the Booking filters I found some really good opportunities. For example often selecting the category of two star rated hotels excellent (i.e. higher than eight) interesting solutions can be found. Here is an example!

    Finally, if you are willing to give up the classic hotel, then you can consider:

    • i Bed & Breakfast, which usually cost less. Check out our list of cheap New York B & Bs.
    • the apartments and which, at the same price, allow you to save by amortizing the cost of meals (see our guide to New York apartments)
    • the hostels, a type of overnight stay perhaps a little more uncomfortable but certainly better from the point of view of savings. Here is our selection of recommended budget hostels in New York and if you don't like the idea of ​​sharing a bathroom here is a selection of hostels in New York with private bathrooms.

    To search for alternative accommodation to the classic hotel, the best portal to use is:

    • Vrbo -> all NY facilities 
    Do you want to save some more?

    Consider purchasing a Pass, which allows you to save by accumulating attractions. There are many and of different types. Take a look at the our section dedicated to New York Passes.

    What is the best neighborhood to sleep in in New York?

    Here's another recurring question: the answer is that there isn't an absolute best area. The efficient public transport system is able to transport you safely and economically to approximately 95% of tourist attractions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

    This means that in choosing the neighborhood for overnight stay, connections and distances are not all that essential, as you can easily move around with the metro. If anything, make sure that the New York subway stop is not too far from your hotel and focus on the area that best reflects your needs (residential, tourist, characteristic, with a lively atmosphere, etc ...) and of course on the budget and the attractions to see .

    To choose the right hotel a New York (apartment, hostel or B&B) it is therefore necessary to keep in mind the main ones neighborhoods of Manhattan: for this reason in this article I have tried to describe all the main areas, in order to help you understand which district best reflects the type of holiday you have in mind (each district reflects a different soul of the city). For each district you will also find some recommended hotels and, immediately below, 2 buttons:

    • the first shows the list of accommodations available in the respective areas, so that you can get an idea of ​​the prices and facilities available.
    • the second refers to all the flight + hotel packages available for the respective ones neighborhoods of New York; a solution which, as explained above, allows to obtain very interesting rates.

    Have a good search!

    Times Square and the Broadway Theater District

    This is one of the most popular areas in New York. It is in fact here that Times Square, the most famous crossroads in the world, rises, with its multitude of dazzling lights, in the middle of the theater district, where it is practically a must to see at least one of the famous shows of Broadway.

    It is always close to this area that you will also find the 2 panoramic skyscrapers symbol of the city, the Chrysler Building and theEmpire State Building, the latter close to the famous fifth avenue.

    In this area you will certainly not suffer from loneliness, as it is one of the busiest areas in New York, with most of the attractions within easy walking distance, through beautiful walks among the amazing skyscrapers. If you want to move to others instead neighborhoods you can always rely on the excellent connections available (especially the metro).

    Overall a great solution to sleep in New York. A tip: to eat out or shop better to choose other areas, because, being a tourist district, the prices are high and the quality is not the best.

    Want to find out more about Times Square? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Crowne Plaza Times Square: one of the flagship hotels in the area of Times Square. This is an excellent accommodation, boasting a breathtaking view of Manhattan, as well as providing every kind of comfort: from the gym to the private lounge (for the concierge rooms), from the swimming pool to the convenience store. In a nutshell, a 4-star hotel that certainly does not live up to income in the face of the central location, which allows you to reach all the aforementioned attractions in a few minutes on foot.
    • Hotel St. James: what more could you want? A very central hotel at a great price for the average in New York. Other than that, nothing is left to chance when it comes to hospitality ... this 2-star hotel may not boast all the Crowne services, but it is definitely above the category standards. Plus, I really like their cozy library space!

    Find Accommodation in the Times Square area

    Greenwich Village: Alternative and Bohemian

    The famous Friends building in the Village

    Also known as West Village, or more simply The Village, this neighborhood with an alternative and bohemian character is certainly one of the most fascinating in the city. Here, in the midst of narrow streets, cobbled alleys and characteristic houses, you will find some of the liveliest atmospheres of Manhattan, with many street artists, an always active nightlife and an impressive number of restaurants and clubs open until late at night.

    It is no coincidence that this neighborhood has always attracted intellectuals and artists of all kinds, from the beat movement to the great Bob Dylan. In short, staying at the Village it is the right choice for those who love nightlife, culture and entertainment. For those interested in discovering the historic and most authentic atmospheres of the district, I recommend our itinerary on rock music and counterculture in New York's Greenwich Village.

    Want to find out more about Greenwich Village? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Walker Hotel Greenwich Village: This is a fine boutique hotel in the heart of the district, of which it represents the fashionable elegance. The furnishings, with attention to detail, are in fine Art Deco style, and this atmosphere has been transmitting great warmth to guests for the XNUMXs. The services are impeccable, starting with the designer courtesy sets.
    • The Jane: this hotel located in a beautifulhistorical building it can be a good solution for those who want to save a little. The rooms are divided into two categories: very small ones with single or bunk beds and shared bathroom, or larger ones with double bed and private bathroom.

    Find Accommodation in the Greenwich Village area

    From Soho and Tribeca

    SoHo e Tribeca there are 2 other characteristic neighborhoods, particularly suitable for shopping, art galleries and those looking for refined restaurants. In addition, this is an area quite close to many other attractions in the area Downtown (Battery Park, Ground Zero and Wall Street are also within walking distance).

    SoHo (acronym for South of Houston Street) was the epicenter of the New York art scene in the late 70s. Now it has lost some of this peculiarity (many art galleries are in Chelsea), but not a few traces of its past bohemian atmosphere still persist.

    The district is also particularly interesting from an architectural point of view: the fascinating wrought iron buildings that characterize the area have prompted the area to be declared a historic district and make the whole area an excellent solution for stay in New York also from the point of view of aesthetic appeal. Where to sleep?

    Want to know more about SoHo? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Nomo Soho: a dream hotel in an upscale neighborhood like Soho? Perhaps the Nomo is the right choice. The decor is inspired by the film Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau, and in fact the dining room is worthy of a fairytale… contemporary. Other winning features? The fitness center and the spectacular view from the upper floors.
    • City Rooms NY - Soho: unfortunately not all budgets can afford a stay at the Nomo so the City Rooms facility could be interesting, offering well-kept rooms (although not very large), a convenient location and lower prices.

    Find Accommodation in SoHo and Tribeca area

    Chelsea and the Garment District: for those looking for shopping, fashion and art

    Known for its gay community, numerous art galleries, trendy boutiques and palaces designed by world-renowned artists, Chelsea it's another lively area where to stay in Manhattan. Here, too, the nightlife has a lot to offer, in addition, to the north-east of the district lies the Garment District (tailoring district), the main manufacturing center of clothing for women and children throughout the United States. Ideal for doing some shopping! Here's where you might find great accommodation.

    Want to find out more about Chelsea? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Ace Hotel: “unpredictability“: This is the word used to describe the excellent Ace Hotel. And I'm not saying this in a negative sense (“Damn! No toilet paper!”) But because the Ace Hotel likes to change the face from room to room; the décor and structure of the hotel are original and innovative, having been conceived by design experts in the area.
    • Cambria Hotel & Suites: sobriety hardly finds a home in New York, least of all in Chelsea. The Cambria, however, represents a fair compromise between the extravagances of the Ace Hotel and the warm welcome of a 3 stars. The great location and affordable price do the rest.

    Find Accommodation in the Chelsea and Garment District area

    Sleeping close to the greenery of Central Park

    Central Park it is an immense and fascinating green park where you can take a break from the daily tram and relax in an almost total quiet. Taking a hotel in this area, overlooking the park, can be truly a wonderful experience, not only for the splendid panorama you can enjoy, but also for the attractions in the area, such as the Natural History Museum and the Guggenheim.

    If you are particularly interested in the Big Apple museum complexes you can take a look at this list of free museums in New York).

    Want to find out more about Central Park? Watch this video

    Staying in this area may be the right choice if you are looking for peace and quiet: the busiest neighborhoods will always be available by subway. Here are some tips:

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Park Lane Hotel: an imperious European-style structure that cannot be more traditional, so much so that perhaps a modernization would not hurt ... however I would like to point it out for theexceptional location right in front of the south entrance to the park. Imagine the view of Central Park from the windows of the upper floors!
    • Wellington Hotel: If you don't have any pretensions to luxury, you can choose this dignified property on 7th Avenue, five minutes from Central Park. The report quality price it is among the best in the area.

    Find Accommodation in the Central Park area

    Staying on the Upper West Side

    THEUpper West Side it is one of the quietest and most family-oriented neighborhoods in the city, with wide sidewalks and a relatively relaxed pace of life; ideal for those looking for a more residential and less touristy type of stay.

    The main attraction here is certainly Central Park, but you will also find numerous emporiums and quaint shops, as well as major cultural institutions (such as Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle's Museum of Arts and Design, and American Museum of Natural History).

    Want to find out more about the Upper West Side? Watch this video

    Staying overnight in this peaceful neighborhood is a choice not to be underestimated. A couple of examples?

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Belleclaire Hotel, a comfortable hotel furnished with style, located in a delightful little street minutes from Central Park, in the beating heart of the neighborhood.
    • Hotel Beacon: an excellent solution with an excellent quality / price ratio. If you choose rooms on the higher floors there is a chance that you will also enjoy a nice view. Definitely a positive aspect is the presence of a small kitchenette in the rooms which will prove to be very convenient if you decide not to eat out.

    Find Accommodation in the Upper West Side area

    Upper East Side accommodation

    This is the eastern equivalent of the Upper West Side; the 2 districts are divided by the green lung of Central Park, which represents one of the main attractions for both. L'Upper East Side it is a residential area, just like its cousin to the west, from which it differs perhaps in the fact that it hosts a greater number of VIPs.

    The streets of the neighborhood are beautiful and there are very expensive houses, walking in the district can be very pleasant and if you stay here you will be lucky enough to sleep a few steps from the Museum Mile, the museum area of ​​Manhattan, which includes facilities such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, the Neue Galerie, the Frick Collection and much more.

    Want to know more about the Upper East Side? Watch this video

    Even though it is the area with the highest concentration of VIPs in the city (and the chances of meeting some are quite high), it does not mean that staying in the neighborhood must always be expensive. The area is large and not all areas have prohibitive prices. Here are some examples:

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • The Surrey Hotel: luxurious and very expensive hotel, equipped with a seasonal panoramic garden. The superb refinement of the finishes and the attention to detail for every single piece of furniture make it one of the best hotels in the area, not to mention the excellent personalized service and the location a stone's throw from Central Park.
    • Courtyard New York Manhattan / Upper East Side: a little off-center, but well connected to the central areas of Manhattan. Beautiful views of the East River and comfortable rooms, designed with a contemporary design. Excellent value for money.

    If you are interested in the Upper East Side I recommend that you consult the list of hotels below.

    Find Accommodation in the Upper East Side area

    Lower Manhattan: Downtown's financial district

    Lower Manhattan is a particularly recommended area of ​​New York for those who want to be close to the Big Apple financial district. The main attractions of this area are the busy street of Wall Street, where the financial destinies of a large part of the world are shaped every day, Ground Zero where you can contemplate the void left by the September 11 attacks by going to the reflecting pools or by visiting the 9/11 museum. Along the coastal stretch of Manhattan it can also be pleasant to take a break while walking along Battery Park while admiring the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty from afar. For a bird's-eye view that allows you to admire the New York skyline from this perspective, a visit to One World Observatory of the Freedom Tower is almost a must.

    Want to find out more about Lower Manhattan? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • The Beekman it is a class hotel that makes attention to detail its strong point. Architecturally, it is a small jewel set among modern skyscrapers. The upper floors also have the undisputed advantage of having balconies available.
    • More modern ambiance is what awaits you at Courtyard by Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan whose rooms with a view are certainly the flagship of this structure which also has the advantage of having an almost unbeatable value for money for this area of ​​New York.

    Find Accommodation in the Lower Manhattan area

    Harlem: where to sleep in the historic district north of Central Park

    A few years ago no one would have advised you to sleep in Harlem, for a long time considered one of the most dangerous and infamous neighborhoods in New York. In reality, the African-American neighborhood of New York has been extensively redeveloped over the years and, as you can read in our article, visit Harlem, it has many reasons of historical, cultural and artistic interest. Ma where to sleep in Harlem, and why?

    There are not many accommodations available in the neighborhood, but between W 117th St and 125 St (the heart of Harlem) there are some apartments, suites, guest houses and B & Bs that I think should be considered, both for the price (if you look well, you can also find solutions a 100-150 euros per night) and for the position, in an area of ​​Harlem where tree-lined streets are quiet and elegant, with their charming historic brownstone buildings. Also from the point of view of connections to the center there are no problems, as there are two metro stations: 116th St and 125 St. The area of ​​Striver's Row (metro station 135 St) also has its own charm, but the facilities available are few and expensive. Furthermore, the area of ​​the neighborhood is a little less equipped.

    Want to find out more about Harlem? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Greater Harlem: a stone's throw from Morningside Park, the Harlem Grand is a classy boutique hotel, housed in an elegant historic brownstone building furnished with taste and refinement of yesteryear. If the architecture and the layout look to the past, the services are modern and guarantee a very comfortable accommodation in a convenient and strategic area.
    • NYC Townhouse Apartment: what is it like to live as a New Yorker in an apartment just minutes from Central Park, in a nice quiet and peaceful residential neighborhood? This apartment can give you an idea! This accommodation is suitable for a short stay in the city: the presence of an equipped kitchen also gives the possibility to prepare a few meals at home.

    Long Island City: sleeping outside of Manhattan

    Who said that a hotel a New York must it necessarily be chosen in Manhattan? If you are looking for a cheap accommodation, the Long Island City, Queens area is definitely worth considering. We are outside the central area, however, thanks to the subway, in 15/20 minutes you can reach the nerve centers of the city such as Times Square or Central Park.

    Compared to other Manhattan districts, the costs are reduced and the rooms are more spacious (it is not impossible to spend a hundred euros a night for a nice double with breakfast included). Furthermore, the area is far from free of interest. Just think that in the surroundings you will find the MoMa Ps1 (the contemporary wing of the Moma) and the Museum dedicated to the sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

    Want to find out more about Long Island City? Watch this video

    My recommended accommodations in the area:

    • Ravel Hotel: it's true, you save a lot outside of Manhattan, but the quality of the service doesn't necessarily go down. This is the case of the Ravel Hotel which, located just a stone's throw from the Queensboro Bridge, has venues in American style and a nice rooftop terrace overlooking the Manhattan skyline.
    • LIC hotel: The LIC hotel combines two different advantages. The first is certainly cheap, being a honest three star hotel at more than competitive prices for the New York standard; the second is linked to the strategic position: in fact, in a few subway stops you will arrive in Manhattan.

    Find Accommodation in Long Island City

    Map of recommended hotels in New York

    Apartments in New York

    Each traveler corresponds to a different way of traveling, and this law is also valid in the case of accommodations in New York. For this reason, the option ofFlat, which gives the possibility of a stay in the city with some advantages: we talked about it in our article on apartments in New York. If you believe that having an entire apartment available - even at prices a little higher than a simple hotel room - can make your stay in the Big Apple more pleasant, this option may be the winner.

    Guide to finding an apartment in New York

    Bed & Breakfast a New York

    Here is the intermediate solution: if you still want to experience the feeling of living as a New Yorker, taking advantage of the hospitality of the locals but at the same time you do not consider the presence of the kitchen and all the typical services of an apartment to be fundamental, then it may be a good idea to choose to sleep in a Bed and Breakfast in New York.

    The facilities are not very many but the prices are often lower than other types of accommodation, proving to be one of the most suitable choices for those looking for a cheap accommodation. In our guide dedicated to the subject we have selected a series of recommended B & Bs, as well as suggesting some tips to find and book them.

    Guide to finding a cheap B&B in New York

    Where to sleep in New York with children

    A certain image that associates New York with a chaotic and messy metropolis might suggest that it is not a suitable destination for those traveling with the little ones, in reality New York offers many green spaces and attractions designed specifically for children and is therefore an excellent destination also for families. If you are wondering which are the baby friendly areas, or where to look for the most suitable accommodations for family needs or children, I would like to point out the article. where to sleep in New York with children, where I deepen these and other issues in detail.

    The best online resources for finding a hotel in New York

    New York hotels tips

    If you prefer to look for accommodation for the overnight in New York with a general overview, beyond the recommended areas and neighborhoods, you can use one of the numerous hotel search sites available online, the 4 listed below (already mentioned at the beginning of the article) are the ones in which I personally have always found the best offers. You will be able to filter the results based on price, type, services and much more.

    Note: Expedia and rates correspond to the final price, Booking figures do not include taxes (usually 14.75% + tourist tax).

    Close your Booking

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    Nearby your

    Search on all sites

    Have a nice stay in Manhattan!

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