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    Where to sleep in Miami: neighborhoods and areas to find accommodation

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    Whether you are looking for relaxation, fun, adventure or beauty, the city of Miami it is always extraordinarily rich in reasons of interest. The great beaches, the excellent climate and the historical, cultural and worldly attractions are able to satisfy the most varied types of tourists (by the way, here are my suggestions on what to see in Miami). To make the most of your stay in this inspiring South Florida city, a few may be useful advice on staying overnight, in order to choose a strategic area without necessarily spending a fortune.

    As you may have understood, every neighborhood in Miami it has its own distinct personality, which means that choosing one area or the other is not the same thing at all. In addition, Miami is a city full of accommodation and therefore offers numerous solutions: from the cheapest, such as hostels e B&B, to the most luxurious, boasting resort, suite e hotel first class. As often happens in large cities, the more you pay for the service the position, with prices rising at the key points; however, given the wide offer, anyone looking hard can find excellent solutions at fairly reasonable rates.


    • Premises and criteria for the choice
      • Types of accommodation
      • Cheaper season to book in Miami
      • A note on travel
    • Where to sleep in Miami Beach
      • Accommodations in South Beach
      • Alloggi a Central Beach e North Beach
    • Where sleeping in Coral Gables
    • Where to sleep in Miami Downtown and Brickell
    • Where to sleep in Coconut Grove
    • Where to sleep in Key Biscayne
    • Where to sleep in Sunny Isles Beach
    • Where to sleep in Miami on a budget
      • Accommodation Deals in Miami right now
    • Map of the zones

    Premises and criteria for the choice

    Before seeing better neighborhoods and areas where to sleep in Miami and some recommended accommodations, here are 3 brief notes about seasonality, types of structures and travel.

    Types of accommodation

    Hotel Art Deco a Miami Beach

    In addition to the standard accommodation types that can also be found in other cities, Miami offers something unique: the hotels and boutique in the Art Deco style that arise between Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and the surrounding streets. These are historic buildings of great charm where one has the impression of stepping back in time, even if the structures are often enriched by contemporary art galleries or bravely renovated with the latest design elements, as in the case of the famous Delano Hotel on Collins Avenue (I'll discuss these accommodations in more detail in the South Beach section).

    To these are added the suite with sea view, the condhotel and luxurious beach resort flooding the waterfront from South Beach to Sunny Isles and beyond; furthermore, the high quality hostels - like the Freehand - with level services and, although a bit rarer, solutions at more affordable prices: from simple hotels to B & Bs to some classic motels in less central areas.

    Cheaper season to book in Miami

    The high season in Miami it coincides with the period from December to May: it is by far the most favorable period from the climatic point of view and also the most expensive. In summer, when the weather gets hotter, Miami is low season: it goes without saying that you can count on lower prices during this period.

    However, it remains true that the hotels in Miami there are so many that with a little commitment you can always snatch a good opportunity. For more details on when to go, feel free to check out our insight into the Miami climate.

    A note on travel

    As mentioned, before choosing where to stay in Miami It is important to get a general idea of ​​the public transport system and the possibility of getting around by car, in order to choose an area that is close or well connected to the attractions. If you have a choice, as Miami is great for driving around, the best option for getting around the city is actually to rent one: for example, in the case of a vast and fascinating neighborhood like Coral Gables, having your own vehicle becomes practically essential!

    • We covered this in more detail in our article on how rent a car in Miami and Florida.

    However, if this solution is not for you, know that the public transport network is also well organized, although the time needed to travel is quite long and the journeys are reduced more and more in the evening. The main tourist district, South Beach, it can also be toured on foot or with a free shuttle service (Trolley): however, if you want to cross over (which I highly recommend) you can count on trains Metrorail, on the widespread bus service (subwaybus) and others trolley free. For Downtown Miami e Brickell, however, you can also make free use of the Metromover, an elevated train that offers a pleasant panoramic adventure among the skyscrapers.

    • For more details on how public transport works, I recommend that you carefully read our article on how to get around Miami.

    That said, let's see what the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami.

    Where to sleep in Miami Beach

    Areas to stay in Miami Beach

    The beaches of South Beach, the Art Deco District, the nightlife: the area of Miami Beach it is by far one of the most popular and requested by travelers heading to Miami, as well as perhaps the most expensive. The concentration of hotels of all kinds is dizzyingly high: let's understand something and give some targeted advice!

    Accommodations in South Beach

    South Beach it is only the southern segment of the town of Miami Beach, but it is often identified as the only one worth visiting. In fact, it is the most touristic neighborhood in Miami, and for many it constitutes its nerve center: Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue they are two roads that absolutely deserve to be seen and lived, both day and night.

    Many hotels in the area are located in strategic points, most of the time close to shops, restaurants and nightclubs, and above all a short distance from the beach that opens up in front of the Lummus Park. Furthermore, staying in this area gives the opportunity to stroll along the suggestive one Art Deco District, which can boast a unique architectural heritage, able to project us back in time thanks to the characteristic colored facades of the hotels, caressed by palm trees and illuminated by neon signs.

    But there is more! In some of these historic hotels it is also possible to stay overnight, but you have to be careful. Many of the Art Deco-style hotels on Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue make a living, charging high rates that don't always match value for money. For this reason, I invite you to be wary of appearances and to read the reviews of the accommodations before making your choice. In our article dedicated to South Beach Miami We have already reported some properties, but I recommend that you also take a look at the following list, which includes historic hotels that can meet many expectations:

    • Casuarina house: If you choose one of the expensive suites of this opulent boutique hotel, you can claim to have slept in Gianni Versace's house. It is not just a way of saying: this luxurious palace with its magnificently decorated interiors, it was the residence of the Spanish Calabrian designer, who was tragically murdered here. The current management preserves in an exemplary way the exceptional baroque aspect.
    • Winter Haven: another iconic hotel on Ocean Drive, less luxurious than the previous one but unmistakable Art Deco facade, slender and embellished by the suggestive night lighting. The rooms have been refurbished and guarantee a high standard stay. Noteworthy is the panoramic terrace.
    • Delano: it is one of the most prestigious and expensive boutique hotels on Collins Avenue. The sophisticated contemporary design and the play of lights of the magnificent lobby to convince you that you have made the right choice, at least from an aesthetic point of view. The garden with swimming pool is equally luxurious and promises moments of great relaxation.
    • Marlin Hotel: founded in 1939, the Marlin it is one of the most eye-catching hotels in the area, so much so that it is difficult for a tourist to give up photographing its original richly decorated facade. If you are not satisfied with seeing it from the outside, you can book one of their rooms, usually very popular for the tone of the furnishings and the services offered. Being on Collins Avenue, it is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Ocean Drive.

    Find accommodation in South Beach

    • All accommodations on Booking
    • All accommodations on Vrbo

    Alloggi a Central Beach e North Beach

    Miami Central Beach (also called Middle Beach) e North Beach they are excellent solutions for those looking for the typical climate of the beaches of Miami, but want an atmosphere a little less "crowded" than that of South Beach. Obviously the two districts are not only sea and beach, but also include numerous discos and clubs of more or less class (especially on Collins Avenue), where you can sip a cocktail after a long day at the beach.

    This area offers various possibilities in terms of type and prices of structures: in addition to less ambitious classic hotels, it is possible to find prestigious beachfront resorts and hotel-boutique in stile MiMO, a trend of the XNUMXs.

    • Fontainebleau: probably theMiami hotel most majestic, as well as the most eye-catching of all the shoreline north of South Beach. Founded in 1954, the Fontainebleau is a huge building of historical significance that has practically become a tourist attraction. If you are one of the lucky ones to stay there (and you have the financial means to do so!) You will feel like a VIP: you will be able to enjoy the excellent level of services and unrivaled hospitality. There are all kinds of comforts and amenities (swimming pools, shops, disco-bars, restaurants, gyms, spas, etc.), so much so that if Miami didn't have so much to offer, you could practically stay all day in the hotel!
    • 1 Hotel South Beach: from the kindness of the staff to the attention to detail in setting up common areas and rooms, passing through the services with which you are pampered (the PC in the room, the aperitif on the terrace, the 4 swimming pools etc ...), this big hotel luxury - built following eco-sustainable principles - is one of the most popular in the area. A stay in the chic rooms with an elegant and minimal design of this structure is difficult to forget!
    • Baltic Hotel: small, quiet hotel in a fairly decentralized area of ​​North Beach, but strategic and away from the chaos of the more touristy areas. It is located a stone's throw from the beach and is still well connected to the South Beach area. The welcome of the hostess is memorable!

    Find accommodation in Central and North Beach

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    Where sleeping in Coral Gables

    Coral Gables it's a residential district so beautiful that you want to come and live there, whatever the cost. The problem is that, as such, the locals hold it tight: we travelers - who will be content to stay there even just a few days - have to make do with what passes the convent. The facilities are few and concentrated around the main streets (Miracle Mile, Coral Way, Le Jeune Road). Those looking for accommodation in a Mediterranean or colonial style house in the enchanting streets with Spanish names shaded by banyans will have to spend a considerable amount.

    The most striking example of this is the luxurious Biltmore Hotel, an admirable work of that George Merrick who conceived the entire urban project of the district, transforming an agricultural area into the most exclusive district of Miami. Here are some targeted tips, but you will find more in our article dedicated to Coral Gables.

    • Biltmore Hotel: this is one of the most iconic structures in Miami, so grandiose that it is visible and recognizable from blocks away. To this luxury hotel, inspired by the Giralda of Seville (with better results than the Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami), is accessed via a tree-lined avenue crowned by a fountain. The Moorish-style interiors are so refined and precious that they also attract tourists who cannot afford the room rates (if anything, an afternoon tea…!). The immense swimming pool is a real paradise, among the largest I've ever seen in a hotel.
    • Hotel St. Michel: a couple of streets north of the Miracle Mile, the commercial heart of Coral Gables, is this small historic European style hotel dated 1926, very beautiful indeed. The refinement of the interiors blends perfectly with the modern layout of the rooms and common areas: in this way the hotel does not seem dated or impersonal.
    • Courtyard Miami Coral Gables: less ambitious hotel but of a good standard, it is equipped with a rooftop swimming pool and well-kept and comfortable rooms, starting with the large and equipped rooms. The price is more affordable than the other two, but it stays fully up to neighborhood and Miami standards.

    Find accommodation in Coral Gables

    • All accommodations on Booking
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    Where to sleep in Miami Downtown and Brickell

    Business meetings aren't the only valid reason to stay in Miami financial district: although it is certainly not the best area of ​​Miami, Downtown has the particular charm of verticality typical of the great American metropolises. We take Brickell, in my opinion the best part of the area: there are more affordable luxury hotels, resorts and aparthotels that give the opportunity to have rooms overlooking the bay, hampered by skyscrapers soaring into the Miami sky.

    Some recommended accommodations:

    • OB Suites: do you want some advice? Request one suites on the upper floors. In addition to all the amenities you need, you can enjoy an impressive panorama of Downtown, South Beach and Key Biscayne from your private terrace: both day and night, the view is truly exciting. The structure is "Broadway" themed but has no particular style pretensions: in addition to the gym, sauna and various conference and relaxation rooms, on the ninth floor there is a large outdoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi that will allow you to enjoy a swim among the palm trees, in the shadow of Brickell's skyscrapers. More than reasonable prices, especially if you book on Expedia with the flight + hotel package.
    • Fortune House Hotel Suites: in the southern part of Brickell you will find this aparthotel, which, as above, can be a good choice for those who want to take advantage of a 4-star hotel by spending the right amount. Also in this case, apartments of considerable size are offered, equipped with classic comforts; also unmissable the swimming pool, the whirlpool, a restaurant, the fitness area ...
    • YVE Hotel Miami: it is difficult to find hotels in this area of ​​Miami middle band that are of a good standard and do not cost a blunder. The YVE could meet the criteria of those who do not want to spend astronomical sums. The location is very central, in the heart of Downtown: right in front is the green space of Bayfront Park and the Bayside Markeplace, with many places to shop.

    Find accommodation in Downtown Miami and Brickell

    • All accommodations on Booking
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    Where to sleep in Coconut Grove

    As Villa Vizcaya and the Barnacle Historic State Park testify, the small Coconut Grove neighborhood it has always appealed to wealthy Americans, who have built their expensive seaside residences here. Some views of Coconut Grove may be reminiscent of nearby Coral Gables, others show more sobriety or a more youthful aspect (it's a university area). Surely those who find accommodation in Coconut Grove can count on the tranquility and peace of a well-kept residential neighborhood, and at the same time strategically located for visiting Miami.

    Most of the structures are located near the port and the commercial area: there are hotels, but above all equipped apartments with sea views.

    • Mutiny Luxury Suites: large, fully equipped rooms with balconies overlooking the bay and Coconut Grove's small marina. There is no shortage of typical aparthotel services, such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness room, restaurant, etc.
    • Residence Inn Miami Coconut Grove: close to the sea and without pretensions of great luxury, the Residence Inn offers courteous and functional hospitality to discover the liveliest area of ​​the district of Coconut Grove and the rest of Miami. Equipped with swimming pool and rooms of a satisfactory standard.

    Find accommodation in Coconut Grove

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    Where to sleep in Key Biscayne

    In my experience, the choice of Key Biscayne not to be discarded at all: this islet in front of Downtown / Coconut Grove - easily accessible via the Rickenbacker Causeway, a road that crosses the Bay of Biscayne - is a real oasis of tranquility just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of Miami's tourist areas. The central part of the island, the so-called Village of Key Biscayne, hosts a series of resorts and hotels a stone's throw from the sea; a short distance away there are all the services you need (supermarkets, shops, restaurants ...) and a couple of beautiful and very different beaches: to the north the huge and heavenly Crandon Beach, to the south the wild and untouched Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

    The facilities in this area are very unique, but lack the refined aesthetic characteristics of historic hotels in South Beach or Coral Gables. For this reason it is advisable to look for functional accommodation with good value for money.

    • Coral Reef at Key Biscayne: this interesting structure offers very spacious quality suites, well equipped and functional but without pretensions of luxury. The Coral Reef, whose rooms all overlook a central courtyard with swimming pool, also offers the possibility of accessing a private beach. Rates are affordable, certainly below the average of the island.
    • The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne: hotel of the highest standard, overlooking the sea. In addition to two swimming pools, a sauna, a gym and a huge choice of services aimed at wellness and relaxation, there are four restaurants (who wants to eat a gourmet burger with their feet in the sand?). The rooms have all the luxurious amenities you would expect from a 5 star hotel overlooking the ocean.

    Find accommodation in Key Biscayne

    • All accommodations on Booking
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    Where to sleep in Sunny Isles Beach

    Sunny Isles Beach, with beautiful seaside villas and private beaches, it is located a little far from Miami, north of North Beach towards Fort Lauderdale: that's why it is considered a bit of a second choice for those who want to stay in the heart of Miami. Not particularly brilliant from the point of view of the liveliness of the nightlife, however, it is one of the most envied neighborhoods in terms of lifestyle.

    The area is full of resorts and aparthotels that line the entire waterfront and usually offer services at the height of Miami Beach. However, there are also less intrusive structures that can guarantee a more "domestic" experience. Where to stay overnight? Here are some examples:

    • Trump International Beach: as usual, the chain founded by Trump offers luxurious suites in its classy resort, equipped with a wellness center, swimming pools, relaxation areas and all kinds of entertainment. Staying in this hotel equipped with all comforts and services is worthy of a sheikh on vacation, but after all, you are in Sunny Isles ...
    • Days Hotel: you spend a little less at Days Hotel, one of the few in Miami not to be a tower block. Here you will find the swimming pool, the gym, the classic services and retro-style rooms, or perhaps we should say "elderly" ...

    Find accommodation in Sunny Isles

    • All accommodations on Booking
    • All accommodations on Vrbo

    Where to sleep in Miami on a budget

    In Miami there is a considerable number of accommodations, so it is not difficult to find hotels, apartments, or Bed & Breakfasts on offer, provided, however, to move in time. Don't stop at the last minute or you risk finding high prices and congested facilities that don't need to fill their rooms.

    On Booking the offers vary from period to period *, but the good quality accommodation that I have reported below (divided by area) can usually be booked at an advantageous price:

    • James Hotel (South Beach)
    • Ocean Spray Hotel (Central Beach)
    • Seaside All Suites Hotel (North Beach)
    • Extedend Stay America – Miami (Coral Gables)
    • Beautiful Spanish Residence (Coconut Grove)
    • Eurostars Langford (Downtown)
    • Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Marco Polo Beach Resort (Sunny Isles Beach)

    * To find other offers, remember to put the price range you want to spend in the Booking search filters and a guest rating of no less than "7 = good up".

    I remind you that i Expedia flight + hotel packages allow you to save interesting figures on the combined purchase of the two services. At the link below you can check it yourself!

    Miami flight + hotel deals

    If you are looking for a motel a Miami, know that the choice is really limited and that, in most cases, the structures certainly do not shine for the quality of services and cleanliness. Here is a list of motels, almost all of which are located on the outskirts.

    Accommodation Deals in Miami right now

    Below are some promotions currently available on Booking. PS: If you can't see the list of hotels click directly on the image.

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    Map of the zones

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