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Miami is beach, sun and ... much more: depending on what you would like to know and discover on your trip, it is better to choose different areas where to sleep in Miami and evaluate the convenience or otherwise of renting a car.

Getting around in Miami

The Miami metro has only two lines so the service is very limited; in addition to these it can boast three free elevated lines, the Metro Mover, which however exclusively cover Downtown area only and partly Brickell, for which all other neighborhoods are connected exclusively by buses.

The journeys by bus while not having exaggerated distances (in Los Angeles style to understand) are quite long.

Per esempio to get from Miami Beach to the Bayfront Park area, which are just 8,5 km away, with bus 120 (without changes) it takes 40 minutes, while by car it takes exactly half the time.

All this to tell you: if you don't want to rent a car choose South Beach or in any case the Miami Beach area to stay at.

Miami neighborhoods and attractions map

There are many neighborhoods to stay in Miami, each offering a rich variety of attractions and entertainment. Let's see them in detail.

South Beach

Easy to reach by public transport and pleasant to travel on foot or by bicycle, the car in SoBe is one more; devoted to tourism, South Beach is so rich in accommodations that both those looking for a luxury hotel and a cheap lodging find the best solution.

As easily imagined, the beachfront hotels and those in art deco style have slightly higher prices.

Either way, by staying in South Beach you will have them at your fingertips beaches dream of American TV series, the picturesque Art Decò District e especially the lively nightlife SoBe nightlife.

Together with Miami Beach it is one of the more comfortable areas even for those who go to Miami with children: many hotels have a swimming pool and especially the beach is just a few steps away and almost all hotels provide free beach towels and sun beds, so you'll always have something to do.

Also if you decide to go hiking outside Miami without renting a car, all tours include pickup from South Beach especially at the hotels located on Collins Avenue e Ocean Drive, the two main streets in the area.

10 Recommended Hotels in South Beach

Miami Beach

The area extending from SoBe to Surfside, Bal Harbor and the Sunny Isles is the quieter and more relaxed version of South Beach, suitable for those who want to enjoy a holiday in the name of postcard beaches without too much confusion around and at much more affordable prices.

For the evening, the nightlife of South Beach is just a few steps away, so if you plan to stay up late, you should look for accommodation in the southern part of Miami Beach, approximately between 24th and 42nd streets.

Al end in South Beach, Miami Beach is tailored for cyclists and walkers, so even without renting a car you can easily get around.

10 Recommended Hotels in Miami Beach

Key Biscayne

If you are looking for the Most exclusive Miami, here is the place for you.

Between breathtaking views and luxury residences of celebrities, it seems to be in an earthly Eden: hoteliers know this and, for this reason, prices soar.

Difficult to reach by public transport, if you point your finger up Key Biscayne, better have a car but, once you get there, use your feet, a bicycle, rollerblades or any other means to move.

10 Recommended Hotels in Key Biscayne

Downtown Miami

It is not exactly the Miami that American filmography has taught us to love, but it can be a good solution for those who, in addition to beach Miami, also want to know its urban life - how to say -, among skyscrapers, financial districts and best shops and trendy boutiques.

By staying here you will have one wide choice of which hotel best suits your needs and you can easily reach SoBe for a day at the beach.

You can also avoid renting a car (the underground connections are very good) and for the evening it will not be difficult to go and have fun in one of the many clubs and pubs in the area.

10 Recommended Hotels in Downtown Miami

Coral Gables

For a dream vacation away from the masses, consider Coral Gables, very in area of ​​Miami which boasts art galleries and cinemas.

As a rather sought after destination, it is easily reachable only by car and has hotels of a certain standard, so if you are looking to save money, choose other areas, such as South Beach.

7 Recommended hotels in Coral Gables

Coconut Grove

Thanks to the presence of the University of Miami, Conconut Grove has good public transport connections and a relatively cheap cost of living.

Young and carefree, it has a unique and characteristic atmosphere, but if after a while you feel like the "usual" Miami, Downtown Miami is not far away.

A characteristic has always been held in February craft market: if you intend to book during this period, do it in time, before finding a full house.

5 Recommended hotels in Coconut Grove


It is one of the areas of more recent construction and, given the absence of the ocean, it is not difficult to understand why.

To fill this serious lack there are golf and tennis clubs; Unless you have flown over the Atlantic just to stay in resorts, I recommend that you choose a more characteristic area. Not far from the airport area.

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