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    Where to sleep in Los Angeles: stay in the city and its surroundings

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    Home to the US film industry, Los Angeles boasts many attractions, from luxury celebrity mansions to miles of Pacific coast beaches. For a good stay, however, it is essential to choose the place to stay according to your needs and the characteristics of the various areas.

    Le areas that I would recommend are the coastal ones, or some neighborhoods or more inland areas but with good connections. At the end of the article I also suggest what I think it is the best area, but it all really depends on the attractions you want to visit (if you still have no idea you can read my article on things not to miss in Los Angeles).

    Keep in mind that the city is particularly suitable for being toured in the car (we have already talked about it in this article), even if free parking spaces are quite rare. It may be useful to know that hotels often make them available to their customers in exchange for a surcharge but if your hotel does not have this service you can still take advantage of the many paid parking lots nearby (which usually cost less than those provided by hotels. ). Having clarified this aspect, let's now see the main districts in detail where to sleep in Los Angeles and some recommended facilities.


    • Pasadena, well structured between art and entertainment
    • Santa Monica: where to sleep in Los Angeles on the coast
    • Long Beach, young and energetic
    • West Hollywood, steps away from the stars
    • Downtown: Downtown Los Angeles
    • The upscale neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Bel Air
    • Sleeping at Disneyland?
    • In summary: what is the most comfortable area to sleep in Los Angeles?
    • What about an apartment?
    • 3 tips to find the best value for money ...

    Pasadena, well structured between art and entertainment

    The city of Pasadena it is an interesting area where stay in complete tranquility and safety. This is not a neighborhood but a real city in the Los Angeles county and there are very picturesque, artistic and cultural areas, with many spaces suitable for hosting events or boutiques for shopping and leisure venues (especially in the historic area, near East Colorado Boulevard).

    Pasadena is often snubbed as an accommodation area because it is considered a little out of the way compared to the main attractions of LA, but in reality the area is on the outskirts of the city and by subway the attractions are easily accessible. If you travel by car you will be quite close to the Hollywood and Universal Studios area (about 20 minutes). I recommend:

    • dusitD2 hotel Constance Pasadena: this hotel presents itself very well, with its concept that harmoniously mixes ancient and modern. Equipped with every imaginable comfort, the dusitD2 boasts a quiet location far away from the LA chaos.
    • Vagabond Inn: The name is not misleading, there is nothing shabby about this simple but very good 3-star hotel, equipped with large rooms and take care of. You save money and have the opportunity - elsewhere in Los Angeles denied - to take a stroll to the historic center of Pasadena.

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    Santa Monica: where to sleep in Los Angeles on the coast

    In your list of things to see in Los Angeles you will surely have already included Santa Monica, one of the main seaside destinations of Californian tourism, with beautiful and white beaches and relatively calm waters, thanks to the bay of the same name that softens the great waves of the ocean.

    Also in this case we are talking about a city adjacent to Los Angeles and not an internal area. Of course, the Santa Monica neighborhoods are full of night clubs and hotels, especially on the waterfront, and can be a really good solution for choosing where to stay. You can also pop into the quaint funfair on the pier, a landmark attraction in Santa Monica. I suggest:

    • Oceana Beach Club Hotel: first-class accommodation in Santa Monica. Some suites have the ocean view, but all rooms have free WiFi, mini-bar, lounge and every service you can think of, free yoga classes and bike rental included.
    • HI - Santa Monica: in the face of the hostel! L'HI-Santa Monica it is an ideal solution for those who want to experience Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu without spending a fortune, on the contrary! The services are all at the level of hotels of a very different category.

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    Long Beach, young and energetic

    Long Beach it is one of the most suitable beaches in Los Angeles for young people, as it combines the attractions of an important urban center with the vitality brought by the students of the nearby university, as well as of course the long beach, a suitable place for practicing any type of marine sport.

    The central area around Pine Avenue with its many shops and restored homes is a pleasant place to stay and is also well connected to downtown Los Angeles via the Blue Line. The 2 main attractions of Long Beach are the Queen Mary, a flagship dating back to the 30s moored in the bay and transformed inside into an atmospheric art deco hotel, and theAquarium of the pacific, a splendid display of marine fauna from around the world.

    Another major plus for Long Beach is its proximity to Disneyland Park, just 40 minutes away. If you are interested in sleeping near the park, continue reading we have dedicated a paragraph to the topic. Here are some tips on where to stay overnight in the area:

    • Hyatt Centric the Pike Long Beach: The concept of this exclusive Long Beach hotel is modern and full of charm; likewise, the service offered to guests is impeccable. Noteworthy is the heated swimming pool on the top floor, open all year round.
    • Kearney Motel: It's hard to find motels that are so affordable in terms of value for money in this area of ​​Los Angeles. The rooms are okay, and there is outside as well a rose garden with a fountain, just to stand out from other classic motels. The sea is 15 minutes away on foot.

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    West Hollywood, steps away from the stars

    Finally, the area of West Hollywood, a neighborhood of style and glamor also close to Beverly Hills and Bel Air that offers shopping, art sites and of course film interest. Also ideal if you are looking for a neighborhood with a lot of nightlife.

    For an exclusive overnight stay you can consider it Château Marmont at 8221 W. Sunset Blvd, a charming castle-style structure suitable for an out-of-the-ordinary holiday, for example for an unforgettable honeymoon, with art deco style furnishings, a vast garden and refined details.

    Traveling by car, which we have highly recommended in our article on how to get around Los Angeles, you will be at a good distance from the main attractions: 25 minutes from Downtown and Santa Monica, 10 minutes from Universal Studios and Beverly Hills.

    • Mondrian Los Angeles in West Hollywood: in an area full of unbridled luxury hotels, here's a beautiful 4 star hotel which confirms the rule but remains barely more accessible. Top environments and services for couples, but not too suitable for families.
    • Ramada Plaza West Hollywood Hotel and Suites: Much lower rates (and claims) for this hotel, which offers spacious rooms at a good price. Excellent location between Hollywood and Santa Monica.

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    Downtown: Downtown Los Angeles

    The city center is the financial heart of Los Angeles, but not only that, there is also a surprising artistic and cultural vitality, as well as excellent restaurants. From a purely aesthetic point of view, Downtown is characterized by the great verticality of the numerous skyscrapers and by modernist and daring buildings, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall or the Our Lady of Angels Cathedral. It is also one of the areas best served by public transport in the city. To find out more, I invite you to read my recommended itinerary in Los Angeles Downtown.

    It is not a particularly lively area in the evening, when offices tend to empty and move people to other neighborhoods, but it is also quite close to other points of interest, so you can easily get around by car: 25 minutes from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills , about 20 from Hollywood and Universal Studios. The distance from Disneyland is among the most convenient: half an hour without traffic, about fifty minutes during peak hours.

    • The Los Angeles Athletic Club: this accommodation is my favorite in Los Angeles, you want the location in the center, you want the refined and elegant style of the furnishings. But why Athletic Club? Because in the charming rooms of this historic hotel there is also a real sports center, complete with a 22-meter swimming pool! The restaurant-bar is also excellent.
    • Metro Plaza Hotel: interesting structure for two essential reasons: the low price and the location near Union Station, which makes it particularly convenient to reach using public transport.

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    Heading to the Grand Canyon? After Los Angeles you'll go to Grand Canyon? The journey is long and you will have to organize it in detail, choosing the intermediate stages. Help yourself with our article where to sleep between Los Angeles and Grand Canyon.

    The upscale neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Bel Air

    Another cult area of ​​the city is certainly the one with the highest concentration of VIPs and expensive villas: I'm talking about Beverly Hills and the nearby (less than 20 minutes by car) Bel Air hill in Los Angeles. These are interesting neighborhoods as they allow you to closely observe a lifestyle far from our usual standards and thus get to know a portion of America with which it is not always easy to come into contact (the sighting of famous people is quite probable 🙂 ).

    Obviously in this area there is no shortage of luxury hotels (starting with those frequented by Hollywood stars), however in the surrounding area (10-15 minutes by car) it is also possible to find more affordable solutions, starting with interesting Bed & Breakfasts and hostels, which we have reported to you in the following insights:

    Recommended accommodations in Beverly Hills

    Recommended accommodations in Bel Air

    Sleeping at Disneyland?

    First of all, a premise: Disneyland is not located in Los Angeles, but in Anaheim, a neighboring city of Orange County. If your main purpose is to visit Mickey and Associates park then sleeping in Anaheim (inside or outside the park) or in nearby Orange County may be a good choice, in case you find a paragraph dedicated to the subject in our article on Disneyland. What do you think of these accommodations?

    • Disneyland Hotel: the most fabulous choice could fall on one of the various accommodations inside the park. The hotel is on a good range and leaves guests wanting for nothing, but it goes without saying that the highlight is the location, just minutes from Walt Disney's first playground.
    • Best Western Courtesy Inn: this is a much cheaper choice than the previous one, but decidedly strategic, given that this excellent hotel of the famous chain is practically close to Disneyland Drive!

    Find accommodation in Disneyland

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    If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy Los Angeles well, I suggest you choose a city area, especially Downtown, and here I explain why ...

    In summary: what is the most comfortable area to sleep in Los Angeles?

    Of course, it all depends on the things you want to see in the city, but generally speaking, considering a visit that contemplates the main attractions of Los Angeles and at the same time a stop out of town to enjoy Disneyland, in my opinion Downtown remains the best solution for getting around. easily by car: its central location makes it more or less equidistant from the main nerve centers of the coast and inland and is also conveniently located at a convenient distance from Disneyland. In short, an excellent compromise, which makes it one of the best areas to sleep in.

    Not too far from Disneyland is Long Beach (about 40 minutes and less traffic), but it's also a bit more remote than all the other attractions. It remains true that all the Los Angeles neighborhoods listed here are still good solutions for sleep in in the city, therefore, even if you do not find an accommodation in the center, do not despair!

    Do you need a tested and ready-to-use itinerary for your itinerary? Take a look at our ebooks American Dream Routes, available on computer, tablet and smartphone, and complete with day by day itinerary, interactive maps, suggestions on where to stay and much more!

    What about an apartment?

    There is a valid alternative to the classic hotel: renting an apartment. This solution is very much appreciated by those who prefer the advantages and comforts of a real “vacation home” in Los Angeles: we talked about this possibility much more in our article dedicated to Los Angeles apartments.

    Returning to the hotels instead, I conclude by suggesting some small tips to save ...

    3 tips to find the best value for money ...

    1. If your trip involves arrival and departure in Los Angeles then I suggest you check the flight + hotel solution on Expedia (you can book the hotel even for only a part of your trip). Usually the savings compared to an individual flight and accommodation booking are considerable.
    2. If, on the other hand, you opt for the booking of single accommodation, then Booking is definitely the first search engine to consult and secondly and Expedia. Alternatively, you can check the prices on all these sites through an online comparator (hotelscombined advice).
    3. Before Booking did not immediately include taxes in the prices (usually 14.75% of the price + the tourist tax, a figure ranging between 3,5 and 5,5 dollars per room per night), but fortunately now includes them in the final price immediately, making it easier to compare it with other portals, such as Expedia and
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