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    Where to sleep in Las Vegas: tips on hotels and accommodations in the city

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    If there is a place where it is practically impossible not to find a hotel, this is Las Vegas, a city where the bizarre and eccentric accommodation facilities have now become a representative symbol of the city itself.

    Look for accommodation it will therefore not be a problem, just choose the right place. There Strip it is undoubtedly the best way to find hotels galore and in all sauces. If anything, the problem can be another: which hotel to prefer in the incredible assortment made available by this particular city? In short: how to choose where to sleep in Las Vegas?


    • The hotels on the Strip
    • Better to book or not?
    • Where to sleep in Las Vegas: is there only the Strip?
    • Distances and connections between hotels
    • How to choose a hotel in Las Vegas

    The hotels on the Strip

    The Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard South) is the representative street of the city, which fully embodies its spirit and its many contradictions. Stay in a hotel on this road it is a type of experience that goes far beyond a simple overnight stay: in fact, many structures are characterized not only by the inevitable casinos, but also by reconstructions of famous cities or particular settings, sometimes a little kitschy, but still suggestive.

    Furthermore, the choice of a I house Las Vegas it won't stop you from exploring everyone else. In fact, a ride on the Strip also implies a walk among all the other hotels, which will always keep their doors open (perhaps hoping that you will want to make a bet at the table).

    Better to book or not?

    It is always convenient to book in Las Vegas, especially if you go here on the weekend. In fact, every weekend, tens of thousands of tourists flock to the city, causing prices to rise. By booking well in advance, however, you can find very affordable prices.

    Look for a facility on the same day where to stay on the Strip it could turn out to be much more expensive. So get your research early enough!

    Where to sleep in Las Vegas: is there only the Strip?

    Obviously, hotels in Las Vegas are also located far from the Strip, and often in these areas you can get bargain prices. However, in recent years the difference between the rates on the Strip and other areas has steadily narrowed, making it quite easy to find low prices also on Las Vegas Boulevard South, so generally looking for a hotel outside this area is not particularly recommended.

    In any case, if you still want to give it a try in the more peripheral areas, you can find a list of cheap hotels on this page. To choose where to sleep on the Strip instead, take a look Let us know if you have any suggestions

    Distances and connections between hotels

    If you stay overnight on the Strip, travel has little impact on the choice of hotel. This is because, in essence, the main attractions of Las Vegas are all concentrated in that area and to get around you can take advantage of the monorail, which quickly connects the MGM Grand hotel to the Sahara, making useful intermediate stops to go to the various clubs or other structures. hotels, or the buses that run all along the avenue in both directions stopping in front of each of the largest and most famous casinos.

    If, on the other hand, you choose to stay off the Strip, then make sure there are public transport services in the main area, as driving around it or finding parking can be hell for those who hate traffic! To find out more, you can read our guide on how to get around Las Vegas.

    How to choose a hotel in Las Vegas

    Here we go personally, in fact everyone, depending on the type of holiday they have in mind, looks for one type of accommodation more than another. My advice is to choose a themed hotel, structures inspired by certain historical periods, cities or cultures.

    While such reconstructions are artificial and sometimes a little tacky, they probably embody better than anything else that trend of exaggeration and excess that characterizes the spirit of Las Vegas. If these kinds of attractions make you sick, maybe this city is not for you ...

    We have dedicated an article to the subject, recommending in particular some structures; if you are interested, read our list of the best Las Vegas themed hotel.

    Both among the themed hotels and the more conventional accommodations there are numerous luxury hotels, suitable for those looking for a 5-star service with all the comforts and services. Also in this case we have published the list of our favorites (Venetian, Wynn, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan and Aria): if you want to know more read our article on the best luxury hotel in Las Vegas.

    Finally, do not forget that most of these hotels also organize abundant ones buffet, a real trademark of the city that we have already told you about in our guide on where to eat in Las Vegas.

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