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If you're planning a visit to the Florida Keys - a long stretch of islands south of Miami and the Everglades ridden by the exhilarating Overseas Highway - you shouldn't get lost for any reason in the world. Key West, the southernmost city in all of continental America, once visited by Spanish and Cuban sailors and the feared pirates of the Caribbean and, for literature lovers, a place of great inspiration for the writer Ernest Hemingway, who lived and wrote here (among others) the masterpiece A Farewell to Arms.

As easy as it is to get around the length and breadth of this islet, it is important to point out that - despite its size - there are plenty of attractions to visit in Key West, so it is highly recommended. stay at least one night in the city. If you've already started researching, you've certainly noticed that Key West offers a wide selection of hotels traditional, resort more or less luxurious, pretty b & b e historic hotels, all at generally above average prices. But before going into the details, it is necessary to understand which is the most suitable area to stay: in this article, I will therefore give you some tips to choose the best area where to sleep in Key West, and some targeted advice on the most beautiful and fascinating structures.


  • Where to sleep in Key West: the Old Town
    • Courtney’s Place Historic Cottages & Inns
    • The Gardens Hotel
    • The Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marina
    • Amsterdam’s Curry Mansion Inn
    • Smallest Bar Inn
  • Where to sleep in Key West: hotel near the Southernmost Point
    • Southernmost House Hotel (Key West House)
    • Blue Marlin Motel
  • Where to sleep between Miami and Key West

Where to sleep in Key West: the Old Town

If, unfortunately, you arrive in Key West without having booked the hotel, but above all without the faintest idea of ​​where to sleep, and you ask someone local for advice, he will not hesitate to tell you: "Old Town“! We are talking about the northwestern area of ​​the small island, the historic heart of Key West, gathered around the mythical Duval Street.

On this side you will find all the major attractions of Key West: the museums, the historic houses, the gardens, the fabulous panorama of Mallory Square, Fort Zachar Taylor, the Truman Annex, the Bahama Village and, indeed, Duval Street, the lively and picturesque shopping street that is the beating heart of this small island immersed in the Atlantic.

Find a Hotel near Duval Street

Here are some hotels in the area chosen by us that could be for you.

Courtney’s Place Historic Cottages & Inns

Far enough away from Duval Street's triumph of sound and light, is the Courtney’s Place, a beautiful colonial-style historic hotel with prices a little below the city average for this type of property. We are in a quiet street, yet 5-10 minutes from the historic center: the structure offers a rather small number of spacious rooms family cottages with kitchen, but for those who do not have these needs there are some rooms delightfully furnished, equipped with all comforts.

All accommodations face around the courtyard with Swimmingpool, shaded by palm trees and equipped with a barbecue in the back. It must be said that the wifi works better on the porch around the courtyard than in the room, and that the breakfast is nothing special. The parking space is free, but it is not guaranteed (first come, first served): if you cannot find it, it is because someone has seen fit to occupy it with more than one vehicle. However, you can park in the surrounding streets: It's free.

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The Gardens Hotel

One minute walk from Duval Street, you will find this elegant colonial-style historic guesthouse. Despite being very central, it is quiet and peaceful, because it is away from the most crowded streets. The outdoor swimming pool is fascinating and characteristic palm-rich gardens, in a perfect tropical setting.

The hotel is a stone's throw from the Ernest Hemingway House Museum and the Key West Lighthouse (Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters Museum).

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The Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marina

Located right on the waterfront and a stone's throw from the most vital and touristic heart of Key West, this one resorts in Key West it could be a nice choice for those who want to enjoy their holiday in complete relaxation, guest of a structure that offers all the comforts you could wish for: the swimming pool, the spa, the gym, the lounge bar, a restaurant and so on.

Although the experience may be a little less authentic than the structures mentioned so far, it is worth booking a room here also for the proximity to Mallory Square. It doesn't even matter if you step into the crowd during the Sunset Celebration - you can enjoy the same unforgettable sunset from the resort's terrace.

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Amsterdam’s Curry Mansion Inn

When I first walked into this beautiful and eye-catching historic building on Caroline Street, I thought I had the wrong address. In reality, what appeared to be a bizarre museum overflowing with collectible antiques, XNUMXth-century furnishings and dusty memorabilia was just la lobby dell’hotel! The aristocratic appearance of this former colonial-style residence once belonged to William Curry - quirky millionaire businessman from Key West - may scare or make people smile accustomed to more modest and modern accommodations, but it's a once in a lifetime experience in my opinion.

There is convenient parking and an outdoor swimming pool available for guests, who sleep on the upper floors in precious suites with four-poster beds. Both in the common areas and in the private accommodations the risk of kitsch is averted because, crossing the threshold of this hotel, you agree to take a real journey back in time.

If you like, you can venture to the tiny terrace at the top of the building, reachable via an uncomfortable wooden ladder: the view is not exceptional, but legend has it that from up there the wives looked at the sea on the horizon, waiting hopefully the return of the sailor husbands. The name of the terrace ("Widow’s Walk“, Or“ widow's walk ”) makes us understand how often, alas, those hopes were unfounded.

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Smallest Bar Inn

In the center that cannot be more in the center, there is this curious, tiny traditional hotel: net of the disadvantages (a little confusion on Duval Street), lo Smallest Bar Inn - also known as the Old Custom House Inn - is perfect for those looking for one camera a Key West and does not want to pass out too much. In addition to the location, the best feature of this white colonial-style hotel is the fairly low price, at least by city standards.

Being mid-range, the structure lacks some comforts, but it is ideal and strategic for those who want to immerse themselves immediately in the joyful climate of the island. A curiosity? Right next to the guesthouse is the bar of the same name, baptized as the smallest in Key West: as you can see for yourself, that's not a saying!

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Where to sleep in Key West: hotel near the Southernmost Point

If you prefer to switch off a little and get away from the center of Key West a bit, you could choose the southern area, near the city beaches and the buoy of Southernmost Point, a panoramic point that indicates to tourists one of the most southerly places in the United States. Actually, to be precise, this area is also located inside the Old Town, but still a little further away from the liveliness of Mallory Square and its surroundings, with the possibility of enjoying a beautiful view of the expanse of the ocean. .

Hotels available near Southernmost Point

Southernmost House Hotel (Key West House)

Walking around these parts, it is curious to note how the owners of the various buildings compete for who owns it the southernmost house in Key West, and therefore of the continental United States. There are many plaques posted at the entrance of the houses proudly announcing this record, but it cannot be denied that House Key West (“Key West” in Spanish) - first residence of the lawyer Harris, and later of the Ramos Lopez family of merchants - he had a decidedly advantageous start.

Located right in the last few meters of Duval Street, this one grand historic building in pastel colors surrounded by a tropical garden it stands out from the surrounding houses for its pomp and grandiloquence: this colorful showiness certainly attracts at first glance, but sometimes the most demanding guests have complained about the quality-price ratio, more like a B&B than a hotel. Of note are the swimming pool, breakfast and the excellent location, away from the noisiest part of Duval Street. Small curiosity: the sign in front of the hotel reads: “No ballroom on second floor - Never was and never will be“. Who knows what stories this notice hides!

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Blue Marlin Motel

Finally I recommend a motel (strange to say, huh? After all these historic houses!). Located in a favorable area both for the southern area and the historic center, this property offers good rooms and a swimming pool where you can cool off in the hottest hours, since the sea is not always clean. The price, although a little lower than the average, is not exactly an American motel but it is also true that in Key West finding low cost rates is not at all easy.

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Of course, these are just a few of the available hotels in Key West. By clicking below you will find the complete list of all available accommodations on the island:

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If, on the other hand, you want to discover the best hotels overlooking the sea, I suggest you read our section in the article dedicated to the best beaches in Key West.

Where to sleep between Miami and Key West

A very common route in Florida's on-the-road itineraries is certainly the one that unites Miami a Key West; the journey time is approximately 3 hours and, although it can be covered without intermediate overnight stays, a round trip stop is advisable, especially to enjoy the many attractions of the Keys islands along the way. So where to stop and sleep?

If you are looking for a stopover closer to Miami, the best choice is Key Largo, the largest island in the archipelago, with many accommodations, services and an unforgettable coral reef. Here are our tips on where to sleep in Key Largo.

A valid alternative is Islamorada, just 20 minutes away from Key Largo, a group of islands that stretches for about 20 miles, creating one of the most enchanting corners of all the keys. Here are our tips for sleeping in Islamorada.

An interesting alternative is to plan a stop at Marathon, in Middle Keys, not only to visit its natural parks, but also not to miss the splendid beaches of Bahia Honda State Park. Also in this case I point out our tips for sleeping in Marathon.

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