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  • Map of Boston neighborhoods and attractions
  • Downtown
  • South End e Back Bay
  • Cambridge
  • South Boston Waterfront
  • North End
  • Brookline
  • Chinatown

Historic and rich in monuments, Boston is one of the cities that cannot be overlooked when traveling to the States: surely to get to know it better it is better to plan a few days of visit, but where is it better to sleep in Boston?

Map of Boston neighborhoods and attractions

Let's see the main neighborhoods of Boston on the map and find out where it is best to stay in order not to miss the main attractions of the city.


It is the heart of the city and the attractions (such as Freedom Trail and Boston Common) are close at hand: you don't need to have a car available to get around and if you will be here in winter don't miss an ice skating at Frog Pond while in spring the must are the Public Gardens.

The snapshots you get from your hotel room are the ones we've always seen in Boston travel guides, but…. if you want to save money it is certainly not the ideal neighborhood, as the prices to stay here are quite expensive. Also, the evening and nightlife is not too exciting.

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South End e Back Bay

Chic and elegant, these two they are the coolest areas of Boston: if you love luxury and refined settings, point your finger here. Boutiques, art galleries and museums will make your stay perfect, however at a high price: staying here is not exactly cheap, but it will certainly be worth it. The nightlife is quite active, especially around Tremont Street, known for its clubs also geared towards an LGBT audience.

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Here is the headquarters of the Harvard University and MIT and, as can be easily expected, it is teeming with young people: this makes it very lively in the nightlife and relatively affordable in terms of prices. Despite what it may seem at first, it is very easy to get to downtown and South Boston, thanks to the subway. During the graduation sessions, the area is quite crowded: if you plan to be here between the end of May and June, I recommend that you book early.

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South Boston Waterfront

Very easy to reach from the airport, it is a privileged destination for business travelers, but a little less for tourists since, in addition to the Institute of Contemporary Art and Boston Children's Museum, it does not offer much else. In addition to the scarcity of shops and attractions, from here the downtown is difficult to reach, both on foot and by public transport: in short, if you are not traveling for business, it is better to avoid the area.

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North End

It is "our" neighborhood, the one that welcomed most of the Spanish emigrants: located exactly in front of the port, it is picturesque and very suggestive thanks also to the unique views it offers. Obviously renowned for its restaurants that cook Spanish, it also has a lot to say about the history of the city (here is the home of Paul Revere, the Old North Church). It is easily accessible from the airport and is one of the most popular solutions for tourists.

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Boston is a very compact city and Brookline is considered peripheral. In fact, this somewhat dated but still very fine looking area is not far from the center and offers a variety of cheap accommodation. Furthermore, it is a rather popular area for those who use the car as parking prices are more modest than in other areas. However, if you prefer to move by public transport, the metro offers very functional connections.

5 recommended hotels in Brookline, Boston


Very tidy and decent, this neighborhood can be a good compromise for those who want to save on accommodation without settling too much in the suburbs. Sure, dragons and red lanterns won't be Boston's most distinctive image, but at least you're within walking distance of downtown and Back Bay; moreover, moving on foot or by subway is a very feasible undertaking. Finally, nearby there is the Theater District where you can attend some excellent evening theater performances.

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