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    Where to sleep between Grand Canyon and Los Angeles? Useful tips and intermediate steps

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    From personal experience, I can say that the itinerary between Grand Canyon and Los Angeles (in one direction or the other) unites 90% of West Coast tours; it follows that one of the main problems of those who are planning the trip is the choice of the intermediate stage (or intermediate stages) where to stop on this long journey. The distance between the famous national park of Arizona and the City of Angels is in fact almost 800 km, which can be covered in about 7.30 hours without stops - which is unlikely, however, given the number of attractions on the road!

    It is therefore a trip that certainly cannot be done in a single day, both for a question of "resistance" and because it would be a shame to take away this part of the on the road with a hasty shift. So where to sleep between the two destinations? It depends on the days available and by 'itinerario that you would like to do.


    • Where to stop between Grand Canyon and Los Angeles
      • If you have only one night available
      • If you have two nights available
    • Tappa tra Los Angeles e Grand Canyon West Rim

    Where to stop between Grand Canyon and Los Angeles

    As you can read in the article where to sleep at the Grand Canyon, there are two possible solutions for the overnight stay: you can find accommodation inside the park (fabulous but expensive experience) or outside the park (much more affordable solution). The options indicated in the second case are Williams (1 hour from GC) e Flagstaff  (1.30 from GC), which will most likely be your first stop on the journey from Arizona to the Pacific coast. But how to cover the remaining distance?

    • Find accommodation in Williams
    • Find accommodation in Flagstaff

    If you have only one night available

    In this case I recommend that you sleep in a town of your choice between Kingman, Needles or Lake Havasu City. While Kingman e Needles are located right on Route 66 towards Los Angeles (the first in Arizona, the second in California), Lake Havasu City, a town located on the lake of the same name, can be reached with a very slight deviation to the south, but it is still a good solution. As you will have read in my travelogue from Grand Canyon to Los Angeles, the very hot Needles does not have much to offer, while Kingman has some reasons of interest, one above all the beautiful museum on Route 66 (we talked about it in the in-depth study on the best stops on Route 66 in Arizona).

    • Find accommodation in Kingman
    • Find accommodation in Needles
    • Find accommodation in Lake Havasu City

    The distance between Williams / Flagstaff and these locations does not exceed 2.30 / 3 hours, so you might think that it will be covered in "no time" (according to the standards of on the road USA), yet this stretch of Route 66 in Arizona has a lot to do. to offer. An example? Oatman, a ghost town that made me fall in love and is absolutely worth a visit. Other possible stops are Seligman and the Grand Canyon Caverns.

    The next day, you can then reach Los Angeles via the fastest route: Route 66 in California. Again, as you will read in the article just linked, after a somewhat boring stretch of road along the Mojave Desert, you will still find some interesting pit stop to do before arriving in Los Angeles.

    If you have two nights available

    lIn this case the question becomes more interesting. The first stop remains as it is, but instead of heading to Los Angeles, you can add a fantastic destination to your trip: Joshua Tree National Park. If you have this amount of time available and you like the idea, I recommend that you choose the place to stay overnight between Needles e Lake Havasu City to optimize times (Kingman is a little further north and time is precious).

    • Find accommodation in Needles
    • Find accommodation in Lake Havasu City

    Da Needles travel on I-40 to Exit 78 (towards Kelbaker Road), drive to Amboy (located on an ancient stretch of Route 66) and continue south to Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center. Here's how to visit Joshua Tree and nearby Pioneertown. You can then find accommodation in Palm Springs, an iconic town in California. The next day Los Angeles awaits you!

    • Total travel hours from Needles to Palm Springs (including an average of travel within the park): 4.30 hours

    By Lake Havasu City drive south on AZ-95 S to Parker on the Arizona-California border. From there the CA-62 W will take you directly to Joshua Tree National Park. The indications on the visit of the park, on the eventual one of Pioneertown and on the overnight stay remain the same as in the previous case.

    •  Total travel hours from Lake Havasu City to Palm Springs (including an average of travel within the park): 5 hours

    Tips on where to sleep in Palm Springs

    Tappa tra Los Angeles e Grand Canyon West Rim

    In case you have visited the West Rim and not the South Rim, you will mainly have two options for getting to Los Angeles from the Grand Canyon. Here's what you can do

    • Follow exactly the directions I gave for in the previous paragraph: the distance between the West Rim and Needles / Kingman / Lake Havasu is practically the same as Williams. Then you can do theroute to Los Angeles in a day or two, as suggested.
    • From the West Rim head north to Las Vegas and stay the night there, following our tips on where to sleep in Las Vegas. At this point you will be missing a journey of About 430 km to go gives Las Vegas to Los Angeles along the I-15 S: you can decide whether to do it in one day (stopping briefly at Goodsprings, Calico or elsewhere on the Mother Road, which you will meet in Barstow) or whether to take it more calmly while sleeping, (for example) in the same Barstow, to take the last stretch of Route 66 more calmly the next day.

    Find a Barstow hotel

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