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    Where to shop in New York: shops, malls, flea markets etc ...

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    New York City, the "Big Apple", one of the most effervescent, eclectic and surprising metropolises in the world where so many stories of immigration and cultures have given life to a "melting pot" that manages to coexist in a frenzy that some like, such as others much less and some not at all. In this reality, someone would like to live and work while others just want to visit it because, despite its strengths and weaknesses, it must undoubtedly be seen at least in its beating heart: Manhattan.

    In this island, a melting pot of competing activities where the rhythms are at very high levels and business is in first place, we instead dedicate ourselves to something pleasant: shop. Within this area where everything follows the changes in trend, commercial realities alternate, renew and coexist together with other consolidated, by now historical.


    • What to buy in New York
      • Shopping centers and outlets
      • The department stores
      • Technology shops
      • Shops for children and teenagers
      • The flea markets of New York
      • Where to buy souvenirs
      • Speciality Stores
    • Sales in New York: when to go?

    What to buy in New York

    Let's go and do Shopping! This phrase that we like is exciting and puts us in a good mood, however it is a bit vague and it is even more so here in Manhattan where there is everything. So let's try to do a "targeted" shopping. Let's find out what this part of the “Big Apple” has in store for us in terms of purchases divided by categories.

    Shopping centers and outlets

    I shopping centers (shopping mall or shopping mall) and o were born here in the States. And who doesn't like to spend a few hours inside them? While they may seem a little repetitive in some cases, no one is ever identical to another and they will always continue to attract us.

    Westfield World Trade Center

    Westfield World Trade Center (185 Greenwich St. Mon-Sat 10 am-21pm and Sunday 11 am-19pm) is where the original World Trade Center Mall once stood and has been the largest shopping mall in Manhattan for two years. Inside the very modern and bright structure where the presence of white is the absolute dominant, there are 125 stores including Apple, Bose, Invicta, Papyrus, Fossil, Samsonite, Swatch, Tissot, Pandora, La Coste and L'Occitane en Provence. There are also eateries such as the Starbucks coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts with delicious donuts and Wetzel's Pretzels.

    Rockefeller Center

    In the heart of Manhattan the Rockefeller Center (45 Rockefeller Center, hours vary per store) is an icon of the city, a set of over 100 stores, boutiques and restaurants that develop between 48th and 51st streets between 5th and 6th Avenues where, among the many commercial realities, we find:

    • Swarovski (high jewelery and crystal / gift items)
    • Bose (high-tech sound)
    • Lego, Nintendo, Papyrus (stationery and gift items)
    • Tiffany (high jewelry)
    • Michael Kors (clothing, bags and accessories)
    • Godiva Chocolatier e Magnolia Bakery
    • The Body Shop (personal care products)

    And when you go to visit it skating rink (winter skating rink) and photographing the golden sculpture of Prometheus is already in the middle of the commercial area which is also partly below street level. Also don't forget that this is where the Top of The Rock, one of the most famous viewing platforms for observing the New York skyline.

    Shops at Columbus Circle

    Within the Shops at Columbus Circle (10 Columbus Cir. Monday-Saturday 10-22 and Sunday 10-20) we find about fifty shops including: Aveda (hair and skin products), Sephora and L'Occitane en Provence (perfumery and beauty products) , Papyrus, Swarowski, Ted Baker (women's clothing, accessories) and Bose.

    Manhattan Mall

    Also in Midtown, the Manhattan Mall (100 West 33rd St. Monday-Saturday 9-21.30 and Sunday 10-20.30), has 19 shops plus other services including the department store JcPenny, Toys'R US to make all children happy, Sunglass Hut, always with excellent proposals of well-priced eyewear, the intriguing Victoria's Secret and the inviting Starbucks coffee shop.

    Seaport District

    Al Seaport District (19 Fulton St. Monday-Sunday 11-21), in one of the most popular locations for tourists near the Brooklyn Bridge, there are individual commercial realities that are worth a visit, not belonging to chains and perhaps for this reason even more interesting, such as example a beautiful e old stationery where tickets are printed in the manner of the 19th century, a very nice shop where the vintage denim fabric is hand painted and then particular shops for clothing, shoes and accessories, but also for art and one for pets.

    Tour al Woodbury Common Outlet

    If you want to spend a whole day shopping, know that there is a real one shopping tour: it is a pass for the whole family that will allow you to get away from the chaos of the city for a day. By purchasing this pass you will have the opportunity to spend a day in the largest outlet in New York, the Woodbury Common Outlet which has more than 200 stores and boasts brands such as Kalvin Klein, Diesel, Gap, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, Timberland, you will also have discounts on some shops and restaurants.

    The department stores

    When it comes to shopping, window shopping, or just browsing here and there, i Department stores here in Manhattan they are points of reference, each with its own identity and consolidated success.


    The department stores Macy's (151 W. 34th St. Monday-Saturday 10-22 and Sunday 10-21) were born in 1858 and are the oldest in America.  They are located a short distance from the Empire State Building skyscraper, therefore in a very busy area. About this department store, someone will remember the large billboard that years ago dominated the facade of the building with an almost threatening phrase "if you haven't seen Macy's you haven't seen New York", now transformed into the most captivating "the largest store in the world ". Macy's occupies a block, has a star as its symbol and is an institution in the city, so much so that it organizes every year the 4th of July fireworks and the famous Thanksgiving parade.

    There are many proposals, even particular things, distributed over the seven floors of this historic building where prices are quite accessible but also with higher-end items. Here we find clothing and shoes for the whole family, objects for the home, beauty products and perfumery. By presenting your passport you can benefit from a discount voucher reserved for tourists.


    Bloomingdale's it is a reality in continuous renewal and commercial ferment; has an outlet (2085 Broadway) and two locations in Manhattan (59th St. & Lexington Ave., the main one, Monday-Saturday 10-20.30, Sunday 11-19 and the other at 504 Broadway, Monday-Saturday 10-21 and Sunday 12-20.). In the rooms with simple and refined architectural lines, the primary proposals are shoes, bags, jewels, furnishings and objects for the home, even by big names. This department store often organizes musical events.

    It also seems that on the occasion of the sales these places are stormed with a greater impetus and interest than other realities. In fact, it happens from time to time in films to hear quotes or see images (perhaps accentuated, but not too much) of how the ladies undertake to grab what they want.


    Nordstrom (235 W. 57th St. Mon-Sat 10 am-21pm and Sunday 11 am-17pm) has a wide selection of items ranging from clothes, accessories, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, make-up and home furnishings. In the flashy windows we also find luxury brands (Calvin Klain, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Saint Lauren, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Kenzo, Dior, Chanel and Valentino) and more affordable brands such as (Birkenstock, Fila, Champion, Kappa, Puma, Nike, Ted Baker, Vans, Aveda, Elemis and Clinique).

    Always from the same group, Nordstrom Rack (865 6th Ave. Monday 10-17, Tuesday-Saturday 10-22 and Sunday 10-20) offers brands with lower costs than those of Nordstrom: clothing, shoes, bags, perfumery, jewelry and household items. Here is the Nina Leonard brand, a vast clothing line with models that enhance all sizes, even the most comfortable, in a practical fabric such as jersey that requires very little attention.


    Barneys (660 Madison Ave. Monday-Wednesday and Saturday 10-20, Thursday-Friday 10-21 and Sunday 11-19) is very popular for the proposals of big fashion brands but also deals with brands with lower prices. We point out Adidas, Reebok, Clarks, Vans, Timberland, Fendi, Armani, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Valentino, Shiseido and Calvin Klain.

    In 2016 a branch was opened at 101 7th Street, smaller and therefore open to visitors in a few hours, unlike the huge store in Madison. The founder is proud to have realized his dream starting from a base of a few hundred dollars and claims to have been the first in his category to advertise on radio and television, so they told us.

    Saks Fifth Avenue

    Saks Fifth Avenue (611 5th Ave., Monday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 12-19) is a consolidated reality for years along the main artery of Manhattan where we notice the line of flags waving to invite us to enter even just to have a look. From a "high-end" perspective, it deals with men's / women's / children's clothing, accessories, perfumery items, for the home and as gifts, therefore, if you are in the mood for luxury shopping, among the many brands we find Prada, Vitton, Gucci, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Fendi. And there is also a beauty salon with a spa.

    Bergdorf Goodman

    Da Bergdorf Goodman (5th Ave. with 58 St., Monday-Friday 10-20, Saturday 10-19 and Sunday 12-18) "high-end" shopping with bags, accessories, jewelry, eyewear, home furnishings and clothing for the whole family he did it in two in the true sense of the word. The main store is on the west side of the street while the other store opposite (745 5th Ave.) deals with menswear. One thing is certain, the choice of bags at Goodman is huge and in case you need a lot of time for shopping you can take a stop at the restaurant or at the internal spa.

    Technology shops

    We often hear that it can be convenient to buy here technological products. This is not guaranteed, you have to know the prices well and pay close attention to where you buy, after which it could also be worth seeing the exchange rate with the dollar still favorable or in the case of particular promotions not present in Italy.

    Apple store

    After a long period of expansion works, the historic store on Fifth Avenue will reopen its doors in November 2018. Tourists, apple technology lovers and the simply curious will be able to take a selfie in front of the windows with the symbol of the company. Cupertino. But the one on historic Manhattan street isn't the only one Apple store in New York (more or less there is one in every neighborhood): this is where you can find them.

    • Apple Upper East Side (940 Madison Avenue, New York)
    • Apple Upper West Side (1981 Broadway, New York)
    • Apple Grand Central (45 Grand Central Terminal, New York)
    • Apple West 14th Street (401 W 14th Street, New York)
    • Apple SoHo (103 Prince Street, New York)
    • Apple World Trade Center (185 Greenwich Street, New York)

    Microsoft Store

    Always "bitter enemies" of Apple, in recent years also Microsoft have tried to expand their offer and attract new customers with more modern and reliable devices with a renewed attention to design. If you are interested in their products you can visit their most important store which, as you can imagine, is located along the Fifth Avenue (677 Fifth Avenue, New York), the "showcase street" par excellence of New York.

    Best Buy

    Best Buy is part of a very widespread chain that sells cell phones, cameras, televisions, hi-fi systems, household appliances and anything else that is a technological device. If you want to buy an electronic accessory while saving something, this may be the solution for you. In Manhattan you can find them at the following addresses:

    • Broadway 622
    • 52 E 14th St
    • 60 W 23rd St
    • 529 5th Ave
    • Broadway 1880
    • 1280 Lexington Ave

    Shops for children and teenagers

    Our children and boys they will be happy to be here in Manhattan also because there are some realities from which it will be difficult to get them out.

    Toys and video games

    Fao Schwarz (30 Rockefeller Center) has been selling toys since 1862. This large store was conceived by Frederick August Otto Schwarz who dreamed of a general store full of extraordinary, original and wonderful toys from all over the world. Particularly famous in the 5th Avenue store (which has closed today) was the grand piano that you could play with your feet while standing. It is scheduled to reopen on new premises at Rockefeller Center in 2018.

    Similarly, but certainly not the same, Toys’R US (1466 Broadway, Mon-Sun 9 am-23pm) is part of a large chain of stores specializing in games for children and young people that offers a wide range of items. However, it is also very pleasant to visit. Build a Bear Workshop (22 W. 34th St. Mon-Sat 10 am-21pm and Sunday 11 am-17pm) belongs to a pier chain that is widespread mainly in shopping centers. Here you can create a soft, cute and cuddly teddy bear or other animals step by step. Suitable for the little ones but also for the "young at heart".

    Lego Store (200 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 11-18) is a very popular classic that needs no introduction. The interesting thing is to see how much Lego technology has evolved with always new ideas and proposals. Nintendo World (10 Rockefeller Pl. Monday-Thursday 9-20, Friday-Saturday 9-21 and Sunday 11-18) continues to be a paradise for those who love video games all over the world.

    Disney Store (1540 Broadway. Monday-Sunday 9-1am) is a point of reference for young and old where you can find everything related to the world of fairy tales, the fantasy of the Disney kingdom and that so much continues to please. M&M’S World (1600 Broadway. Sunday-Thursday 9-24 and Friday-Saturday 9-1am) is the two-story paradise of the world's most famous colored chocolate confetti a stone's throw from the busy Time Square area. Even if not exactly cheap, we let ourselves be tempted by traditional tastes and by others that we have never tried in Italy, in bulk or in many gift boxes.


    And always with the attention paid to our "little ones", in the following shops we will be able to buy specific clothing items for them.

    The children's place (36 Union Sq.E., Monday-Saturday 9-21 and Sunday 10-17) is a chain specializing in clothing, shoes and accessories for children and teenagers. Similarly, from My Little Sunshine (145 Hudson St., Monday-Saturday 10-18 and Sunday 11-17) we find clothes, shoes, toys but the particular thing is that here the little customers are happy to have their hair cut while sitting comfortably in a red airplane.

    The Harry Potter shop (935 Broadway) deserves a special mention, which is much more than a place to buy clothes and gadgets themed by the famous wizard of Hogwarts. L'Harry Potter Store in fact, it offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical atmospheres of the saga with the opportunity to participate in exciting virtual reality experiences. To find out more, read our dedicated article.

    The flea markets of New York

    Websites give us a great hand, they allow us to know in advance the realities we want to visit, shops, restaurants and services. This benefit, however, takes away part of the surprise, which instead characterizes shopping at flea market (flea market), a world made up of a little bit of everything, from junk to objects that can be appreciated and reused by others, to interesting, important or collectible pieces: almost a treasure hunt and in any case a world to be discovered with pleasure and possibly with time available. Let's find out which are the most important in New York.

    • Chelsea Flea Market (39 W. 25th St. Saturday and Sunday 6.30-18: 00) one of the most famous flea markets in New York is set up in the Chelsea neighborhood. More than 135 stands where you can find everything from vintage clothing to antiques through to paintings and jewelry. But beware that admission is not free: if you want to find the best offers early in the morning you will have to pay a $ 5 ticket (from 6:30 to 9) while if you just want to browse during the day you will only have to pay 1 dollar.
    • Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (408-424 W. 39th St. Saturday and Sunday 9: 00-17: 00). We are in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. In this case, admission is free for the whole day and is smaller than Chelsea's but it can still be a good opportunity to find some different souvenirs than usual.
    • E. 67th St. Market (E. 67th St., Saturday 6: 00-17: 00) is a partly similar but different reality in that, among the antiquities on display, we also find food products sold by peasants, which suggests a greater authenticity and temptation to purchase.
    • Brooklyn flea (Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 00pm): held in two different locations in Brooklyn: Saturdays in Industry City (17 00th St.), Sundays in Dumbo (Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza).

    Strand Book

    The last gem I suggest is Strand Book (828 Broadway), not a real flea market but a historic shop of New York which holds used and unobtainable books, in addition to this, every evening there are interesting cultural events.

    Where to buy souvenirs

    On the iconic 5th Street, next to glittering shops, skyscrapers, historic buildings and churches, we can shop souvenir, T-shirts and more or less bizarre objects that once at home will remind us of the holiday or that we will give away. In this regard we point out Memories (206 5th Ave.), I Love Souvenirs (377 5th Ave.) and Souvenir World (402 5th Ave.) where we also find the classic written “I ❤ New York” and “The Big Apple”.

    All the best known Manhattan museums they have a shop with dedicated items (from the most common to the most extravagant) that it is a pleasure to take home after enjoying the visit. Here are the ones you absolutely must visit:

    • Metropolitan (MET, 1000 5th Ave.)
    • Solomon R. Guggenheim (10715 5th Ave.)
    • Museum of Modern Art (MOMA, 11W. 53rd St.)
    • American Museum of Natural History (200 Central Park West)
    • 9/11 Memorial Museum (180 Greenwich St.)

    Personally a few times we have purchased material and publications related to the theme, even small works of art, so from our point of view these shops are appreciable regardless of the sale of all purely commercial items.

    Speciality Stores

    We point out a series of shops (many of which belong to a chain) which by their characteristics are specialties bedspread as they deal with a product sector.

    On Fifth Avenue

    • Victoria's Secret (115 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 12-19), an icon of sophisticated underwear. Note the developments of the brand with different collections also aimed at a younger clientele with more essential but still refined tastes.
    • Tommy bahama (551 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday and Sunday 11-20) offers clothing for men and women and also objects for the home in its classic, unmistakable tropical style. This location has a restaurant.
    • Hollister (668 5th Ave. Mon-Sun 9-22pm) sells youth-inspired clothing inspired by California's sun and beaches.
    • Tiffany (727 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10-19-19 and Sunday 12-18), Cartier (653 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday 11-19 and Sunday 12-18) for all “magpies”.
    • Sunglass Hut (605 5th Ave. Monday-Sunday 9-22), already present at the Manhattan Mall, offers quality sunglasses at good prices, also customizable.
    • Michael Kors (610 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10/20 and Sunday 11-19) American luxury brand that offers bags, accessories and clothes and needs no introduction.
    • NBA Store (545 5th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 10-21) a must for fans, a great "paradise" store for lovers of professional American (NBA), women's (WNBA) and minor league (D -league). Inside there is also a basket to measure one's ability and maybe dream.

    The other specialty stores in New York

    • DXL Big & Tall (703 6th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10-21 and Sunday 12-18) is a reality dedicated to very tall men with plus sizes. It offers elegant and casual clothes, shoes, accessories from brands such as Fossil, Asics, Adidas, Reebook, Levis, Lee, Michel Kors, La Coste and Polo Ralph Lauren. Interestingly, there are also sporting goods from the NBA, MBL, NHL, and NFL.
    • Skechers (1515 Broadway. Monday-Sunday 9-1am), an American brand currently highly sought after with its vast selection of comfortable and leisure shoes.
    • Swatch (1535 Broadway. Monday-Sunday 9-24) historic Swiss watch brand always in vogue.
    • Lush (2175 Broadway. Sunday-Thursday 10-20, Friday-Saturday 10-21) deals with hand-made cosmetics using natural ingredients. In the heart of Manhattan we find other perfumeries already present in shopping centers: The Body Shop (1270 6th Ave. Monday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 11-18), Aveda (Grand Central Station. 89 E. 42nd St. Monday 8-20, Tuesday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 11-18), L'Occitane En Provence (Grand Central Station. 89 E. 42nd St. Monday-Friday 8 am-21pm, Saturday 10 am-20pm and Sunday 10 am-17pm) e Sephora (1500 Broadway. Sunday-Thursday 8-24, Friday-Saturday 8-1am).
    • Vera Bradley (411 W. Broadway. Monday-Saturday 10-17 and Sunday 12-18) for years now famous in the US for the bags in soft fabric, colored and inspired by colorful quilts; but not only that, it also deals with diaries, pens, wallets, umbrellas and objects for daily use or for holidays.
    • Claire's (1385 Broadway. Monday-Friday 8.30-20, Saturday 10-21 and Sunday 11-19 / 2267 Broadway, Monday-Saturday 10-20 and Sunday 11-18) is a mix of perfumery, jewelry and accessories, a reality with prices content mainly for young women. Look for the 3 × 2 offers among the costume jewelery exhibitors.
    • Hallmark's Store (625 8th Ave. Monday-Friday 7-20, Saturday 8-18 and Sunday 10-17) is a well-established brand in the country that for years has been dealing with paper items, greeting cards, colored stickers with the addition of objects from good quality gift, including everything you need to wrap. Here you will also find a selection of the famous natural Yankee Candle candles.
    • Lids (239 W. 42nd St. Mon-Sat 9-24 and Sun 10-24) sells sportswear. In particular, you could buy a hat or jersey from the basketball or American football teams in New York.
    • Fields Sports (10 Times Sq. Mon-Sun 10-23) specializing in NBA, NFL and MBL articles. A shop to visit for lovers of these disciplines but also for those looking for sports items.
    • Kleinfeld Bridal (110 W.20th St. Tuesday and Thursday 10-21, Wednesday 10-17, Friday and Saturday 9.30-18.30, Sunday 8.30-17.30) is a well-known wedding dress shop made famous by a television series. For many future brides, not only American, having a dress from this atelier is a dream, fortunately not impossible to achieve as it starts from affordable figures up to a lot. Here too, on the occasion of the sales, the event creates a long queue outside the store.
    • Motherhood Maternity (270 7th Ave. Mon-Sat 10-21 and Sun 11-17) specializes in maternity wear.
    • Christmas in New York (730 7th Ave. Mon-Sun 9-24) is the perfect place to experience the spirit of Christmas all year round with thousands of decorations in many styles.  

    Sales in New York: when to go?

    There are some times of the year when the deadline sale is on everyone's lips. And when this happens, you have the desire to take advantage of it, to take away some whim or to meet real needs. In this regard, we would like to point out that all months of the year are characterized by offers but in particular we point out those relating to the most important American holidays ordered from January.

    • President’s Day Sale: February
    • Memorial day weekend: May
    • July 4th: July
    • Back-to-school:August
    • Labor day Weekend: September
    • Columbus Day: October
    • Thanksgiving: November
    • Cyber ​​Monday : November
    • After Holiday Sales: from December to January.

    Many other discounts are available during other special occasions such as: Valentine's Day (February 14), Mother's and Father's Day (May 14 and June 18), Halloween (October 31), Veterans Day (November 11).

    A separate quote goes to Black Friday (fourth Friday of November, after Thanksgiving), perhaps the most famous sales period of all when for 24 hours there are really important discounts and occasions, to the point that in some cases you get to spend hours in line , in the cold, just to be among the first when the store opens.

    And if it is true that the island of Manhattan, the heart of the Big Apple, should be visited because it is unique, shopping is also an experience to try. We remind you that most of the shops are open on Sundays and some also in the evening. Ready to go shopping?

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