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Formentera: what to buy and where to shop

On holiday in Formentera you certainly go mainly for the sea. However, after having spent many days enjoying beaches, coves and blue waters, you will probably want to bring back with you, in addition to the tan and the beautiful images and sensations that the beaches of Formentera have left you, also some objects: a souvenir, a typical product, which extends the pleasure of remembering your holiday on the beautiful Balearic island.

Obviously on the island you shouldn't expect to buy international high fashion products; the shopping a Formentera it will focus more on swimwear, shoes, clothing in general (even vintage or hippy style), jewels and jewels, typical products also gastronomic and maybe some objects for the home.

The area of ​​the island where there are more traditional shops is Es Pujols, the one where in the evening there is more social life and where bars, pubs and discos are concentrated. TO Sant Francesc Xavier, the capital of the island, we find many shops with some particularly well-known names. Finally, among the most popular solutions on where to shop in Formentera, we remember the hippy markets, especially the one in La Mola.

In this article we give you a series of tips for shopping in Formentera: what to buy, the most famous shops and the best areas to buy souvenirs and handicrafts.

  1. The clothing stores in Formentera
    1. Bikinis, the quintessential Formentera souvenir
    2. Hippie or vintage clothing
  2. Handicrafts and typical products of Formentera
    1. Jewelery and jewelry
    2. Musical instruments: the sounds of Formentera as a souvenir
    3. Typical gastronomic products, souvenirs for the palate
  3. Other shops and markets in Formentera
    1. Household items, furnishings and “a little bit of everything” in the Nomads shop
    2. Es Pujols, La Savina, Sant Ferran and the Formentera Market organization
    3. The hippie market in La Mola, not to be missed
    4. A tattoo as a souvenir: why not the symbolic lizard of Formentera?

The clothing stores in Formentera

Bikinis, the quintessential Formentera souvenir

Many light and colorful fabrics, natural materials and fibers, original ideas and top creativity. You will certainly be spoiled for choice. We recommend, among many costume shops in Formentera, the most renowned ones, for the quality and originality of the stylists or for the convenience of prices:

  • Janne Heegaard: the designer is known for her line of hippy but high quality swimwear, designed by herself and made by hand. Since 1970 he has seen his fame grow in an amazing way, selling thousands of skimpy thongs and sexy and colorful bikinis, first on the beaches of Ibiza and now in two shops in Formentera: in Es Pujols and Sant Francesc. A little pricey, but definitely a top notch souvenir.
  • Hippie Shop Formentera: this shop is ideal if you want to buy a swimsuit spending a little less. It is located at Avenida Miramar 124, a Es Pujols. The typical Brazilian cut of Hippie Shop Formentera is the most representative of the original costume brand of the island; bright patterns coupled with plain but always colorful fabrics, excellent fit of one size and a feeling of freedom. For the purchase of a Hippie Shop Formentera bikini, the sales are the winning opportunity: check the bargains on the official page of the brand.

Hippie or vintage clothing

Pacha is another brand that produces summer clothing for both men and women at relatively low prices but always with the typical spirit and aesthetics of the island; a Pacha Shop in Formentera is al Polygon of the Navy in La Savina.

But the clothing stores in Formentera are many, and here we indicate some of the most particular, specifically 4 clothing shops in Sant Francesc:

  • Dossae Formentera is an island brand specializing in beachwear: as well as swimwear, you can buy jackets, shirts and Bermuda shorts for the whole family, strictly with fabrics produced in Spain. Low costs and more sober lines than the floral and colorful hippie style. The shop is located in San Francesc Xavier.
  • Macramé Formentera, in Sant Francesc, is a fashion and handmade clothing store. There is a huge assortment of items for women, men and children. Lots of lace, crochet and knitting, a delicate vintage taste and the embarrassment of choice in terms of accessories: bags, shoes, scarves, hats, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. The creations are curated by the Ferrer family, which since the 70s has been inspired by the natural beauties of the island, by the colors of the earth, fields and sea, for its creations. The yarns with which the garments are woven are Spanish and 100% natural.
  • Vintage Formentera is among the clothing stores in Formentera that attract attention for the quality of the garments on sale, as well as for the well-kept retro aesthetics of the set-up and furnishings. You can visit the shop on Calle de Santa María, in Sant Francesc. The choice will be difficult and the prices are not exactly low, but even a simple colored scarf could be a valid purchase to take home a souvenir of the island with you.
  • Obi Formentera è one of the most elegant clothing stores in Formentera: style, quality, originality, distinguish the garments that the Formenterana Elena and the adopted owl Lorenzo have been designing and creating since 2006. Transfers from their work, whether it be clothes, bags, jewelry or other accessories, a great love for the nature of the island.

If you are looking for shoe shops in Formentera, be sure to take a look at Soul Mate Formentera, in Sant Francesc Xavier: many models and colors of espadrilles, as well as sarongs and silk dresses displayed in an original and scenographic context.

Handicrafts and typical products of Formentera

Jewelery and jewelry

Majoral is the first name to mention when talking about handcrafted jewelry in Formentera: The creations of the master craftsman Eric Majoral, his son Roc and the team of goldsmiths are incredibly original and pleasant to look at and to wear. One of the two shops is located in La Mola, the other in Sant Francesc, but Mediterranean-inspired jewels are also known and appreciated in Barcelona and Ibiza. Majoral's work is socially ethical and denotes a great love for nature, which is also expressed with the representation of subjects such as shells and the symbolic lizards of Formentera.

Please Return To Formentera RON&co è the economic alternative to an artisanal and precious jewel. The bracelets, pendants and a wide range of jewelry from the Please return to Formentera series are an excellent solution for a graceful, lasting and not too demanding souvenir; you can find them in one of the most interesting shops in Formentera in Es Pujols.

Musical instruments: the sounds of Formentera as a souvenir

Another idea a little out of the ordinary, for those who want an original souvenir of Formentera with good value for money, is to buy one strumento musicale. Hand decorated drums and castanets and traditional carved flutes can also be found in the markets, in addition to the classic guitars created by skilled artisan hands that can be purchased from Formentera Guitars, in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques.


Typical gastronomic products, souvenirs for the palate

If the classic souvenirs don't satisfy you, consider some gastronomic products, such as the Peixsec with organic olive oil: our gourmet proposal for a truly original Formentera souvenir! It is dried fish and packaged in a totally artisanal way. You may have tasted it during the holidays as an ingredient in the typical salad, but know that you can buy a jar and enjoy it again once you get home.

More classic than buying a good one wine bottle: Cap de Barbaria and Terra Moll are the two island wineries which, under the protected geographical indication "Wine from the land of Formentera”, Produce the fine red and rosé DOC and DOP wines. An excellent souvenir for lovers of good wine. Both companies are based in La Mola and they can be the starting point for a small tour to discover the gastronomy of Formentera.

Other shops and markets in Formentera

Household items, furnishings and “a little bit of everything” in the Nomads shop

Located in San Francesc Xavier, Nomads also has very sought-after items of clothing in its collection, such as those of the Exkite line, but it is also possible to find various objects for the home. In any case, clothes, shoes, furniture and furnishings are really special. The shop is perfect for those who are undecided about what to buy in Formentera: there is really everything!

Es Pujols, La Savina, Sant Ferran and the Formentera Market organization

But finally we come to the markets of Formentera, where colors are the masters and the range of things to buy becomes immense, varied in type and price to satisfy all tastes and needs:

  • Market on the seafront of Es Pujols: open from May 1st to October 12th, every day of the week and from 19:00 pm to midnight, it allows us to combine a walk and an evening of social life with the purchase of souvenirs. More than 40 artisans in the area are united in an association, which guarantees a very wide range of products and fair prices.
  • La Savina market: open from 1 June to 15 September from 11:00 to 24:00, it gives the opportunity to walk among stalls set up by island artists and artisans, who offer a bit of everything.
  • Sant Ferran market: here the collective of local artists and artisans put their works on display and on sale every day of the week, except Wednesdays and Sundays. It is open from 29 May to 30 September, from 19:00 to 24:00.

The hippie market in La Mola, not to be missed

Finally, among the essential places to go shopping in Formentera, we dedicate two more words to hippy market in La Mola, opened on Wednesday and Sunday.

A visit to the market will allow you to get into the true spirit of the island, buying the most typical it is created with fabric, leather, ceramic, glass, wood and all sorts of materials from the skilled hands of the artisans of Formentera. Not only that: you can stroll (listening to live music!) In the surrounding streets the suggestive little square paved in colored mosaic. The costume jewelery, the paintings, the items for sale reflect the local artisan tradition, with influences from the philosophy of the flower children.

Hippiemarket La Mola Formentera has its own Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can start peeking for souvenirs before you even leave for Formentera.

A tattoo as a souvenir: why not the symbolic lizard of Formentera?

If you love tattoos, having a local tattoo artist do a design on your skin is a great idea to have a literally indelible memory of Formentera! El Faro Tattoo in Sant Ferran de Ses Roques and FORMENTERAINK in Es Pujols are at your disposal to trace the perfect memory of your holiday with ink. The ideas are innumerable: dates, names, symbols and, of course, the lizard symbol of Formentera.

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