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Do you like being in the water? Are you passionate about marine flora and fauna? You like to know what lies at the bottom of the sea? Then scuba diving is an activity for you! Unless you are a lover ofa, modern equipment allows you to extend your stay in the water thanks to the help of self-contained breathing apparatus e cylinders: the advice is always to practice this sport with someone expert, respecting the safety rules and well aware of the physical and scientific laws underlying the phenomenon of immersion. So if you want to experience the thrill of scuba diving, find an experienced tutor who will be able to explain all the ways and things to pay attention to. In the meantime, here is the ideal places for scuba diving in Italy.


  1. Palinuro, Campania
  2. Shoal of Formiche, Campania
  3. Capua, Campania
  4. Grotta dell'Acqua Dolce, Sicily
  5. Lo Stazzu, Sardinia
  6. Gulf of Baratti, Tuscany
  7. Banco di Santa Croce, Campania
  8. Niedda cave, Sardinia
  9. Marine Reserve of Portofino, Liguria
  10. Tremiti Islands, Puglia
  11. Caprera Island, Sardinia
  12. Ponza Island, Lazio
  13. Ventotene, Lazio
  14. Marettimo Island, Sicily
  15. Ustica Island, Sicily
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1 - Palinuro, Campania

In Palinuro it is possible to do dives up to over 40m depth. One of the best known attractions is the Blue Grotto, almost 33 meters deep, 85 m long and 90 m wide, suitable for any level of preparation: the right side is a real one biological laboratory, and it is possible to observe yellow gorgonians, bryozoans, madrepores, sponges, seahorses and other forms of life.

2 - Shallow of Formiche, Campania

Located between Procida and Ischia, this one barrier Reef is of enormous biological interest because of the biodiversity from which it is composed. Of particular effect is a submerged natural arch, through which the sun's rays penetrate creating fantastic plays of light.

3 - Capua, Campania

Here with scuba diving it is possible to admire the famous Wreck of Capua, an armed ship that is located a few meters from the coast, about 40 m deep, which was wrecked during the Second World War. The wreck is well preserved, and every year attracts thousands of diving enthusiasts and onlookers.

4 - Grotta dell'Acqua Dolce, Sicily

I went down to a depth of about 18m, along the cliff near the Uzzo beach, there is the entrance to this spectacular cave: over 20 m wide and 50 m long, it reaches a room about 80 square meters wide at an altitude of 0, where it is possible breathe in the fresh air. The cave is well suited for sub photographs, and is recommended for those with some degree of diving experience.

5 - Lo Stazzu, Sardinia

Scuba diving in this area allows you to see lobsters, octopuses, red corals, moray eels and Pinna Nobilis, the largest mussel species in the world.

"Stazzu" is the name of a hut occupied by a shepherd and located on the shore, near the diving area.

6 - Gulf of Baratti, Tuscany

Gulf with an inlet characterized by sandy beach with shallow waters, so diving is also allowed at an amateur level. A stone's throw from the Island of Elba, the Gulf of Baratti has a spectacular sea and there are diving facilities that offer courses and trips even in winter.

7 - Banco di Santa Croce, Campania

About 300 m off the coast you will find this fantastic shoal populated by a great variety of animal and plant species. There depth of the Banco di Santa Croce goes from 9 m to 45 m: this is where one is splendid natural cave where it is possible to admire the Paramuricea Clavata, a Mediterranean gorgonian.

8 - Grotta Niedda, Sardinia

To immerse yourself in the Niedda cave it is recommended to have a little experience and it is essential to have a torch with you: this cave is in fact full of tunnel e canyon. During the dive there is the possibility of encountering lobsters and octopuses.

9 - Portofino Marine Reserve, Liguria

Renowned place for diving, the Portofino Marine Reserve is divided into zones, with the possibility of free diving or reserved for diving centers. Diving is prohibited in some areas.

In particular, Altar it is one of the diving areas of very high naturalistic interest: you are allowed to moor only one boat at a time, and the depth reaches up to 50 m.

10 - Tremiti Islands, Puglia

The Tremiti islands are rich in spots suitable for diving: in particular we mention the Shoal of Punta Secca (Caprara), lo Rock of the Corvo (Caprara) and Punta Secca (Caprara). There are many species of flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean: gorgonians, black coral, lobsters, musdee, scholars, groupers, amberjacks, snappers.

11 - Caprera Island, Sardinia

The Island of Caprera offers numerous points for scuba diving, sheltered from the prevailing mistral wind. Among the numerous possible dives there is themore, a rich coral wall, the Grotto of San Francesco, a very easy cave to explore with its 12 m depth, and the Engine of the Monks, a wreck home to large conger eels, moray eels and scorpionfish.

12 - Ponza Island, Lazio

Belonging to the province of Latina, Ponza has jagged and rocky beaches made up of kaolin e tuffs. The backdrops are rich in sea ​​caves, which attract thousands of diving enthusiasts every year.

13 - Ventotene, Lazio

Ventotene offers different types of diving: for example Pertuso, a shoal that rests on the sandy bottom and rises up to 18 m on the surface, or theHelicopter, a unique wreck lying 34 meters deep: it is the English military helicopter Gazzelle, sunk in 1993 due to a very violent storm.

14 - Island of Marettimo, Sicily

Marettimo is a true dream for those who love nature: this island, belonging to the Egadi, has 10 km of coastline and a crystal clear sea and plenty of fish, perfect for scuba diving. With a nice boat trip it is possible to go to the area of caves: there are over 400 between submarines and emerged.

15 - Ustica Island, Sicily

The island of Ustica is the real highlight for scuba diving lovers: defined the paradise for divers, thanks to his protected sea area Ustica offers underwater life scenarios that are now difficult to find in the Mediterranean.

Among the animal species it is possible to see barracudas, amberjacks and brown groupers; as for the best known diving spots we mention it Scoglio del Medico Secca della Colombara e Punta Galera.

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