Where to Scuba Dive in Formentera: a dreamlike experience

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Discover a fantastic underwater world with scuba diving in Formentera.

For diving lovers, the sea of Formentera is considered a pearl of the Mediterranean. In fact, it doesn't matter if you are an expert or a beginner: diving in Formentera is an experience for everyone, that will leave you speechless. And now we explain why.

  1. The reasons to discover the depths of Formentera
  2. The marine fauna of Formentera
  3. Diving courses in Formentera
  4. Where to dive in Formentera
    1. Mariana platform
    2. Prima Point
    3. Don Pedro
    4. Es Banc Point
    5. Gavina Point
    6. Punta Rasa
  5. Who to contact for diving in Formentera

The reasons to discover the depths of Formentera

The sea water of Formentera has a particularity, and that is incredible visibility and absolute transparency, which will make your aquatic explorations especially brilliant, including those at night.

This is possible thanks to the presence of Posidonia Oceanica, a plant responsible for oxygenating the water, whose meadows on the seabed provide shelter to many species of fish.

Its in Formentera is the largest living being of Posidonia (about 8 km) and long-lived on the planet (it has existed for 100,000 years!).

Moreover, by attending one of the diving courses in Formentera, you will be able to explore some seabeds of very varied morphology, which include caves, hollows, marine canyons created by waves and currents. A truly suggestive panorama, due to the calcareous origin of the island, friable and therefore easily modeled by external agents.

Finally, diving in Formentera is also enjoyable thanks to the water temperature, very pleasant during the high season when it often reaches 30 °.

The marine fauna of Formentera

Formentera is often compared to tropical islands for its beaches, but it also hides surprises underwater: in addition to all the most common species of the Mediterranean, such as grouper, moray eel, lobster, St. Peter's fish and sea bass, in the section included in the Marine Reserve Es Freus of Ibiza and Formentera, lives a branch of barracuda, which settled in the remains of a ship wreck many years ago.

During your diving excursions you will not miss the sightings of octopus, sea bream, marbles, flashes, and sole, but you will see for yourself that the marine species present are many more.

Diving courses in Formentera

So, if you want to approach the fascinating world of diving, in Formentera you are spoiled for choice.

In fact, it is possible to attend both beginner and advanced courses, including PADI Open Water Diver courses (ideal for beginners), Scuba Diver courses, courses for underwater photography and first aid (and night dives are also organized once a week).

The little ones (over 8 years old) can attend the PADI bubble maker course, a perfect method for the little ones and obviously under the close supervision of a PADI instructor.

Whatever your level, you can rent equipment directly on the property. you will decide to contact (at the end of this article you will find the main diving companies in Formentera).

The duration and prices of the courses vary according to the selected course.

Where to dive in Formentera

Here are what are considered the best dive sites in formentera:

plataforma mariana

Located northwest of Formentera, it is one of the most famous dive spots, ideal for taking amazing underwater pictures, although more suitable for those who already have an advanced level.

The term "platform" refers to an old fishing boat that sank in Formentera more than 20 years ago. It is also visible at a depth of only 10 meters, along with surreal scenarios, where a branch of barracuda that has now stabilized within the wreck.

Prima Point

From Punta Prima you can reach a stone staircase that reaches i 35 meters deep.

In the first part of the descent, at 15 meters, you can find small fish, including octopus and squid. On the way down begins a grotto and canyon scenery, inhabited by snappers, barracudas and many other fish, such as moray eels and cicadas.

Don Pedro

Deep sea lovers can visit the seabed where the Don Pedro "resides" , the ship that sank in these waters in 2007 (apparently the largest sunken ship in the Mediterranean). To reach it, allow at least 20 minutes of navigation leaving from the port of La Savina.

Punta de es Banc

Perhaps the most representative dive of the beauty of the seabed of Formentera.

It is suitable for all levels due to its accessibility and is characterized by a tongue of rock, where the erosion of the sea has created an underwater tunnel covered with many small inhabitants of the sea, such as small crustaceans or sponges.

In the immediate vicinity of this dive site, we find The Arch, a grandiose arch that rises from 15 meters to the surface, creating a wide and spectacular opening of an intense blue, with enchanting play of light.

This dive is particularly suitable for those on their first dive experience.

Gavina Point

Also from here you can descend to a depth of 10 meters and, if you are lucky, you can spot the fascinating and legendary St. Peter fish.

Punta Rasa

It is a famous dive site. A favorite with fish that love the open sea, such as barracudas and white sea bream.

Other interesting dive sites are El Dado and Faro de Es Vedrà (the islet near Ibiza).

From each of these points, you will be able to discover the deepest and most hidden scenery of the island.

Who to contact to dive in Formentera

Unless you have booked a hotel in Formentera with diving included, here are the main dive centers on the island:

  • Formentera Diverso - Tel. +34 971 180561 info@formenteradivers.com
  • Viejo Marino - Tel. +34 971 321 205 - formentera@vellmari.com
  • Orcasub - Tel. +34 639 60 18 39 - ddorcasub@yahoo.it
  • Aventura Azul - Tel. +34 636 81 74 19 - info@blueadventure.com

If you still have to book your accommodation, we recommend some hotels in Formentera that also offer diving (and often also snorkeling excursions) among their services, often for a premium:

  • Sa Pedrera Suites & Spa (Es Pujols).
  • Paraíso de los Pinos (San Francisco Javier)
  • Hotel Club Sunway Punta Prima (Es Pujols)
  • Hotel Gecko Hotel & Beach Club (Playa Migjorn)
  • Hotel Maysi (Migjorn Beach)

Have a nice trip to the fascinating and surprising depths of Formentera!

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