Where to live with a thousand euros per month?

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Home sweet home is fine, it's the sacred truth, no place is like home ... but up to a point! Coping with the fateful "end of the month" is not always easy, often you get there with water in your throat, when you get there, and the salary is never enough.
Tax burden, cost of living, rents, but also services, medical assistance, transport, are items that add up to the monthly expenses of a family, making it really difficult not only to be able to indulge in some whims, but often also to maintain a barely sufficient standard of living.

In light of all this, surely everyone will have come up with the idea of ​​at least once in their life drop everything and run away in one of those havens where life seems so comfortable, without the constant feeling that money is never enough.
So run away, yes ... but where? What places in the world allow you to live on less than a thousand euros a month between the comforts and being able to indulge in dinners by the sea, comfort and whims without paying too much attention to your wallet?
Clearly, a series of factors must also be taken into consideration: beauty of the place, climate, services.
Here are the 3 ideal destinations to live on less than 1.000 euros a month!


  1. Malaysia
  2. Mexico
  3. Ecuador
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1 - Malaysia

Here with approx 800 per month you can indulge in practically everything, and a little more is enough to get to living in luxury.
Dinner at the restaurant with bottle of wine? 10 euros! A domestic workers who takes care of the house? 11 euros per month! Pay TV with all programs in your country? 29 euros per month! A big difference compared to the Bel Paese, right?

2 - Mexico

Perhaps some solutions, it is the least economic, but for sure with a thousand euros it is not difficult to make it to the end of the month, at most you cannot afford too many "extras". With a few hundred euros more, however, you can also happily treat yourself Internet, satellite channels and some Mundane life more!
And then between beaches, cultural sites, sun and unspoiled nature ... who thinks more about money !?

3 - Ecuador

If you are a nature lover, the choice can only fall on Ecuador. You will easily forget about all the technologies, here the tablet is not needed and you will not feel the need. With less than a thousand euros per month you can also easily treat yourself to some luxury. Most of the people who decide to live here prefer buy home rather than renting it, it takes very little. What about medical bills? Well, a specialist examination ... it barely costs 15 €! Not bad, huh ...?

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