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Breakfast in Formentera: the places not to be missed

In your opinion, what is the best time of the day? For me it is definitely breakfast. Whether it is sweet or savory - better if salty - breakfast plays a "fundamental" role in starting the day on the right foot.

Here are my favorite places to have a "champion breakfast" in Formentera:

Big Store, for the sympathy of Losio

In the heart of San Francesc Xavier is the Big Store (I have already told you about this multifaceted local). Here from 8am onwards, you can also have breakfast based on fresh fruit smoothies, brioches or savory sandwiches. Comfortable armchairs or chairs and tables outside, the Big Store atmosphere is more than familiar. You will surely meet Mario Losio, a nice landlord, of Milanese origins but a frequent visitor to the island since the 90s.

La Mukkeria, for a "fresh" start to the day

Also in San Francesc, precisely in Av. Vuilt d'Agost, is the Mukkeria. This "shop" of yogurt and ice cream of Italian origins offers 30 flavors of always fresh ice cream, yogurt as well as various centrifuges, juices, small pastries and sweet & savory. During the mornings of August, the Mukkeria can be a valid alternative for a "refreshing" and healthy breakfast.

Cafe Matinal, for the true breakfast of champions

The Cafe Matinal, located in a small alley of San Francesc, offers in addition to the traditional breakfast "coffee and brioche", a breakfast with eggs, bacon, and pan tomate (bread with fresh tomatoes), cold cuts and much more. In short, more than a breakfast a brunch ... and I'm sure you will be satisfied until dinner.

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Cafe Integral, for a "healthy" breakfast

In the heart of Es Pujols, among the greenery, is the Cafe Integral, a vegetarian restaurant where you can have a really healthy breakfast in the name of "feeling good". Yogurt, fresh fruit, bread, centrifuges simple things but made with fresh and top quality products. Must try: Greek yogurt with musli.

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