Where to go on Valentine's Day in Italy: the best destinations for 2020

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We all like to receive attention from a loved one, especially on Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers.
If you are thinking of organizing a romantic weekend for Valentine's Day, here are some tips to spend an unforgettable evening in Italy: the most romantic destinations for Valentine's Day, with info on places not to be missed and the best restaurants for a candlelit dinner ...


  1. Northern Italy
  2. Center of Italy
  3. Southern Italy
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Northern Italy

1 - Verona

The city of Verona is famously linked to the events of Romeo and Juliet, who managed to make their love eternal only through death.
It is for obvious reasons one of the most romantic places in our country, rich in historical and architectural beauties such as the well-known Arena.
On the occasion of the feast of lovers it is also possible to follow the "itineraries of love", in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet, to experience a very personal love story among the cult places of the most romantic city in Italy

  • Romantic place not to be missed: The famous Juliet balcony
  • Secret Enoteca - Vicolo Samaritana 10. Prices starting from € 30,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 65,00 per night -
  • Romantic Walking Tour

2 - Cinque Terre

On the Ligurian Riviera di Levante there is this mythical place that seems to have been painted by who knows what divinity dedicated to art.
Homes with pastel shades, steep promontories overlooking the sea, dreamlike panoramas and much more awaits you in this wonderful corner of Italy, which the whole world envies us.
Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997 and National Park since 1999, it includes the municipalities of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. The villages are delightful and small, so you can dedicate a day to each of them. For the more sporty, the Cinque Terre villages are connected to each other by the easier Blue Trail and the more challenging Red Trail.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: the "Via dell'amore", a pedestrian path in the National Park.
  • No Dorma - Punta Bonfiglio in Menarola (Riomaggiore). Prices starting from € 20,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 61,00 per night -
  • Cinque Terre day trip

3 - Venice

Love and beauty are a perfect, indissoluble combination. The one causes and direct consequence of the other. And of course, the most beautiful city in Italy, can only be mentioned in an article dedicated to Valentine's Day. Enjoy the superb atmosphere that has made the Serenissima an Italian icon in the world. Its canals, traditional boats, the islands of the lagoon, Piazza San Marco ... what else to add ?!
Often also in these days you can already breathe the atmosphere of the preparations for the Carnival, which gives the city a sparkling and curious air. Apart from that, a gondola ride on the canals at sunset is as romantic as it gets.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Grand Canal by gondola
  • Poste Vecie - San Polo 1608. Prices starting from € 40,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 70,00 per night -
  • 30 minute gondola ride excursion by boat to Murano, Burano and Orcello

4 - Portofino, Liguria

Portofino is located in the del Gulf of Tigullio and is enclosed in the Park of Portofino. The small village is the ideal destination to indulge in a romantic aperitif at sunset. Portofino is a unique and recognizable village thanks to its colorful houses that form an open-air picture. The Brown Castle it rises in the center and dominates the square. If you want to impress your girlfriend, book a dream aperitif in this suggestive location where you can ask for her hand.
One of the most romantic things is the admirable glance offered by the splendid sunsets in the Cannone Bay, as well as the spectacle of tranquility and lights of the Bay of Silence.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Castello Brown
  • La Terrazza - Via Roma, 2. Prices starting from € 160,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 70,00 per night -
  • Private tour to Portofino and the Gulf of Tigullio

Center of Italy

1 - Rome

Let's start from the capital, whose eternal beauty offers a perfect backdrop for any love affair. The list of wonders of this place never ends: centuries of history with testimonies such as the Colosseum or the Pantheon, the Campidoglio and the Aventine, Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo, as well as museums, catacombs, mysteries and legends. Pure magic.

Rome can be romantic all year round, but inevitably some places take on particularly suggestive contours on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Above all, the Trevi Fountain illuminated in the evening and the Spanish Steps.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Ponte Milvio, famous thanks to its "love locks", and the Trevi Fountain
  • Aroma Restaurant, Palazzo Manfredi - Via Labicana 125. Prices starting from € 200,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 67,00 per night -
  • Rome: walking tour of squares, churches and fountains

2 - Gradara (PU), Marche

Literature is rich in love stories, life is rich. Some, however, assert themselves and stop in the collective imagination more than others. This is the case with Paolo and Francesca, the two lovers that Dante places in the circle of the lustful. What does Gradara, a delightful village in the Marche have to do with it? Well, the theater of their love story is right here ...
In this village of the province of Pesaro Urbino every year, in the period of Valentine's Day, the "Gradara d'amare" event is organized: the streets of the historic center of the town are filled with love, photographic exhibitions and other activities are organized where the sweet feeling is always the protagonist.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Historic center and itinerary on Paolo and Francesca
  • Osteria "La Botte" Restaurant - Historic Center, Piazza V Novembre, 11. Prices starting from € 55,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 42,00 per night -

3 - Terni, Umbria

Well, if we don't even include the country where Valentine's Day was born ...!
Well yes, right here, in Terni, the saint of lovers was born! Consecrated a saint by Pope Gelasius on February 14, it made the ancient feast of Lupercalia Christian. In his honor, and to celebrate love, the "Cioccolentino" is organized every year here in Terni, a lovely fair where companies offer sweets and typical products ideal as gifts for couples!

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Sanctuary and Basilica of San Valentino, Piediluco Lake
  • La Terrazza Restaurant - Viale della Stazione, 63. Prices starting from € 35,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 55,00 per night -

4 - Florence

Strolling on the Ponte Vecchio, looking out over the vineyards and hills of Tuscany, sipping a Chianti while ... biting into a Florentine steak! No no, rather, embrace and fall in love again in front of the masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery such as the Birth of Venus or the Spring of Botticelli ... Yes, Florence is all this and more, and it is one of the most romantic places not only in Italy!
And if time permits ... try a Vespa trip! Romantic and Vintage go well together ... seeing is believing!

  • Romantic place not to be missed: The Rose Garden under Piazzale Michelangelo, Ponte Vecchio and the panoramic road to Fiesole
  • SE.STO On Arno - Piazza Ognissanti, 3 - 6th floor The Westin Excelsior. Prices starting from € 85,00 per person
  • Hotels and b & b starting from € 61,00 per night -
  • Panoramic tour on a Vespa Entrance to the Uffizi Gallery

Southern Italy

1 - Erice (TP), Sicily

Even in the South there is no shortage of wonders. We move to Sicily, a land where beauty, passion and art are real cultural characteristics. Among the fantastic villages of the island, one in particular is recommended for a couple's visit: the little one Medieval village of Erice.
Everything here is romantic: its history, its legend, its outlines, the castle. Even the typical almond sweets are!
From its summit (we are about 750 meters above sea level) you can see a wonderful panorama that even reaches the Egadi islands, but the most beautiful and romantic thing is to get lost in the cobbled and cobbled streets, hold hands and breathe the feeling of time that is is stopped.
And while you're at it, let us tell you the story of Erice and her Venus ... you will be enchanted!

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Castle of Venus Ericina
  • Monte San Giuliano - at Vicole San Rocco 7. Prices starting from € 30,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 55,00 per night -

2 - Taormina (CT), Sicily

A lovely one terrace on Etna, which can be seen between the columns and the remains of theancient Greek Theater. A sight so beautiful to take your breath away. Taormina is a jewel, with romantic sunsets and postcard views. Beautiful island it is just a small diamond set in a jewel that is a riot of diamonds and precious stones.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Isola Bella and the Ancient Theater
  • Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo - Via Teatro Greco 59. Prices starting from € 90,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 62,00 per night -
  • City tour with local guide Half day excursion to Mount Etna

3 - Capri, Campania

One of the most magical and romantic islands in Italy. Certainly not cheap, of course, but with views and suggestions that are priceless. A corner of paradise, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Campania. Set on the Gulf of Naples, a boat ride among its stacks or a walk along via Krupp, with an aperitif stop in the "piazzetta", are the must for a couple.

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Blue Grotto and Chairlift for Monte Solaro
  • Terrazza Brunella Restaurant - Via Tragara, 24. Prices starting from € 90,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 75,00 per night -
  • Half day island tour boat tour of the coast and the blue grotto

4 - Polignano a Mare (BA), Puglia

Small, intriguing, seductive. Polignano is the city of Domenico Modugno, with a delightful historic center rich in history but above all in charm.
Cliffs on the sea alternate with romantic walks and glimpses created especially for lovers who want to get drunk with romance. If you really want to overdo it ... take a look at the Grotta Palazzese restaurant ...

  • Romantic place not to be missed: the hamlet of San Vito and the coast
  • Grotta Palazzese - Via Narciso, 59. Prices starting from € 150,00 per person
  • Hotel and b & b from € 65,00 per night -

5 - Positano (SA), Campania

Pearl of the Amalfi Coast, the name already suggests its own divine origins. The daughter city of Poseidon, it offers such beautiful views that they seem fake, and at dusk, its charm is irresistible.
Enchanting beaches, caves to discover like the Cave of the Door, and of course the Path of the Gods, to go through trying not to always be amazed!

  • Romantic place not to be missed: Grotta della Porta and the coast
  • La Sponda, Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30. Prices starting from € 100,00 per person.
  • Hotels and b & b from € 65,00 per night - Find out more
  • One day tour of the Amalfi Coast

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