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June represents for many the ideal time for a relaxing holiday in the heat: it is not yet in the middle of the season so the costs are lower, and in addition there is no overcrowding typical of the period July - August.
So what are the best places, in Europe and in the world, to indulge in one holiday in June? Here are our tips.

Post COVID19 travel advice
If you are planning a trip, make sure you are in line with safety measures. Follow government guidelines and only return to travel when the green light is given. Prefer natural and perhaps non-mass destinations, and in general promote local tourism: discover the wonders of your city, your region and your state. Try to avoid long-haul travel and at most choose destinations reachable with a few hours of flight.

1 - Cape Verde, Africa

Cape Verde is a archipelago formed by 10 islands and located along the west coast of North Africa. Some islands (those further north) have a more desert climate, while others (south) are more subject to rain, however very minimal.
With its beautiful views, Cape Verde is the ideal place for those who love nature, the sea and the beach: in recent years large resorts, hotels and villages that offer 360 ° tourist services.

It is a perfect destination for those in need of some sun and relaxation.
It is certainly not rich in attractions from a cultural point of view, but with a climate and beaches like this, it certainly cannot be said that it is a place lacking in charm!

  • Average temperature in June: 26 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 946,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 40,00 per night -

2 - Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a suitable destination for those who want to range from beaches to nightlife, from water to historic cities, from monasteries to castles.

Among all the Portuguese destinations, we would like to recommend one in particular: the splendid Lisbon. Lisbon is truly a small pearl, a city characterized by a wide variety of views and panoramas. Probably the climate and water temperature in June do not really make it a destination for beach tourism, but if bathing every day is not a priority for you, take it into consideration!

And if you really can't give up the sea, you could combine your stay in Lisbon with a visit to the Algarve, in southern Portugal, reachable by car in just over 2 hours and 30 minutes. Here you can admire spectacular, particularly windy and wild beaches, a favorite with surfers.

  • Average temperature in June: 20 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 375,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 49,00 per night -

3 - Seychelles, Africa

Archipelago located inIndian Ocean and made up of 115 islands. There is a note barrier Reef, as well as a huge amount of fish and a truly exciting flora.
Visits to the turtle reserve, on the island of Curieuse Island, et al Morne National Park, with a surprising natural heritage: the impression is that of being in an enchanted forest.

There is no doubt about the beauty of nature and the Seychelles sea, a stay will give you moments of pure relaxation between paradisiacal beaches and moments of snorkeling. The only "cons" are the very high prices, especially in the high season. Therefore it is particularly recommended to book your holiday well in advance.

  • Average temperature in June: 27 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 1.127,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 90,00 per night -

4 - Santorini, Greece

Pearl of the Aegean, Santorini has a history and morphology closely linked to volcanoes. The island is in fact of vucanic origin, and some eruptions have considerably modified its structure, generating a real fairytale location. Favorite destination of lovers and lovers of photography, give breathtaking sunsets, wonderful beaches and activities for families, singles and groups of friends.

Santorini, as well as other Aegean islands, offers a splendid sea at quite affordable prices. If you want you could also think of visiting it through a cruise that allows you to admire other beauties such as Paros or Mykonos.

  • Average temperature in June: 26 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 790,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 60,00 per night -

5 - Paris, Europe

Winters in Paris are particularly harsh, so June is a perfect time for a tourist visit and to be fascinated by the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum, Montmarte and the Champs-Elysées.

It is useless to spend too much to celebrate the Parisian beauties, painters, poets and artists in general of every era have already done so. Just know that the city enjoys such immense charm, that you cannot help but fall in love with every canal, every street, every square.

  • Average temperature in June: 20 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 673,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 61,00 per night -

6 - Rovaniemi, Finland

Not many people know, but Rovaniemi is Santa's House! And of course, young and old can meet Santa Claus himself directly to his home in Finland. In the village you can take a ride in the sleigh pulled by his reindeer and enjoy the wonderful show of the Northern Lights!

During the summer, it is possible to practice various activities, including rafting, quad biking, river fishing or canoeing. You can also rent a bike or go trekking in freedom.

  • Average temperature in June: 17 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 1.066,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 84,00 per night -

7 - Island of Krk, Croatia

Land of sea and nature, islands and cities: theIsland of Krk is one of the most popular destinations, with its various very characteristic towns where it is possible to taste the typical Croatian cuisine. Added to this are the beaches, karst and sometimes rocky.

Another advantage not to be underestimated are the fairly cheap prices. Compared to other places both in Italy and in the rest of Europe, Croatia offers more accessible prices, both for accommodation and for meals and excursions.

  • Average temperature in June: 20 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 401,78 -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 51,00 per night -

8 - Dublin and Belfast, Ireland

If you can't stand the summer temperatures and are looking for an adventure to discover nature, culture and history, consider visiting Ireland seriously.

Wonderful landscapes steeped in history await you, but also cities of great cultural depth such as Dublin e Belfast: Dublin with its cathedrals, with its castle and with its modern architecture, Belfast with its murals and its historicity.

But that's not all, Ireland is also synonymous with great food and sensational beer, but above all with unique and spectacular natural places, such as the Cliffs of Moher, the most beautiful cliffs in Europe.

  • Average temperature in June: 16 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 750,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 65,00 per night -

9 - Ibiza, Europe

Destination for many young people and families, Ibiza offers sun, sea, relaxation and fun: many villages ready to welcome tourists.
But not only: Eivissa, the capital of the island, has a wonderful old town, the Dalt Vila, Unesco world heritage.

If you are young and you want a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime, choose the splendid coasts and the fervent nightlife of Ibiza. The only drawback of this destination is the prices that are not exactly low if you don't book in advance.

  • Average temperature in June: 25 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 419,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 55,00 per night -

10 - Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia, with its beautiful coral reefs known all over the world, it is a little corner of paradise: yours fantastic beaches they are very popular with all age groups. The archipelago of Indonesia is made up of about 17.000 islands: among the most beautiful are Raja Ampat in West Papua, Tanjung Bira in Bulukumba, Tanjung Tinggi in Belitung Island. If possible, make one visit to Bali.

Bali's only downside may be its not-so-cheap prices. but by carefully planning each investment, it is possible to enjoy a 10-day holiday for less than € 1.000,00 including accommodation, flights and some excursions.

  • Average temperature in June: 30 °
  • 7 days / 6 nights from € 860,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 41,00 per night -

11 - Tirana and the Cursed Mountains, Albania

To some it might seem an unusual destination, in reality Albania reserves very pleasant surprises especially for lovers of adventure, nature and culture. June is the perfect time to visit the "Maledetti Mountains", one of the most authentic areas of the country. It is a national park located between Theth and Valbona within which the traditional mountain lifestyle is maintained, where you can admire wonderful views, stay in typical houses of the Ottoman era and enjoy spectacular walks between mountains and valleys.

To reach this area you must first arrive in Tirana, the country's capital, and then move north. Therefore you could combine the excursions between the Cursed Mountains and the visit of the city, rich in history and culture.

  • Average temperature in June: 24 °
  • Return flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 350,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 40,00 per night -

12 - Ljubljana and Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is a country kissed by Mother Nature. Rich in woods, rivers, lakes, natural wonders everywhere that give their best with summer temperatures. June is an ideal month to admire so much beauty. If you believe that wasting long June days simply by eating, drinking and relaxing on the beach is a real sacrilege, then you are just the type of person who will love a holiday between sport and nature discovering Slovenia.

Explore the gorgeous Ljubljana, then move to Bled to admire the lake of the same name and the castle, go to the Postojna Caves and the Vintgar Gorge and get ready for a memorable holiday capable of combining adrenaline and contemplation of fairytale landscapes.

  • Average temperature in June: 20 °
  • Return flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 442,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 45,00 per night -

13 - St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a fantastic city, full of art galleries and characterized by an architecture that is nothing short of ingenious. From the Winter Palace to the Hermitage Museum, passing by the Church of the Savior on Blood, these are just some of the spectacular lush buildings that embellish the urban architectural heritage. The best time to enjoy this beautiful city is June, on the occasion of the "sleepless nights".

Between May and June, the sun never completely sets in the Russian city, and locals gladly take the opportunity to enjoy the milder temperatures and light-flooded nights. Enjoy the outdoors during the day admiring the many city parks, at night there are festivals, concerts and parties. This is the time of year when St. Petersburg is at its peak.

  • Average temperature in June: 16 °
  • Return flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 598,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 65,00 per night -

14 - San Francisco and Yosemite Park

Once again we want to recommend an incredible natural destination, we are talking about Yosemite Park. This spectacular park within the Californian Sierra Nevada offers a boundless variety of landscapes and views inhabited by animals of all kinds. Visiting this place is an adventure that we should all try at least once in our life. Inside on the inside it is possible to admire the Lower Yosemite Falls, the small islands of the Merced River known as Happy Isles, Nevada Falls and Glaceir Point, one of the most breathtaking viewpoints on earth.

Yosemite it can be reached in just over 3 hours from San Francisco, an important city in the States famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, the multi-colored Victorian houses and the island of Alcatraz.

  • Average temperature in June: 18 °
  • Return flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1066,00 per person -
  • Resort, hotel and b & b from € 70,00 per night -

Where not to go: the destinations not recommended in June

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