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When the winter season is upon us and we are forced to pull heavy coats and flannel sheets out of the closet, we look forward to the holiday season. Indeed, they can represent an opportunity for one escape in the heat in memory of the summer. If you too regret the sunny summer days, don't despair! Fortunately, December is not the same as cold and snow all over the world.
In fact, there are some places where Santa Claus usually delivers gifts to children on board a surfboard rather than the usual snow sled! Locations so much dreamed of and loved especially by Italians, with beaches and breathtaking views. Here you go where to go in December in the heat.

Post COVID19 travel advice
If you are planning a trip, make sure you are in line with safety measures. Follow government guidelines and only return to travel when the green light is given. Prefer natural and perhaps non-mass destinations, and in general promote local tourism: discover the wonders of your city, your region and your state. Try to avoid long-haul travel and at most choose destinations reachable with a few hours of flight.

1 - Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

A vacation in the Red Sea that's what it takes for those of us who just can't get used to the harsh temperatures. Among the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt, Sharm el Sheik represents for us Italians one of the most popular destinations ever, with its white sandy beaches bathed by crystal clear waters: a postcard scenario!

Sharm el Sheik is a complete destination, capable of offering numerous excursions between history and nature, such as the excursion to Mount Sinai, but above all water sports activities. The flagship is in fact the Barrier Reef, a truly incredible sight, a must for scuba diving enthusiasts. From a climatic point of view, December is a perfect month to enjoy the sea.

  • Average temperature: Max 26 ° C - Min 16 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 81,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 818,00 -

2 - Watamu, Kenya

Kenya is a fantastic destination to visit in December, especially in the latter part of the month when the weather becomes drier. Among the many destinations, we recommend Watamu, one of the most beautiful coastal resorts. Water sports, marine explorations, visits to historical and cultural sites, excursions between flora and fauna, wonderful turquoise waters that bathe wide expanses of soft white sand. Watamu is all of this and more.

It would be a real crime to leave Kenya without having first faced an unforgettable safari. Kenya is one of the best safari destinations in contact with nature, thanks to the presence of large parks such as Masai Mara and Tsavo National Park. For logistical reasons, the latter park is recommended, easily reachable from Watamu and Mombasa thanks to organized tours offered by various agencies.

  • Average temperature: Max 31 ° C - Min 24 ° C
  • hotel, resort and b & b from € 52,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1640,00 -

3 - Miami, USA

Visiting America is a bit like the dream of most Western populations. American culture, from the second half of the last century onwards, has increasingly conditioned our way of life, so it is not a surprise to discover that the USA is one of the most sought-after locations by Italians under 30. During the winter months, Florida is certainly the state with the most appeal. The palm trees, the beaches, the girls in bikinis... the success of the legendary Miami Vice series has greatly contributed to the spread of such stereotypes. But actually the streets of Miami are not so far from how we imagine them!

Miami is a recommended destination especially for families with children, who will be able to daydream while visiting magnificent amusement parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Legoland Florida Resort.

  • Average temperature: Max 24 ° C - Min 19 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 84,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1292,00 -

4 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you want to escape from the less lenient temperatures, this location in Thailand can guarantee you a constant 21 degrees during the day and never less than 16 degrees at night. Chiang Mai is a destination of absolute charm, which offers incredible emotions and experiences, between beautiful temples and breathtaking nature reserves.

A trip not to be missed is the one at the Inthanon National Park, which houses the highest mountain in Thailand, or the excursion to the Elephant Sanctuary, during which you can give elephants a mud bath and find out all about the protection program for these fascinating animals.

And that's not all, you can also visit some villages where ancient mountain tribes live, such as the Akha, Karen, Lahu, Hmong

  • Average temperature: Max 29 ° C - Min 15 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 60,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1172,00 -

5 - Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is located at the foot of the beautiful Table Mountain and is remembered, among other things, for being the first European settlement in South Africa. Suitable for architecture enthusiasts, it gives its best in December, when temperatures fluctuate between 15 and 25 degrees.

During your trip to Cape Town you can reach the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost point of the African continent. We advise you to do it on a comfortable day trip from Cape Town, during which you can spot whales and visit the Boulders Beach penguins.

  • Average temperature: Max 27 ° C - Min 17 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 95,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1368,00 -

6 - Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Known as "The Pearl of the Pacific", it is a highly sought after tourist spot.
Puntarenas is located on a sandy peninsula, suitable for swimming on the south side.

There aremany beaches and national parks that tourists and locals can reach from Puntarenas in a relatively short amount of time. Some of the more famous surrounding areas that are visited are Playa Naranjo, Mal País, Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, Carara National Park and the famous Boca Barranca spot.

But that is not all! Puntarenas is in fact a small happy oasis in which to enjoy a relaxing stay. From the cafes lined up along the Paseo de los Turistas, to the charming little restaurants where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish, without forgetting the characteristic street vendors where you can buy typical Costa Rican souvenirs; these are some of the activities to do during your vacation.

  • Average temperature: Max 32 ° C - Min 21 ° C
  • stays from € 60,00 per night - Find out more
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1276,00 -

7 - Sydney, Australia

Also in Sydney December is a month of great celebrations, with lights that illuminate the city center, large Christmas trees in all the main squares and above all concerts, events, festivals and markets. In short, the classic Christmas atmosphere ... with the only difference that the temperature exceeds 27 ° C on average and Santa Claus brings the gifts surfing rather than flying the canonical sleigh.

December is the perfect month to visit Sydney and more generally Australia for enjoy the paradisiacal beaches and the spectacle of the coral reef. From the Opera House to the Sydney Tower, and even Hyde Park and Barrack Musem, the Harbor Bridge and above all the Sea Life Aquarium ... Sydney is a city immensely rich in attractions and things to do.

  • Average temperature: Max 25 ° C - Min 18 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 57,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1620,00 -

8 - Cape Verde, Africa

The beaches of Cape Verde can be described with many adjectives: wild, unspoiled, heavenly and undoubtedly authentic! This archipelago, off the coast of Senegal, is a place where summer never ends and where you can fully relax while enjoying the favorable climate.

Sal, Boa Vista or Santiago, whichever island you choose, get ready to admire beautiful beaches and enjoy a slow and relaxed atmosphere, out of this world.

Royal fortresses, volcanic landscapes, ancient wrecks stranded on the beach, these are just a few examples of what awaits you in this small, distant corner of the world.

  • Average temperature: Max 26 ° C - Min 20 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 86,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1146,00 -

9 - Cuba, Caribbean

What about Cuba that hasn't already been said? The Caribbean beaches they are splendid, the climate is rather stable and always pleasant, the waters are consequently warm and among the most crystalline in the area. Cuba maintains its genuine charm over time, thanks to the welcoming population and the very ancient culture. Get ready to admire paradisiacal beaches and natural places, to taste the typical rum and to smoke the iconic cigars.

Among the unmissable experiences to do in Havana, do not miss the tour aboard a traditional vintage car from the 50s, thanks to which you can enjoy the charm and elegance of the Malecòn at sunset, which is the road on the most famous throughout Cuba.

  • Average temperature: Max 27 ° C - Min 20 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 54,00 per night -

10 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Among the seven United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the second largest but the first by population. It is the ideal destination for those who want to switch off and get away from it all, perhaps dreaming of being able to live in all that luxury. A holiday in Dubai means immersing yourself in a luxurious and ultramodern city, but also discovering arid surroundings, where Bedouin cultures and traditions remain.

During your stay in Dubai you will be able to admire many attractions.
Visit Jumeirah Beach Park, the largest and most famous beach in the emirate, where you can relax and enjoy the perennial summer of Dubai. Reach the 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world. Finally enjoy a desert excursion, thanks to which you can admire the sunset turning the sand dunes crimson, attend a belly dance show and still get a henna tattoo and wear traditional clothes.

  • Average temperature: Max 26 ° C - Min 16 ° C
  • hotel and b & b from € 83,00 per night -
  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 1066,00 -

Where not to go: the destinations not recommended in December

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