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Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a romantic holiday in the company of your sweetheart. If you are looking for a dream stay in August, no fear: there are various solutions within our borders or abroad, to enjoy your ideal holiday. From the more "worldly" to the less obvious ones, that's it 15 summer destinations for couples to go on holiday in August.

Post COVID19 travel advice
If you are planning a trip, make sure you are in line with safety measures. Follow government guidelines and only return to travel when the green light is given. Prefer natural and perhaps non-mass destinations, and in general promote local tourism: discover the wonders of your city, your region and your state. Try to avoid long-haul travel and at most choose destinations reachable with a few hours of flight.

In Italy

1 - Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast, Campania

Who has never imagined walking, hand in hand, through the streets of Amalfi, admiring a dream panorama? The entire Amalfi coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is still part of the list of dream destinations for Italian and non-Italian tourists., captured by the beauty of its landscapes, by the crystalline sea, by the elegantly cosmopolitan air. Do not miss the opportunity to whisper words of love, hand in hand, in front of a beautiful sunset, while sipping a delicious limoncello.

One of the most beautiful activities to do is certainly the daily excursion by sea, during which you can sail along the coast, visit Positano and Amalfi and even take a relaxing swim.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 474,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 68,00 per night -

2 - Val Pusteria, Trentino Alto Adige

August doesn't necessarily rhyme with beach holidays. For couples who love nature, walks in the fresh air, we suggest a holiday in the Dolomites, the roof of Italy.

In particular the suggestive Val Pusteria, 100 km of valley located in the Eastern Alps, is characterized by 3 natural parks: the Sesto Dolomites Natural Park, the Fanes - Sennes and Braies Natural Park and the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Natural Park, targeted even in the hottest month of the year.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 582,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 84,00 per night -

3 - Tropea, Calabria

Often underestimated by the Italians, but particularly popular with European and non-European tourists, Calabria is capable of offering dream destinations, especially on the sea.
A striking example is undoubtedly Tropea, a characteristic town with a particular morphology, with the small town built on a rock that directly overlooks its clear waters, taken by storm in August by thousands of tourists.

  • Return flight + 7 nights / 6 days starting from € 522,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 75,00 per room -

4 - Lecce and Salento

The Italian "heel" it is recommended for its extraordinary beaches (Baia dei Turchi, Santa Cesarea Terme, Torre dell'Orso, just to name a few) but also for its cultural peculiarities. Do not miss the opportunity to visit cities such as Brindisi and Taranto with your partner, to admire their monuments, historic centers and the most hidden provincial towns.

A special mention deserves the city of Lecce, also known as the "Florence of the South", cradle of Baroque art and nominated as the Capital of Culture in 2019: a stay in this charming town is a more unique than rare opportunity to combine relaxation on the beach and a cultural holiday, without ever getting bored.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 366,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 50,00 per night -

5 - Caprera Island, Maddalena Archipelago

Feeling like a VIP couple, even if only for a hot Augustine weekend is possible, if you choose to treat yourself to a dream stay in the popular Maddalena archipelago. This suggestive grouping of Sardinian islands, located off the famous Costa Smeralda, are ideal for engaged couples or spouses who love the glossy atmosphere offered by this destination, who can treat themselves to boat trips worthy of the best Flavio Briatore at prices that are not at all prohibitive (starting from € 45,00 per person)

If, however, you prefer a stay in close contact with nature to the classic Hollywood star "excursion", then you prefer the island of Caprera, one of the most "untouched" stages of the entire archipelago, sparsely populated, where you can fully enjoy the relationship with local flora and fauna. Yes, why the entire archipelago falls within the area of ​​the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, a geomarine reserve that deserves the utmost respect and protection, precisely because of the beauty that this postcard-worthy area offers.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 694,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 104,00 per night -

In Europe

1 - Kefalonia, Greece

You can breathe "wild" romance in Kefalonia, a Greek island that is part of the Ionian archipelago, today increasingly targeted by nature-loving tourists and in search of a tete a tete with folklore and with the most unknown Hellenic traditions, but precisely for this reason more fascinating.

With its beaches, natural caves and lush flora, Kefalonia is a favorite destination for couples and tourists looking for romantic places to spend their holidays in August.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 500,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 50,00 per night -

2 - Bastia, Corsica

Corsica has many tricks up its sleeve, a French island which, in addition to a breathtaking sea and plateaus just waiting to be climbed and explored, allows the most in love couples a real full immersion in nature.

Among the cities worthy of a much longer stay there is undoubtedly the lively Bastia. Second center of Corsica for number of inhabitants the city, boasts the presence of the port and a breathtaking view, especially visible on clear summer days.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 822,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 89,00 per night -

3 - La Coruña, Galicia

We could define it "the Spain you don't know", or at least not like the classic Iberian destinations, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Ibiza. Galicia, an autonomous territory located in the north-west of the country, is known above all for the countless sports activities, from surfing to longboard, which it offers to its tourists.

Recommended destination for sporty couples, Galicia is also characterized by the presence of the rìas, narrow and long inlets that extend to the coast, given by the lowering of the latter.

Among the recommended destinations we point out La Coruña, a hilly destination characterized by pleasant temperatures, by one presence of important cultural attractions and, last but not least (especially for football lovers), by the famous Deportivo team, one of the most important realities of Spanish football.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 620,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 50,00 per night -

4 - Biarritz, France

Nightlife, social life, surfing. These are the main attractions offered by the French Biarritz, a town located in New Aquitaine, a destination that is becoming increasingly important thanks above all to its waves, which are waiting to be "tamed" by the most intrepid surfers, perhaps in the company of their better half.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 824,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 71,00 per night -

5 - Belgrade, Serbia

A weekend in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, could prove to be a winning solution. The reasons? Primarily, is a low cost city, a factor not to be ignored absolutely (especially as regards young couples).
Furthermore, a stone's throw from the capital there are villages that offer packages including the most varied recreational activities, like trying your hand at textile or craft activities. A stay in this curious location could reserve you pleasant and romantic surprises.

Belgrade, then, is rich in attractions of historical and cultural interest, such as the Temple of San Sava, the Fortress, the Nikola Tesla Museum and the Kalemegdan Park. You can discover these and many other wonders through the comfortable panoramic tour by minibus.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 732,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 20,00 per night -

6 - Balearic Islands, Spain

Agree, we could be greeted by exaggerated temperatures and be swallowed by the crowd in the evening hours to stroll through the streets of the mundane. Balearic Islands (without forgetting the neighbor Ibiza, one of the top destinations in the summer months). But you really want to give up a dream sea, so warm and welcoming in August?

From Formentera to Mallorca, the Balearics are a certainty even in a period of mass tourism, especially for those who love the beaches and the typical heat of the summer months.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 720,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 110,00 per room -

Rest of the world

1 - Zanzibar, Tanzania

On the African continent there are some places capable of giving moments of passion even in the hot month of August. One of these is undoubtedly the famous Zanzibar i cui colors, scents, fauna and flora will make the hearts of even the most imperturbable couples beat. Zanzibar is also a "westernized" tourist destination, with the presence of the classic holiday villages designed for less adventurous visitors, more linked to the comforts offered by tour operators.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 996,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 39,00 per night -

2 - Bali, Indonesia

Indonesian Bali beats all other destinations for its innate romance. Here is the reason why newlyweds often choose it as a destination for their honeymoon. After all, the island, with its paradisiacal beaches, sighing sunsets, virgin and varied nature, cannot fail to be considered for a holiday that is all "sun, heart, love"!

Bali is a perfect destination because it combines sea, natural landscapes, sports, cultural visits and much more. Among the unmissable activities we mention for example the tour in the Kintamani region and the Mount Batur volcano, during which you can explore the cultural heritage of Bali, among magnificent temples and the plantations of Tegallalang.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 1.226,00 -
  • hotel and resort from € 25,00 per night -

3 - Seychelles, Indian Ocean

What a place the Seychelles, an archipelago made up of over a hundred islands more or less large, one more beautiful than the other. The climate is absolutely pleasant, are in fact geographically located close to the equator. A paradise on earth of inestimable naturalistic value, for the biodiversity that makes this place unique.

A favorite destination for couples looking for relaxation and breathtaking views, especially in the period of August, the Seychelles will make your holidays unique and unforgettable.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 1.362,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 90,00 per night -

4 - Vancouver, Canada

We have come to the time of atypical proposal for a romantic August around the world. Known above all as a winter destination, thanks to its abundant snowfalls, Canada has some wild cards to play even in the summer, which could guarantee a tourist revival even in this particular period of the year.

Among these, the city of Vancouver undoubtedly stands out, a place where the metropolitan atmosphere coexists so well with the surrounding nature that it has deservedly earned the title of cities in the world where you live better. Over the years, Vancouver has become a sort of Canadian Hollywood, also becoming the ideal set for successful films and TV series, such as "The X-Files" and "Smallville": a real Mecca for all "pizza and television" couples.

During your stay, be sure to visit the Capilano Park, where you will be breathless in front of the well-known suspension bridge, and take part in boat excursions with whale watching. Both activities we recommend that you book in advance.

  • Round trip flight + 7 days / 6 nights starting from € 1.366,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 71,00 per night -

Where not to go: the destinations not recommended in August

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