Where to go on holiday in April by the sea: 15 warm places

"April, sweet sleep" has always been an old popular adage. why not do it in total relaxation, curled up on a warm beach, lulled by the gentle sound of the waves? In Europe or in the rest of the world, the staff of will tell you about dream destinations, to be targeted to spend holidays that you will hardly forget.

1 - Las Vegas and USA Road Trip

The US never goes out of style. With a well-organized road trip you will discover incredible nature and breathtaking landscapes. A tour of the West Coast up to San Diego, passing through the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Death Valley with its sailing stones and Sedona, famous for its very red rocks. Save two or three days for Las Vegas and its unmissable shows, casinos and fabulous hotels. While you're there, take a look at theArea 51, who knows ever some aliens come out ... At the end of the holiday, at least a couple of days of relaxation and tanning on the San Diego beaches.

The period is ideal to avoid the unbearable heat of summer. As early as May, 40 degrees are reached, April is the last good month to visit Death Valley as well.

Pros and cons of this trip? You will have the opportunity to visit many beautiful places in one trip. On the other hand, the ocean water is particularly cold and ... the heat is already starting to get intense!

Plan your trip to Las Vegas: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 16/30 °
  • flights to Las Vegas from € 450,00 -
  • hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -
  • Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Night Flight Helicopter Tour with Grand Canyon San Diego: Harbor Cruise and Sea Lions

2 - Oman, Arabian Peninsula, Asia

The Asian Oman, called the "Middle Eastern Switzerland" for its cleanliness, an emblem of civic sense and known for its beaches dream. In April, the local temperatures are particularly acceptable; in the rest of the year Oman is characterized by particularly mild winters, sultry summers and a scarcity of rainfall.

The Sultanate is truly a pearl to visit entirely, but the particularly recommended locations to enjoy a good early summer are there White Beach of As Sawadi and the pristine islands Daymaniyat, an archipelago of 9 islands, all uninhabited, declared a natural park.

Plan your trip to Oman: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 25/30 °
  • flights to Muscat from € 150,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 67,00 per night -
  • Oman 1 day tour: Nizwa and Jabreen Forts Diving in Musandam Oman

3 - Canary Islands, Spain, Europe

Raise your hand if you don't know or have never dreamed of the Canary Islands! The Spanish archipelago made up of seven major islands and a tide of islets to be discovered offers a more than mild climate even in April, with temperatures between 18 ° minimum and 27 ° maximum. Probably thanks to their position, in the Atlantic Ocean, right in front of the warm African coasts. Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are the most targeted islands, but in reality the entire archipelago deserves a thorough stay.

Plan your trip to the Canary Islands: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 16/23 °
  • flights to Tenerife from € 75,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 52,00 per night -
  • Whale Discovery Excursion in Tenerife Diving with a submarine in Lanzarote

4 - Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

They are real gems of the Caribbean the Turks and Caicos islands, subjected to British dependence but which, fortunately, enjoy a very different climate from that given to the "subjects" of Her Majesty in the month of April. Flying over the hurricane risk (more real between the months of August and October), the coral archipelago can offer the visitor more than enjoyable beaches in April, with temperatures perhaps not very mild during the night, but absolutely dreamy during the day. , with maximums that can sometimes reach 29 °.

Don't forget to take a trip to the "cosmopolitan" Providenciales, targeted mainly by tourists from North America, and to immerse yourself in the transparent waters of Salt Cay, to get acquainted with the cetaceans that inhabit these pristine seas.

Plan your trip to Turks & Caicos: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 24/29 °
  • from € 354,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 103,00 per night -
  • Providenciales Island Tour 3 hours Food tour 3 hours

5 - Hanoi, Vietnam

For those who want to move a little more, a solution for a spring holiday is represented by Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam: its lake of the Returned Sword single pillar pagoda and Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, with the embalmed body of the president, are historical monuments very popular with tourists.
Furthermore, apart from the flight, the costs in Vietnam are quite low: a fish dinner costs around € 15,00 per couple, a good hotel or b & b also costs around € 40,00 per night.

April is the ideal month because the temperatures are very pleasant (22/28 °), and we are out of the risk of cyclones that occur the following month, even if in the north they are more frequent in July-August.

Plan your trip to Hanoi: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 22/28 °
  • starting from € 250,00
  • hotel and b & b from € 35,00 per night -
  • Ha Long Bay Old Quarter Food Tour, Thien Cung Cave and Kayaking with Cruise

6 - Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados is a real nation in its own right; part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, this oasis of peace and eternal warmth, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is the ideal stop for all those looking for a stay of total relaxation, whose only commitment is to take a screaming tan, even in not exactly summer months.
Its capital, Bridgetown, is located along the coast and is one of the most important centers on the island; if you are a lover of alcohol, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the local rum, one of the best known in the world: be careful not to overdo it, though!
Another activity that has made the island of Barbados famous is undoubtedly it snorkeling, to be practiced on the pristine beaches of Bottom Bay and Batts Rock Beach.

A curiosity? It is the island that gave birth to the popular singer Rihanna!

Plan your trip to Barbados: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 24/30 °
  • flights to Bridgetown from € 324,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 84,00 per night -
  • Snorkel Tour Barbados Surf Lessons in Bridgetown

7 - Hurghada, Egypt

A dream destination, extraordinarily even for the prices (in the month of April the Egyptian city offers decidedly low-cost accommodation solutions), Hurghada offers in the spring months a climate much more similar to that of our best summer quarter. Overlooks the Red Sea this suggestive city, which stretches for 40 km along the coast, without disdaining its proximity, albeit not exaggerated, to the renowned desert. Former fishing village, today Hurghada is one of the most popular destinations for tour operators, especially European ones, who design all-inclusive packages designed especially for lovers of water sports, very popular in the locality.
Don't miss a stop in Soma Bay, about 45 km from the center.

Plan your trip to Hurghada: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 19/30 °
  • from € 114,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 39,00 per night -
  • sunset quad bike tour along sea and mountain swimming with dolphins, snorkeling and lunch From Hurghada: Cairo and Giza full-day sightseeing tour

8 - Hawaii, United States

There is no exotic tale of love that does not have the American Hawaiian Islands as its ideal location. Sun, sea, surf, cocktails are the main ingredients for an unforgettable holiday, a perfect apostrophe between the words "I love you".
The second part of the month is preferable, the first is fine too but temperatures are slightly cooler and some rain may fall.

Plan your trip to Hawaii: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 20/28 °
  • flights to Honolulu from € 470,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 44,00 per night -
  • Whale View Boat Tour Instructor-led surf lessons tour to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona

9 - Belize, Central America

Tropical climate, warm sea, "Blue Lagoon" atmosphere. Belize, a state in Central America, is a dream scenario known for its extreme diving excursions, carried out among the sharks, in the suggestive Great Blue Hole. It is a basin invaded by water, which boasts a depth of 123 meters. Do not worry, however: there are also forms of fun designed for the less daring or for those who love holidays all sun and swimming in the sea, in close contact with nature and culture. Maya, a distinctive feature of the locality.
Don't miss an excursion to Belize's most beautiful island, Amergris Caye: an absolute paradise where reality surpasses imagination.

Plan your trip to Belize: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 24/31 °
  • flight to Belize City from € 490,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 69,00 per night -
  • Crystal Cave & Blue Hole National Park

10 - Archipelago of the Philippines, Southeast Asia

Over 7 thousand islands surrounded by crystal clear waters, kissed by the sun and rewarded by a more than mild climate, with temperatures ranging between 28 ° and 32 °. If you think that the Asian archipelago of the Philippines sums up all its charm in the capital Manila alone, you couldn't be more wrong. It is possible to swim practically all year round in the various Philippine islands, thanks to the tropical climate it favors, especially in the period between December and April, the mass arrival of tourists from all over the world.

Among the islands not to be missed certainly that of Boracay and the Palawan Islands, with the beach of El Nido, a paradise known for the possibility of witnessing the most beautiful sunrise in the world.

Plan your trip to the Philippines: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 23/31 °
  • flights to Manila from € 250,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 50,00 per night -
  • Manila Bay Cruise and Dinner El Nido: Beach and Lagoon Island Hopping Puerto Princesa: Underground River Full-Day Tour

11 - Cancun, Mexico

One cannot but think of heavenly beaches without thinking, consequently, of Mexico. Not only the sea, however: the warmth of the people accompanies the climate, the liveliness of the population enriches the naturalistic and archaeological heritage of this country.

You can practice many activities, including snorkeling, canoeing, surfing, diving and cultural trips to discover the unique archaeological treasures in the world.

April is probably the best month, as we are out of the hurricane season (June-November), out of the cool and cloudy period (December-March). In April there is the minimum of rainfall (only 3 days) and the temperatures oscillate between 22 and 30 degrees.

Plan your trip to Cancun: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 22/30 °
  • from € 330,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 52,00 per night -
  • Chichen Itza visit, cenote swim and buffet lunch Xel-Há Park Ruins Tulum 1-day all-inclusive pass and turtle swim

12 - Kyoto and Osaka, Japan

Together with March, April is the month of Sakura, the cherry blossom, which invades all of Japan with pink petals. The landscape that appears seems to come out of a manga, with the flowering festivals (Hanami) in all the city parks. Here, in fact, the Japanese organize picnics on the grass, the shops are filled with the colors of seasonal fruit and vegetables.
In Kyoto you can follow the suggestive "Philosopher's Path", which develops along a canal lined with cherry trees in bloom, Osaka can admire the scenery of the Castle surrounded by trees in bloom ... in short, a unique spectacle.

April is not particularly hot, the temperatures are spring with a maximum of 20 degrees and a minimum of 10, but the festive atmosphere and colors that reign throughout the country warm the heart even more than the sun!

Plan your trip to Japan: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 10/20 °
  • starting from € 309,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 50,00 per night -
  • Osaka: tailor-made city tour for families Osaka: hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tour Evening tour to Gion: Kyoto's Geisha district

13 - Koh Samui and Koh Tao, Thailand

Just off the coast of Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand (Gulf of Siam), are small islands not far from each other and have recently opened up to the general public. Mostly unspoiled paradises, with dream beaches and some of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.
Koh Tao, known as "Turtle Island", is the smaller of the two. The hills alternate with coconut plantations, lush vegetation and intimate and still intact bays.
Koh Samui, the third largest in Thailand, as well as for its beaches is known for its hinterland made up of rainforests and rather lively nightlife. Although it is among the most touristy destinations in the country, the landscape is still quite untouched and the jungle still dominates.

In both cases, prices on the island are quite affordable, but flights are not. You make a stopover in Bangkok and then with a domestic flight you reach Koh Samui, for a total that hardly falls below € 600,00.

Plan your trip to Thailand: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 26/32 °
  • starting from € 450,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 30,00 per night -
  • boat transfer from Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan Ko Samui: visit to the Elephant Sanctuary in the jungle

14 - Petra and the Dead Sea, Jordan

From a climatic point of view, April and spring are certainly the best time to visit Jordan. During this period, in fact, you can visit both the plateau area with Amman, Jerash (Gerasia) and Petra, and the Jordan Valley with the Wadi Rum desert, Aqaba and the Dead Sea.
Jordan is a destination on the rise, with excellent connections from Italy both for the north (Amman), closer to the Dead Sea, and for the south (Aqaba), closer to Petra.
A week-long vacation allows you to discover all the treasures of this land: from the archaeological areas of Jerash to the magic of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, up to of course Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Also not to be missed is aexcursion in the red desert of Wadi Rum, with night in a tented camp and Bedouin dinner under the stars.

Plan your trip to Jordan: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 15/34 °
  • flights to Amman from € 71,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 30,00 per night -
  • Petra, Rum, Aqaba & Dead Sea: 3-Day Tour from Amman From Amman: Private 1-Day Tour to Petra with Pickup

15 - Panama, Central America

Panama is that isthmus of land that it connects Central America to Colombia and then to South America.
Forests, Caribbean beaches, will be the background of a holiday in a destination not always at the center of mass tourist circuits, but this is often a good thing.
From Panama City with the neighborhood of Casco Viejo, the old city, you will already notice the extraordinary combination that is experienced here: a skyline from North America that rests on an entirely Caribbean bay.
An extraordinary feature of Panamà is the presence of one very numerous avifauna, with birds, mammals of every species. It will therefore not be difficult to meet toucans, monkeys, sloths and other national symbols.
Don't miss the chance to cross the historic Panama Canal on a mini-cruise!
Little archipelagos develop just off the coast which are true natural paradises, ideal for lovers of diving, snorkeling and "sea life".

Plan your trip to Panama: costs and useful information

  • Temperatures in April: 25/32 °
  • flights to Panama City from € 384,00 -
  • hotel and b & b from € 40,00 per night -
  • Panama City: Panama Canal, Railroad, and Monkey Island Tour Panama City: San Blas Islands and The Paper House location

Where not to go: the destinations not recommended in April

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