Where to go on a school trip abroad? 8 Educational Travel Destinations in Europe!

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Everyone, in school days, looked forward to the day we would go on a trip with friends of the class.
Whether it lasts a day or a week, the school trip has one in the life of a student very important stage for maturation and growth: not only allows you to visit places of cultural interest in Italy or abroad, but it usually represents one of the first times in which a young person leaves home without the safety of parents or a relative. The thrill of independence and perhaps some transgression help create an atmosphere of excitement and a sense of discovery.
Europe offers numerous possibilities, more or less economic, to accomplish educational trips lasting 5 days, usually with accommodation in a 3-star hotel in half board formula. Let's see which are the most popular destinations.


  1. Madrid, Spain: 400 to 460 Euros
  2. French Riviera and Provence: from 250 to 270 Euros
  3. Budapest, Hungary: 200 to 260 Euros
  4. Strasbourg, France: 230 to 270 Euros
  5. Barcelona, ​​Spain: 200 to 260 Euros
  6. Prague, Czech Republic: 220 to 250 Euros
  7. Athens, Greece: 350 to 430 Euros
  8. Krakow and Warsaw, Poland: 350 to 400 Euros
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1 - Madrid, Spain: 400 to 460 Euros

Madrid is one of the favorite and quite cheap destinations for Italian students but not only. The trip could include a guided tour of the city: Viale del Prado, with the Cibeles and Neptune fountains, one or more of the famous museums (Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia), the Atocha Art Nouveau train station, the Puerta de Alcala. We will continue through the most elegant district of Madrid where it is located the Plaza de Toros, Viale della Castellana, Piazza Colombo, Piazza d'Oriente, the exterior of the Royal Palace and the Opera.
In the following days the itinerary could include a shift to Toledo, World Heritage Site, with a visit to the Cathedral, the church of San Tomè with one of the most famous paintings by El Greco.
The estimated cost would include flight, bus travel, breakfast, dinner and overnight stay in a 3-star hotel.

2 - French Riviera and Provence: from 250 to 270 Euros

The Côte d'Azur and Provence can be fascinating and at the same time really cheap destinations for an educational trip to take in spring, when the climate is mild. The trip would include the city of Montecarlo with a visit to the Oceanographic Museum, Nice and possible free visit to the Chagall Museum and the historic center, walk on the "Promenade des Anglais". The main countries of the French Riviera such as Antibes, Cannes e St. Tropez they could take up one day of the itinerary. The Thoronet Abbey in Valensole and Aix en Provence, the ancient capital of Provence and an important center of art and culture, could precede the visit to Avignon and Fontaine de Vaucluse, site that inspired the "clear and fresh waters" of Petrarca.
The budget is estimated for travel by bus from Italy, breakfast, dinner and overnight stay in a 3-star hotel.

3 - Budapest, Hungary: from 200 to 260 Euros

There are many attractions that Budapest offers and those that can be found in the surrounding area, not only cultural and historical but also naturalistic. The guided tour of the city will lead students to discover the two parts of which it is composed: Buddha, on the right bank, famous for its past, at the foot of the verdant plateau e Pest, more animated and modern, joined by eight bridges, with the famous Margaret Island in the center.
They will also be seen the parliament, the Chain Bridge, the neo-Gothic church of S. Mattia, the imposing Royal Palace and the turrets of the Fishermen's Bastions, the Heroes' Square, the Basilica of Santo Stefano. It will be possible to visit Szentendre, a medieval city inhabited by thousands of artists and where there are dozens of museums, Visegràd and Esztergom, the first royal seat and ecclesiastical center from the th century. Lake Balaton it is the largest lake in Europe and is considered the Hungarian Sea.
The budget is estimated for overnight stay, dinner and breakfast in a 3 star hotel, air travel and bus travel.

4 - Strasbourg, France: 230 to 270 Euros

Visiting Strasbourg means starting from the splendid historic center, which winds through Kleber Square, Gutenberg Square and the beautiful square Notre Dame Cathedral with the famous astronomical clock. Very charming is the "Petit France", the ancient district of the Tanners. Subsequent excursions may include Colmar, one of the most pleasant and visited cities in Alsace and the so-called "Wine Route", which runs along the eastern side of the Vosges. Fort Schönbourg is the most important fortification of the Maginot line, about an hour away from Strasbourg.
The cost of the trip includes the trip and travel by bus, half board accommodation in a 3-star hotel.

5 - Barcelona, ​​Spain: 200 to 260 Euros

Although Barcelona is a very attractive destination for students, it is good to know that the hotel offer is undersized compared to the requests of tourists. Almost all downtown hotels have a very high fill rate, so they apply accordingly rates among the most expensive in Europe. The agencies therefore recommend accommodation on the Costa Brava, which has a very high accommodation capacity and much more affordable prices, especially in half board.
After breakfast, the guided tour of the city can include the cathedral, the Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas, Catalonia Square, the exterior of the Sagrada Familia.
Opened in the year 1920, the Barcelona Football Club museum today it covers more than 3.500 square meters and is divided into four main sections: "The history of the Club", "The art collection", "The Futbolart-Pablo Ornaque collection" and "The temporary exhibitions". Inside the museum we retrace the over 100 years of success history of the prestigious Club, through the trophy exhibition, photographic archives and sports material, in addition to the works donated by the major Catalan artists.
A visit to the Monserrat Monastery.

6 - Prague, Czech Republic: from 220 to 250 Euros

Thanks to very affordable cost of living, Prague has been for some time one of the most popular destinations not only for educational visits but also for traditional tourism. The beauties of the city are many: the neighborhood of Hradcany Castle, with the Royal Palace, the Cathedral, the Convent, the Jewish quarter, the Piazza Vecchia with theastronomic watch and the Charles Bridge. You can also visit one of the Castles of Bohemia (Konopiste, Karlstein, Horovice, Cesky Stenberk, Kost, etc.).
Particularly interesting for students is the visit to the city ​​of Terezin, with the ghetto and the fortress transformed into a concentration camp, sadly known as the "Ghetto dei Bambini".

7 - Athens, Greece: from 350 to 430 Euros

Due to the compulsory air travel, Athens is a bit more expensive than other European cities. The archaeological spectacle of Classical Greece however, it is inimitable: visit of the Argolis (Epidaurus, Mycenae, and Nauplia), the ancient theater of Epidaurus, the ancient palace of Mycenae as evidence of the ancient Mycenaean civilization that existed until 3.000
BC are just the beginning.
Moving by bus it will be possible to reach Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visit the Temple of Apollo, the Theater, the Tholos, the Polygonal Wall and the Doric-style Treasury of the Athenians. Don't miss the panoramic tour of the city and the visit of the Acropolis.

8 - Krakow and Warsaw, Poland: from 350 to 400 Euros

Before arriving in one of the two main cities of Poland, a visit to Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp is a must. Krakow is the most legendary and beloved Polish city, tourist attractions can be the Barbican, an interesting example of military architecture, the Porta di San Floriano, the only one left in the city of eight
originals, the Market Square, one of the largest squares in Europe from medieval times, the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, the most important monument in Krakow after Wawel.
In Warsaw it will be possible to visit the old City, one of the most picturesque places, the Barbacan, built in 1548 as a part of the defense walls, today used as a bridge between the old and new city, the Royal Castle residence of the Polish rulers, the great Theater, the Lazienki palace, Wilanów and its beautiful gardens, often called "Polish Versaille".

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