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There are those who prefer a relaxing journey between coral beaches and romantic sunsets, those who opt for an adventurous safari in the African savannah or those who can't wait to leave for an "extreme" trek in close contact with nature ... but always in the company of your sweetheart!
The choice of where to spend the honeymoon is vast: if you are still undecided (or if you simply want to dream a little with us), we have selected some ideal destinations to go on honeymoon in August, varying by type and price range (even if we are talking about August, it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune!).
Fasten your seat belts, we are ready to take off!


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Honeymoon in August around the world

1 - Ecuador and Galapagos

In August, many countries of the world are subject to the phenomenon of monsoons and hurricanes, which is why it might be a good idea to turn the globe on the other side: Latin America is an excellent option, in particular, we recommend that you book a plane ticket with destination Ecuador, a country as interesting as it is underestimated. Among the highlights, unmissable the capital Quito: from here take a Ctour to Cotopaxi National Park, a suggestive volcano in the Andes over 5.000 meters high; besides this, also the Chimborazo represents an extraordinary point of interest for trekking lovers: it is the second highest peak in the world after Everest, located 180 km south of the capital. In addition, a path inside the Yasuni National Park will certainly make you fall in love with the tropical nature of the country.

However, expect a few days to spend in the nearby Galapagos Islands: made famous by Darwin's studies on the origin of species, it is a group of wonderful islands, on which unique species in the world live. Definitely, an experience to try!

  • Main cities and places: Quito, Puyo, Riobamba, Guayaquil, La Liberdad, Portoviejo, Galapagos
  • duration: 15 days / 14 nights (7 nights in Ecuador between Quito, Puyo, Riobamba, Guayaquil, La Liberdad, Portoviejo and 7 nights in the Galapagos)
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Quito from € 530,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 15,00 per room -

2 - Classical China tour

Although China is an Asian state, it is not subject to summer monsoons (especially in the northernmost area), or it is quite contained and often limited to passing thunderstorms.

Despite the large size and the immense amount of things to see, the 10-day tour will allow you to get a taste of classical China, as well as a small hint of modernity: the itinerary in fact starts from Beijing, the capital of China and the cradle of traditional culture. The city is a real anthill, full of very interesting attractions: first of all, the Forbidden City and in front of the Tian'an men Square (the largest square in the world); but also the incredible complex of the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace (summer residence of the emperors), not to mention the more recent districts such as Sanlitun (with the most beautiful city skyscrapers) and Wudaokou.

While staying in the city, don't miss an excursion to the Great Wall, one of the seven wonders of the modern world. From here, leave by train for Xian (where the famous Terracotta Army is located) and then continue towards Nanjing (the wonderful old city and the Confucius Temple).
Finally, end the trip in Shanghai, the Chinese metropolis par excellence where you can savor the strange mix of Eastern and Western culture.

  • Main cities and places: Beijing, Great Wall, Xian, Nanjing, Shanghai
  • duration: 10 days / 9 nights (4 nights in Beijing, 1 night in Xian, 1 night in Nanjing, 3 nights in Shanghai)
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Beijing - starting from € 400,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 25,00 per room -

3 - South Africa and Namibia on the road

For lovers of more adventurous road circuits, we propose a journey of exploration and breathtaking landscapes: South Africa and Namibia on the road.

Landing in Cape Town, we recommend that you spend at least 3 days in the South African capital visiting some of its main attractions: among the must-see activities, climb to the top of Table Mountain, treat yourself to an excursion to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope for visit the penguins of Boulders Beach and spot whales, pay a visit to the Apartheid Museum and taste wine in the Winelands resort.

From here, then, rent a car and set off for Namibia to experience one of the most exciting journeys of your life: in this African region there are some of the most beautiful natural landscapes, such as Walvis Bay, the Deadvlei sand dunes and the endless Namib desert (where you can come across really impressive ghost towns!). If you love safaris, book a Game Drive at Etosha National Park, to see lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos up close in a 4x4!

  • Main cities and places: Cape Town, Namibia
  • duration: 14 days / 13 nights (3 nights in Cape Town, the other 10 nights in Namibia depending on the itinerary and / or package selected)
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Cape Town starting from € 397,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 15,00 per room -

4 - India and Sri Lanka

For those who dream of immersing themselves in a new culture, but are not afraid to test themselves completely with aromas, flavors and (let's face it) hygienic conditions totally different from ours, India and its wonders could be the solution.

India can be an extremely complicated and controversial country, yet it is able to give very strong emotions: here, there are cities with particular charm such as Jaipur (the pink city), or Jodhpur (the blue city), as well as wonders of the world . Visit Agra and the Taj Mahal from New Delhi, you will be in the presence of priceless treasures.

After the chaos of New Delhi and the spirituality of the Ganges River, take a few days of rest in the so-called Tear of India: Sri Lanka. Among the most significant places, we point out Sirigiya, also called the Rocca del Leone, a huge monolithic stone inside which there is an impressive fortress. Furthermore, you absolutely cannot give up on one of the most beautiful routes in the world by train: the one that leads from Ella to Kandy through endless expanses of tea plantations. For a thrilling wildlife adventure, set out from Colombo on a whale watching tour to the south coast.

  • Main cities and places: India (New Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Ganges, Taj Mahal) and Sri Lanka (Sirigiya, Ella, Kandy)
  • duration: 14 days / 13 nights (3 nights in New Delhi, 2 nights in Jaipur, 2 nights in Jodhpur, the remaining 6 nights in Sri Lanka depending on the itinerary)
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to New Delhi starting from € 300,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 15,00 per room -

5 - Malaysia and Bali

Malaysia is a state divided into several islands surrounded by the China Sea, particularly suitable for those who love the mix of modernity and tradition, but also of city and nature.

For example, among the things to see absolutely is the capital Kuala Lumpur, whose symbol par excellence are the two Petronas Towers connected by the suspension bridge at a dizzying height between the two skyscrapers.
However, don't limit yourself to this one but create an itinerary that includes a visit to Mount Kinabalu, the scenic Batu Caves, Taman Negara National Park and, finally, to the Perhentian Islands, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful seas in the world (and, compared to other similar areas, still partly uncrowded by mass tourism).

However, given the proximity, it seems a real shame not take a trip to Bali too, the island of verdant rice fields, temples overlooking the ocean and mischievous monkeys. Among the most significant sites, the temple of Tanah Lot surrounded by the sea, the Ubud Monkey Forest (beware of your personal items, such as cell phones, sunglasses, cameras: the monkeys are really test tube thieves), Garuda Visnu Kencana , Jimbaran and the rice fields of Jatiluwih. If you love snorkeling and diving, enjoy a dive in the Blue Lagoon of Padangbai.

  • Main cities and places: Kuala Lumpur, Mount Kinabalu, Batu Caves, Taman Negara National Park, Perhentian Islands, Ubud, Tanah Lot Temple, Garuda Visnu Kencana, Jimbaran, Jatiluwih rice fields
  • duration: 13 days / 12 nights (6 nights in Malaysia and 6 nights in Bali, depending on the itinerary)
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Bali from € 700,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 28,00 per room -

6 - Greenland

The largest Arctic land and largest island on Earth, Greenland is a place with its own charm, certainly an unusual destination for a honeymoon. Yet, in addition to the freezing cold and sometimes prohibitive weather conditions, Greenland hides landscape views that will literally leave you speechless, making you feel part of a beautiful Nordic love story.

Among the most interesting attractions to visit, you cannot fail to include in your itinerary Tasiilaq (with the typical colored houses), Qaqortoq, Nuuk (the capital of the country), but also natural beauties of the caliber of Kangia fjord (reachable by heliport), which has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Blue River, so named for the so characteristic color of the water. Not to mention the chance to spot whales and to be able to admire the formation of icebergs up close.
If you are not afraid of the cold and are thirsty for adventure, this truly original trip is the one for you!

  • Main cities and places: Tasiilaq, Nuuk, Qaqortoq, Kangia Fjord, Greenland Natural Park, Blue River
  • duration: 13 days / 12 nights (since it is such a particular trip, we advise you not to leave alone but to rely on a tour operator. The stages of the itinerary and the various accommodations will be established by the reference agency)
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Nuuk - starting from € 500,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 80,00 per room -

Honeymoon in August in Europe

1 - Portugal on the road

Portugal is a harsh and wild land but with a heart that vibrates with melancholy saudade. The best way to discover the country is definitely a nice on the road along the coast, stopping in total freedom to admire crazy views.

The itinerary that we recommend actually starts from nearby Andalusia, and especially from Seville, home of colored majolica and fado in the squares. From here, head to the southern Portugal resort of Algarve to visit some of the country's most beautiful natural sites (including the ocean cliffs of Sagres).
Subsequently, go up to the capital Lisbon, treat yourself to an exciting tour of history, tales and everyday life, and then move to its surroundings: Sintra (jewel of colorful palaces) and Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe ... as well as being the most romantic place to admire the sunset over the sea!

Finally, head towards Coimbra, a town famous for its youth entertainment, and Porto. If you love trekking, don't miss the opportunity to spend a few hours immersed in the greenery of the Douro Valley, a very popular destination even for wine lovers.

  • Main cities and places: Seville, Faro, Lagos, Sagres, Lisbon, Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Coimbra, Porto, Douro Valley
  • duration: 12 days / 11 nights (2 nights in Faro, 2 nights in Sagres, 3 nights in Lisbon, 1 night in Coimbra, 3 nights in Porto)
  • Budget (fee per person): low (between € 1.000 and € 1.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Seville from € 50,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 44,00 per room -

2 - Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife

Part of Spain but surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Canaries are a volcanic archipelago that includes seven major and seven smaller islands.

Reachable by sea to each other, we recommend that you land at the small airport of Lanzarote, one of the less touristy islands of the archipelago: visit the volcanoes and caves of Timanfaya, the National Park.
From here, then move by sea to Fuerteventura, the second largest of the archipelago, in which you can live the experience of immersing yourself in a real desert complete with sand dunes and camels. In Gran Canaria you will experience the lively night life, as well as relaxing on dream beaches (such as the beaches of Maspalomas and Inglés).

Finally, in Tenerife you will feel like you have landed on another planet due to the black sand terrain and the small mountain ranges that cross the island (in the northernmost area, there are famous vineyards, while in the south you can experience surfing thanks to the ocean currents present). Do not miss a boat excursion with whale and dolphin watching.

  • Main cities and places: Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife
  • duration: 11 days / 10 nights (3 nights on the island of Lanzarote, 3 nights on the island of Fuerteventura, 2 nights in Gran Canaria, 2 nights in Tenerife)
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Lanzarote - starting from € 110,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

3 - Baltic Republics by train: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

A destination still partly underestimated but which has so much to offer, especially for a couple's trip, are the Baltic Republics. Part of the Soviet Union until 1917, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are countries with a rather troubled past but which, in recent years, are also trying to re-emerge from a tourist point of view.
If it is already quite unusual as a destination, we advise you to explore it in an even more particular way: using the rail links between the cities. Imagine a train of yesteryear, creaking and slow, which plunges into natural scenarios made up of endless forests ... haven't we convinced you yet?

The itinerary we suggest starts from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the only Baltic capital not facing the sea. Here, you can admire splendid Orthodox cathedrals, alternating with modern skyscrapers and underground clubs. From here, do not miss a guided excursion to Trakai Castle, which stands on a small island in the middle of Lake Galvé.
From Lithuania, take a train towards Riga (connections are guaranteed daily and the tourist offices are at your complete disposal). The Latvian capital holds the record for art noveau buildings in the historic center, furthermore in its vicinity there are some places of great interest: the first, Jurmala, is a seaside resort much appreciated by the locals for its numerous spas; the second, Cesis, is a picturesque town whose ruined castle has become one of the best known symbols of the country.

Finally, Tallinn with its medieval old town and the Hanseatic port is a particularly romantic place, which has become part of the World Heritage Sites since 1997.

  • Main cities and places: Vilnius, Jurmala, Riga, Cesis, Tartu, Tallinn
  • duration: 9 days / 8 nights (2 nights in Vilnius, 3 nights in Riga, 3 nights in Tallinn)
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Vilnius from € 70,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 35,00 per room -

4 - Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina

Another destination still little considered is the Balkans, especially the triad of Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yet these are places that have a bit of everything: interesting cities to visit, a historical past full of events to discover, but also lots of greenery and many respectable naturalistic spots.

From Italy, take a flight to Podgorica, the Montenegrin capital north of Lake Skadar. Here, stroll through the old town with buildings dating back to the Ottoman period and gaze up close at the stunning Cathedral of the Resurrection, on top of which stands a dome embellished with a golden cross.

Then move to Kotor (or Kotor): its small but picturesque bay is probably one of the most famous images of all the Balkans. Mostar, a Bosnian town close to the border with Montenegro, is also a very photogenic place: don't leave your camera at home or you'll regret it bitterly!
Next, go to Sarajevo, one of the most important and disastrous cultural centers in this part of Europe. Finally, the trip ends in Belgrade, where the largest Orthodox church (Church of Saint Sava) in the world is located!

  • Main cities and places: Podgorica, Cattaro, Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrade
  • duration: 10 days / 9 nights (2 nights in Podgorica, 2 nights in Kotor, 1 night in Mostar, 2 nights in Sarajevo, 2 nights in Belgrade)
  • Budget (fee per person): low (between € 1.000 and € 1.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Podgorica - starting from € 150,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 20,00 per room -

5 - Tour of Iceland

If you are the adventurous type and love nature, the wildest and most unspoiled one, a tour of Iceland (possibly on the road) is definitely one of those experiences to do at least once in a lifetime ... even better by taking advantage of the travel opportunity wedding to amortize the costs (which yes, we admit, are very salty).

There are those who decide to use Reykjavik as a base for the entire stay, visiting only the south of the island (to be clear, the areas of the Golden Circle and the black sand beaches of Vik). However, in our opinion it would be a real shame to exclude everything else because the country is littered with waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and many other naturalistic sites that really deserve to be visited: that's why we recommend that you rent a car upon arrival and take the entire Route 1, the main road that circles the whole island and will allow you to reach most of the main attractions. In this regard, a trip to Iceland cannot fail to include a few days in the capital and its surroundings where there are some very interesting spots: the Blue Lagoon in the first place, but also the Seltun geothermal field and the nearby green Graenvatn lake. From here, excursion to the Golden Circle and Kerid Crater continuing south-east: you will see the Plain of Parliament, the Geysires, the imposing Gullfoss, one of the waterfalls with the largest water flow in Europe, the crater of Keldur, Seljalandfoss and Skogafoss, in addition to the town of Vik with beaches and strategic points for the sighting of puffins. If you don't want to limit yourself to the south but intend to continue, mark the following natural sites: the Skaftafell Glacier (you can visit the Ice Cave and go hiking on the glacier), the Glacial Lagoon, Lake Myvatn, the Vatnsnes Peninsula (where you can still see herds of horses in the wild).
Finally, take a trip to Husavik, in the north of the country: in the city there is not much to see, but it is an excellent place from which to leave by boat for an unforgettable whale watching excursion: it is in fact the European capital of whale watching.

  • Main cities and places: Reykjavik, Golden Circuit, Keldur, Vik, Black Beach, Skaftafell Glacier, Glacial Lagoon, Diamond Beach, Hofn, Lake Myvatn, Sellfoss, Dettifoss and Godafoss Waterfalls, Husavik, Akureyri, Vatnsnes Peninsula, Borgarvirki, Kirkjufell, Snaefellsnes Volcano , Budir, Blue Lagoon, Seltun geothermal field
  • duration: 13 days / 12 nights (4 nights in Reykjavik, 1 night in Keldur, 1 night in Vik, 1 night in Hofn, 1 night near Myvatn, 1 night in Husavik, 1 night in Akureyri, 1 night in Borgarvirki, 1 night in Budir)
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over 2500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Reykjavik - starting from € 200,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

Honeymoon in Italy in August

1 - Puglia: exploration of Salento

If Puglia is all beautiful, both from a seaside point of view and inland, Salento is by far one of the best areas to explore in a week, between sea, culture and entertainment. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the entire area (ie the southernmost of the region, the so-called heel of the boot) has been defined as a site of community interest and tourism has grown dramatically in recent years, as has the offer.

Among the unmissable highlights to visit we point out the Salento coasts first of all, especially those oriented towards the Ionian Sea, characterized by a sandy bottom and crystal clear water (for example, we mention the beaches of Ostuni, Otranto, Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli and Torre dell'Orso). If, on the other hand, you prefer the more rocky coasts, you have to move to the Adriatic side, where the scenarios change radically, showing a more wild side (in this regard, do not miss the beach of Santa Cesarea Terme).

In addition to beach life, however, Salento has much more to offer: along the southern coast, for example, there are many karst caves that can be visited, as well as expanses of centuries-old olive trees that offer very characteristic views.
Finally, you cannot say that you have been in Salento without having visited some of its most important towns (including Brindisi, Lecce and Gallipoli, but also Ostuni, Otranto, Taranto, Nardò, Avetrana and Grottaglie) or having tasted some of the typical dishes (the recipes based on turnip tops, thistles, sea fennel, but also mushrooms and of course local fish are very famous).

  • Main cities and places: Brindisi, Lecce, Gallipoli, Ostuni, Otranto, Nardò, Avetrana, Grottaglie
  • duration: 8 days / 7 nights (2 nights in Brindisi, 3 nights in Lecce, 2 nights in Gallipoli)
  • Budget (fee per person): low (between € 1.000 and € 1.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Brindisi from € 30,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 55,00 per room -

2 - Sardinia boat tour

A boat tour of Sardinia is one of those experiences that everyone dreams of doing at least once (especially as Sardinia holds some of the most beautiful beaches and seaside scenery in all of Italy). Not to mention how romantic it can be to witness a sunrise or sunset directly overlooking the sea, lulled by the rocking of the waves.

That said, Sardinia is quite large as an island and touring it all could take well over two weeks - here's why the itinerary we propose is limited to the northern coast, starting from the boundless beauty of the Maddalena archipelago up to the small Barcelona of Italy, or Alghero, the city that perfectly combines Catalan influences and Sardinian folklore (as well as being the capital of the famous Riviera del Corallo). Along the way by sea, we point out some obligatory stops for their particular charm: (from Olbia) the Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo, the Maddalena Archipelago already mentioned (with the spectacular Cala Corsara, the Cala del Relitto and the Rosa Budelli beach), but also Santa Teresa di Gallura with the nearby beach of Rena Bianca, then descending towards Rena Majore, Costa Paradiso (where there is the most scenic beach in Sardinia, Cala Li Cossi), Castelsardo (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy), Isola Rossa with the beaches of Li Feruli and La Marinedda, the Gulf of Asinara with Stintino, La Pelosa and Le Saline ... and the more you have, the more you put until your arrival at the port of Alghero.

  • Main cities and places: beaches and cities on the north coast, from Maddalena to Alghero
  • duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Olbia starting from € 47,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

3 - Castles of the Aosta Valley

Among the Italian mountain regions, Valle d'Aosta is certainly the smallest but certainly not the least interesting. In fact, it boasts some of the highest peaks in the Alps, and is also full of hiking trails and itineraries among the most beautiful in our country (suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners). Among its valleys, then, are scattered castles of all kinds, used in the past as defensive forts but also as stately homes of the nobles of Valle d'Aosta.

A rather romantic itinerary it could then be the one that in a week will take you to visit the wonders of valleys and castles of the region, in a path of discovery surrounded by greenery. Among the unmissable, we suggest you first visit the Forte di Bard, which can be easily seen as soon as you leave the Milan-Turin motorway. It is a defensive fort, whose strategic position was long coveted (and later conquered) by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Inside, it houses various exhibitions, including the very interesting Museum of the Alps; moreover, at its feet there is a beautiful village that is certainly worth a visit. In addition to the Fort, we would like to point out the Verrès Castle, with its curious monobloc structure; the Issogne Castle, owned by the Challant family, one of the most important in the valley; the Castle of Fènis (probably the most spectacular), which has always been the representative office of the Challant family; the Sarre Castle, in the locality of Lalex, used as a hunting lodge for Umberto I of Savoy and Vittorio Emanuele II.

Finally, you cannot fail to take a leap also to the beautiful Savoy Castle: it is actually the summer residence of Queen Margherita of Savoy (consort of Umberto I), as well as being a real tribute to the Liberty style. The decorations with floral motifs and the stained glass windows of the main hall are beautiful.

  • Main cities and places: Bard Fortress, Verrès Castle, Sarre Castle, Issogne Castle, Fènis Castle, Savoy Castle
  • duration: 7 days / 6 nights (6 nights in San Vincent)
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Milan from € 41,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

4 - Umbrian cities: Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio

If you are looking for a journey through Italian wonders but want to visit some less obvious cities, head to Umbria and, in particular, to Assisi, Gubbio and Perugia. These three cities, in addition to being immersed in a verdant territory that inspires so much peace, are perfect for both a romantic trip and for a respectable cultural journey.

Using the car, leave from Gubbio, a town located in the extreme east of the province of Perugia: linked to the history of one of the most famous saints of Christianity, San Francesco (who met the famous wolf he managed to tame in Gubbio), it is a town of medieval charm. Not to be missed are the Duomo and the Church of San Francesco, but also the Palazzo dei Consoli overlooking Piazza Grande, the most beautiful (and panoramic!) Square in the city.
After that, move in the direction of Perugia, home of Renaissance artists and illustrious personalities. Here, stroll along Via Maestà, famous for its arches and vaults; visit the Rocca Paolina and climb the medieval walls of Sant'Antonio, savoring the old-time atmosphere of the city and ... even the excellent chocolate!

Finally, head to Assisi, a very important religious and cultural center of the region. Although it is impossible to find Assisi deserted, it is a city that infuses a lot of tranquility, so much so that it is a pleasure to walk through its alleys and visit its sacred places (among all, the Basilica of San Francesco di Assisi and the Basilica of Santa Chiara ).

  • Main cities and places: Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio
  • duration: 7 days / 6 nights (2 nights in Gubbio, 2 nights in Perugia, 2 nights in Assisi)
  • Budget (fee per person): low (between € 1.000 and € 1.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

5 - Liguria: Cinque Terre

To enjoy a holiday based on the sea, breathtaking sunsets and aperitifs on the beach, we recommend a stay in the Cinque Terre in Liguria. These are small, colorful villages with houses stacked on top of each other, which offer very photogenic views: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Rio Maggiore are, not surprisingly, considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

However, in the month of August they can be quite crowded: that's why the idea we propose is to rent a boat from the equally beautiful and picturesque Portofino, and then reach the villages directly by sea, preferring nights at sea rather than on land. In this way, you will enjoy a privileged view and you will avoid the problems related to the overcrowding of hotels. In addition, if you feel like doing some physical activity, you can always disembark on the ground and take one of the many hiking trails of medium-easy difficulty. One of all, the Path of Love: a path along the coast that connects Manarola to Rio Maggiore. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes in your suitcase but also a lot, a lot of desire to relax.

  • Main cities and places: Portofino, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Rio Maggiore
  • duration: 7 days / 6 nights (1 night in Portofino, 1 night in Monterosso, 1 night in Vernazza, 1 night in Corniglia, 1 night in Manarola, 1 night in Rio Maggiore)
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person) - ask for a personalized quote

Plan your trip yourself: flights and hotels

  • flights to Genoa from € 80,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 90,00 per room -

Where not to go: the destinations not recommended in August

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