Where to go on a Honeymoon: Ideas and Recommended Destinations for the Honeymoon!

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Dream trip! It is what every married couple expects for their own Honeymoon.
Whether it's romantic or adventurous, the destinations for honeymoon there are many and for all tastes. Here are the recommended destinations from !


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The best honeymoons month by month

Suggested ideas and destinations

Rajasthan, India: a thousand and one nights honeymoon!

A mix of tradition, culture, art and nature for a unique honeymoon, to be experienced between charm and mystery in one of the most fascinating destinations in India: Rajasthan.
Also known as "Golden Land", due to the splendid golden dunes of the Thar desert, Rajasthan offers many attractions: majestic fortresses, crystal clear lakes, enchanted palaces, and above all the magical Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, built by the emperor Shah Jahan on the death of his wife, as if to represent an immense last gift of love for the much loved woman.

  • When to go: The recommended periods are mainly spring and autumn. Thunderstorms are possible in the period from May to October
  • Main cities and places: Agra, Varanasi, Udaipur, Jaipur
  • Budget (fee per person): medium (between € 1.500 and € 2.500 per person)
  • Ideas and advice: India and Rajasthan are often combined with a beach holiday in the Maldives or the Emirates

French Polynesia: the most romantic destination!

Are you dreaming of a honeymoon with a distant destination, heavenly and white beaches, surrounded by clear turquoise waters? Your destination is undoubtedly French Polynesia.
Trips to French Polynesia are a full immersion in nature and in the spectacle offered by her paradise islands; Tahiti, Bora Bora, the Marquesas Islands, offer breathtaking sunsets, those with intense fiery red, crystal clear sea and total and absolute relaxation.

  • When to go: between May and October. From November to April is the rainy season but the climate is pleasant all year round, with temperatures around 27 ° C, while that of the sea is around 26 ° C.
  • Main cities and places: Tahiti (Papeete), Bora Bora (Vaitape), Moorea, Society Islands, Marquesas Islands
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person)
  • Ideas and advice: Tahiti and Bora Bora are the two islands not to be missed. In Papeete there is the airport for international flights. Here is a word to memorize: Maururu! (thanks! It will be natural to thank these very kind and cordial people).

Cook Islands: the charm of the South Seas

The 15 small islands, which emerge on 2 million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, offer the paradisiacal atmosphere and all the charm of the South Seas.
Remote atolls, thin coral reefs, white beaches surrounded by the green of the volcanic mountains, friendly people and a quiet life welcome tourists who have come on vacation: these islands are ideal for those who love snorkeling, hiking and exploring the caves or ... simply to completely relax on the white beaches.

  • When to go: from May to October. Temperatures never exceed 29 ° C and never drop below 18 ° C; Avoid the period from December to April which, although it is the hottest, is also the wettest one, with risk of cyclones and storms
  • Main cities and places: Rarotonga, Manihiki, Aitutaki Atoll, One Foot Island
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person)
  • Ideas and advice: the archipelago can be reached by direct flights from Los Angeles, Auckland and Sydney.
    From Italy you can choose flights to New Zealand or the United States and from these continue with a flight to Rarotonga, the largest island.

Caribbean: a dream destination!

A 7-8 hour flight from Italy are these extraordinary places, a "must" for overseas travel, for what they offer to all lucky visitors.
Beautiful and very different from each other, there are many Caribbean islands to choose from for your dream stay. We recommend Cuba and the wonderful Saint Lucia, of the Antilles archipelago ...

Cuba island

Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands, located in the heart of the Caribbean, between white beaches and swaying palm trees. Picturesque, colonial, revolutionary, Cuba is the island of Fidel Castro and Hemingway, of cigars and strong rum.
A place that will hardly be forgotten, whether you visit it for the charm of colonial architecture, or to enjoy relaxing stays, sipping cocktails on the white beaches, surrounded by sun, music and joy.

  • When to go: The best time is from December to April, when the island has a tropical climate with temperatures between 26 ° C and 32 ° C. The months from June to November are not recommended, due to rains and possible hurricanes, although in the months of July and August the beaches are super crowded because it is the holiday period for Cubans; in these months it will be possible to get to know the real Cuban reality, with noisy and cheerful outdoor parties, such as the anniversary of the revolution of 26 July.
  • Main cities and places: Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba and the various "Cayos"
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person)
  • Ideas and advice: based on the time available, an interesting itinerary could be Havana, Trinidad and Varadero, undoubtedly the most fascinating places. It may be convenient to stay at an all-inclusive resort in Varadero, and then move on to various places of interest.

Island of Saint Lucia in the Antilles

An alternation of bright white beaches and black sand beaches, typically volcanic, surround an immense rainforest, rich in many varieties of plants and animals: this is how the island of Santa Lucia, the most intact of the Caribbean islands, with its unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes.
Santa Lucia, a small island state between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is located in the Lesser Antilles and one of the most popular destinations for those who want a journey of total relaxation immersed in paradisiacal landscapes. The national motto of the island of Santa Lucia is "The Land, the People, the Light" (the land, the people, the light) as evidence of an extraordinary spectacle of nature and the great hospitality of a cheerful, joyful and welcoming people . The joy of life of the inhabitants of Saint Lucia can be appreciated in Gros Islet, on weekends during the jump-up, where they eat, drink and dance to the rhythm of rumba and calypso. A true corner of paradise on earth!

  • When to go: the climate is hot and humid all year round. The best period is from February to April, the least rainy of the year; a little hotter from May to October, hurricane risk from August to October.
  • Main cities and places: the capital Castries, Soufrière, Vieux Fort, Honeymoon Beach, Marigot Bay
  • Budget (fee per person): high (over € 2.500 per person)
  • Ideas and advice: In order to make the most of this delightful location a good choice is a cruise of at least 15 days and also explore the other magnificent islands of the Caribbean; the alternative is to travel by plane and, after reaching the island, rent a car and reach the white beaches and fishing villages. In any case, there are many solutions and interesting tourist packages offered by the best travel agencies.

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