Where to go at Easter 2021 in Europe? 10 holiday destinations

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Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you want ... so why not take advantage of the freedom granted to organize something fantastic?
A nice holiday in one of the capitals of the old continent that's just what it takes to celebrate big. The good spring weather is our accomplice and the solutions are not lacking at all: from the classic London and Paris to the more alternative Utrecht and Gend, here's where to go for Easter in Europe.


  1. Paris, France
  2. London, United Kingdom
  3. Seville, Spain
  4. Berlin, Germany
  5. Lisbon, Portugal
  6. Utrecht, Holland
  7. Avignon, France
  8. Ghent, Belgium
  9. Salzburg, Austria
  10. Sofia, Bulgaria
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1 - Paris, France

Few frills: Paris is gorgeous at any time of the year. It may happen that some of the traditional attractions remain closed for the holiday but don't despair! The good weather allows you to appreciate some wonderful less conventional locations.
Take advantage of the sun for a fantastic walk in the open air: Jardin du Luxenbourg, Parc Monceau, Champ de Mars, they are all incredibly beautiful gardens. We also recommend a visit to the artists' cemetery, the Peré Lachaise or perhaps a romantic mini-cruise on the Seine.

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2 - London, UK

The holiday is particularly felt by the population because it is linked to ancient traditions. During the Holy thursday, the day in which the Last Supper of Christ with the apostles is commemorated, the famous Ceremony of the Royal Maundy takes place, dating back to the th century, on the occasion of which the Queen rewards two laudable inhabitants by giving them specially minted "royal coins". According to tradition, these coins are equal to the number of years of the sovereign. For Easter Monday instead (Easter Monday), men perform the Morris Dance, a popular dance typical of British folklore. Do not miss the traditional Easter Egg Hunt Easter egg hunt, fun guaranteed especially for the little ones. We also point out the suggestive "Passion of Christ", represented in Trafalgar Square il Good Friday.

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3 - Seville, Spain

If you are interested in participating in suggestive religious services, the ideal destination is Seville. Holy Week in Spain is the most important Easter event in the world.
The celebrations of the "Semana Santa" begin on Palm Sunday and last until Easter and the brotherhoods work throughout the year to organize the representations of the "Passion of Christ" and the processions of the mysteries. The Madrugada is the topical moment of solemn celebrations, in which the processions organized by the most important brotherhoods take place.

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4 - Berlin, Germany

During the Easter celebrations a Berlin there is an exceptionally cultural air. Events, feasts e markets characterize the period and make the atmosphere unique. Among the most famous markets we point out that of Alexanderplatz, one of the most fascinating squares in the city.
Various activities are organized in places of entertainment for the little ones, such as the City Zoo. Children can attend shows or participate in the usual treasure hunt to discover the Easter bunny egg nests. But the city is equally full of initiatives for young people and children, who usually organize fantastic outdoor spaces grilling, which typically turn into sensational parties with the setting of the sun.

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5 - Lisbon, Portugal

In recent years, Lisbon has become a very popular tourist destination and is visited by millions of tourists, many Italians. The climate is mild and breezy, a characteristic that makes it the Portuguese capital one of the ideal spring destinations. In April, don't miss the culinary festival "Lisboa Fish and Flavors: during the 10 days of its duration there will be show-cooking performances and tastings, with specialties prepared by starred chefs, both Portuguese and international.

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6 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Less crowded than the capital, Utrecht is a beautiful town where the narrow streets are crossed by canals and the traditional houses are colored with spring flowers. With nothing to envy to Amsterdam, Utrecht has a splendid Duomo with a characteristic tower, from which cobbled streets full of boutiques and cafes branch off. Don't miss the DOMunder historical site: it is an underground path where you can admire what remains of Roman fortifications dating back to 45 BC

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7 - Avignon, France

Among the bulwarks of Christianity, in the common imagination, Avignon is a medieval city located in the south of France. The ancient walls contain extraordinary beauties, many of which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Avignon it is located the largest gothic complex in the world, The Palazzo dei Papi, which was the papal residence in the fourteenth century. In April there are special events dedicated to children: the Clowns Festival and Festo Pitcho where it is possible to attend puppet shows, theater performances, live music and dance.

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8 - Ghent, Belgium

It is a beautiful town, one of the favorite destinations of Flanders and by art lovers. Worth visiting is the Cathedral of San Bavone, a religious building built in Brabantine Gothic style which houses the wonderful polyptych (altarpiece) by the van Eyck brothers entitled "The Adoration of the Mystical Lamb", dating back to 1342. In addition, each On Sundays, some second-hand or antiques markets are organized.

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9 - Salzburg, Austria

In competition with Vienna, Salzburg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria. In addition to classic attractions, such as the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mozart's Birthplace and the Cathedral, it is possible to attend, during the Easter period, the prestigious Easter Festival of classical music.

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10 - Sofia, Bulgaria

La capital of Bulgaria it is a destination full of charm, with very different characteristics from our Italian cities. It is perfect for the Easter period because the month of April marks the transition between winter and spring and temperatures increase more and more, also in relation to the hours of sunshine.
The stay in this city will be so very pleasant, it will be possible to visit the main attractions of the city including the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Boyana Church and the characteristic Museum of Socialist Art. Unfortunately, frequent rains can occur in spring.

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