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Un balloon trip it is a quiet and alternative way to discover the beauties of a locality. Gently rising from the ground and looking at the world from a different and completely unique perspective will allow you to have a smile on your face as wide as the horizon. IS an unmissable adventure for every self-respecting traveler, you only need to find a valid agency to rely on, which makes the experience truly unforgettable.

On Italian soil there are some that organize tours in different locations in the country, whether it is in the North, Center or South of the Peninsula. Are you ready to explore the Italian skies aboard a large and colorful balloon? Let's go!


  1. How much? Here are the flight and rental prices
  2. Useful info: Flight duration, safety and equipment
  3. Northern Italy
  4. Center of Italy
  5. Southern Italy and Islands
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How much? Here are the flight and rental prices

You may think that a balloon ride can cost too much, and therefore it is not accessible to everyone. Nothing more wrong! While it certainly doesn't cost as much as a bus trip, a hot air balloon tour has an average cost of 150 Euros for one hour. Usually, unless you are already a large group, the trip is shared with other passengers. If, on the other hand, you intend to rent the vehicle for a private flight, perhaps as a couple, the cost is around 1000 Euros. Balloon tours can also represent a nice and original gift idea! Also keep an eye on any offer portals such as Groupon, where coupons are periodically offered with discounts of up to 70%!

Useful info: Flight duration, safety and equipment

Balloon flights are usually organized early in the morning or at sunset. This is because the air is more stable at these times of the day, an ideal situation for this type of trip. The whole experience can last about 3 and a half hours, starting from the moment of the meeting at the collection point until landing. The actual flight lasts about an hour. Depending on the size of the balloon, the capacity also changes: there are models that can carry up to 25 people! Average range goes from 2 to 12 people, in addition to the pilot. To prepare properly for the flight it is necessary to take care of the clothing, in fact you must choose clothes suitable for the temperature of the day and dress in layers if possible. Waterproof shoes or boots and sneakers are mandatory, shoes with heels, sandals, flip-flops or slippers are absolutely prohibited. A hat is also recommended in summer to protect yourself from the heat of the burner. Like any aircraft, even the balloon has a minimum risk, which is why it is necessary to rely on professionals in the sector.

Northern Italy

The balloon flight to the North of Italy is a unique experience, the northern regions offer a changing landscape that goes from the widest plain to truly suggestive lakes and snow-capped mountains.

  • Milan Mongolfiere - San Colombano al Lambro (MI) - Tel. 0382 973674, 333 2768297
    The departure for this balloon ride is scheduled from San Colombano al Lambro, a town located just 35 km from the Lombard capital. The municipal territory is also surrounded by that of the provinces of Lodi and Pavia. If the day is beautiful and the sky is clear, it will be possible to see from the panoramic altitude the city of Pavia, Piacenza and distinguish some skyscraper in Milan, but also the Prealps and the Apennines. During the trip you can also admire the Po and the typical Lombard countryside from above.
  • Hot air balloons Italy - Barolo, Alba, Mondovì, Carrù (CN) - Tel. 348 4044117, mongolfiereitalia@gmail.com
    Piedmont is also a fabulous region for balloon flights. Those departing from the towns in the province of Cuneo foresee the overflight of a very beautiful, situated valley at the foot of the Alps. The experience includes the observation of the entire Alpine chain, including the majestic monte Rosa and the Maritime Alps. This part of Italy is rich in greenery, and it is therefore easy to see some of the local fauna in its habitat, including roe deer, wild boar, hares and pheasants.
  • Dolomiti Balloonfestival - Dobbiaco (BZ) - Tel. 0474 972132, 0474 972458, info@balloonfestival.it
    The balloon festival takes place every year in January in Dobbiaco, in the province of Bolzano. During the event there are exhibitions, demonstrations, but also the possibility of making flights. It is possible to fly over the Dolomites and, the more adventurous, can go as far as the Po Valley.

Center of Italy

Central Italy is also hiding places full of charm, which only with a trip in a hot air balloon it is possible to observe from a completely different perspective. The sweet rocking of the ball will lead you to discover the countryside of Tuscany and Lazio but also of Emilia Romagna, discovering fabulous and unforgettable landscapes.

  • Balloon Adventures Italy - Cantina Dionigi, Bevagna (PG) - Tel. 366 314 0558
    Umbria is a green region, rich not only in nature but also of history and culture. This is why taking a tour in the Umbrian skies is an experience that allows you to appreciate it from a privileged perspective. Hills planted with vineyards, mountains covered with dense woods, but also convents and castles, witnesses of a bygone era: these are the landscapes that await the passengers on the balloon!
  • Flying in a hot air balloon - Carpineti (RE) - Tel. 0522 719518, 335 329239
    Immersed in the silence of the high altitude, the hot air balloon will offer you a unique opportunity to observe and maybe take some pictures of new scenarios, in an area rich in history and nature. The area ofReggiano Apennines it offers uncontaminated nature but also historical testimonies, such as the Matildic Castle of the "Carpinete". The rocky area called Pietra di Bismantova, on the other hand, offers the possibility of identifying numerous wild animals.
  • Tuscany Ballooning - San Casciano in Val di Pesa (FI) - Tel. 335 645 4036
    The Tuscany Ballooning agency, in addition to the main one in San Casciano in Val di Pesa (FI), has numerous airfields near Florence, Siena and Lucca. In this way it will be possible for those who want to live this experience in Tuscany to be able to choose which of the main cities to fly over on board the hot air balloon. It goes without saying that cities already magnified from a "normal" perspective can look beautiful from the top of the balloon!

Southern Italy and Islands

Have you ever seen the sea from above? The South also offers unmissable opportunities to live a unique experience and fly over enchanting landscapes, obviously experienced from an alternative point of view.

  • Salerno Incoming Services - Paestum (SA) - Tel. 089 9952075
    Here is a hot air balloon tour in the fantastic setting of Cilento. Thanks to this trip it will be possible to fly over the ancient city of Peastum with its temples of Greek origin, such as the Temple dedicated to the goddess Hera. Thanks to the balloon trip you can take a real leap into the past from a different perspective, discovering the ancient Magna Graecia.
  • Wonderful Puglia - Castel del Monte (BAT) - Tel. 331 7194805, info@meravigliosapuglia.it
    Do you want to visit Puglia ... changing the air? Here the hot air balloon comes to your aid. The Apulian experience will be able to capture everyone's attention and make you feel indelible emotions that you will always remember. Furthermore, there is as a starting point one of the most suggestive Apulian localities, Castel del Monte.
  • Ethereal hot air balloon - Cosenza - Tel. 342 1792734
    From the skies of Calabria they will be observed territories declared heritage of Unesco, for a superlative experience. From the hot-air balloon it will be possible to admire the Sila plateau, the Ionian coast and, for the lucky ones who can enjoy a particularly clear day, the Ionian Sea on one side and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other.
  • Sicilying - at the Dittaino exit of the Catania-Palermo motorway - Tel. 095 226 5853
    Here is an alternative way to enjoy the unforgettable Sicilian landscapes. You can also choose to "float" above the highest volcano in Europe, Etna. An undoubtedly adrenaline-pumping experience, suitable for the bravest. Woods, villages, lakes and, in the background, the splendid sea of ​​the island complete the picture.

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