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    Where to eat steak in New York: guide to the best places

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    Very often when you think of meat dishes, in America, you immediately connect them tohamburger. While this is, in fact, one of the must-haves of anyone visiting the US, there are still many other ways to enjoy meat. Classic, innovative recipes, borrowed from other countries, the Big Apple is also a steak lover's paradise.

    Just choose the right place and, sometimes, plan to spend a little more. Money well placed, however, because the taste, the environment and the service of these restaurants that we have selected for you are true excellences in the gourmand panorama of New York City.


    • Map of recommended restaurants
    • Smith & Wollensky
    • Peter Luger
    • Keens Steakhouse
    • Porter House Bar & Grill
    • Sparks Steak House
    • Trading
    • Minetta Tavern
    • 4 Charles Prime Rib
    • Uncle Jack’s
    • Gallaghers Steakhouse

    Map of recommended restaurants

    Smith & Wollensky

    A steak, and let's get it over with. This is the motto of the Steakhouse Smith & Wollensky, a chain of restaurants that finds one of the most popular locations “across the USA” in its New York office. Opened in 1977 on the corner of Third Avenue and 49th Street, the restaurant has since served only the finest aged meat, cooked in different ways.

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    Not only beef, but also chicken and lamb, however, the main dish of the restaurant is the sirloin rare (but it can also be requested well cooked or medium cooked), tasty and very soft, served with various side dishes such as giant asparagus, spinach steamed or pearl oyster mushrooms. Even if there is no shortage of classic potatoes, in all sauces, shapes and types of cooking.

    The cost of lunch, excluding drinks, starts at $ 63. The restaurant is open every day, for lunch and dinner, from 11.45 to 23.00.

    • Where: corner of 3rd Avenue and 49th Street.

    Peter Luger

    Opened at the end of the 800th century, this restaurant is one of the oldest in New York. Over the decades it has received many awards, up to being named "Best Steakhouse in New York". Apart from the undisputed freshness and goodness of the meats served, slaughtered internally (so much so that you can also buy different cuts in the attached butcher's), the location is one that makes the difference.

    The red brick building that houses it is located near the Williamsburg neighborhood, one of the trendiest in the Big Apple, and the interiors are simple, but neat, with a predominance of warm wood and leather seats. There are diversified menus based on the days of the week. A great classic that is recommended to order from Peter Luger, however, is the braised beef to try along with the fried onion rings.

    The cost of dinner, excluding drinks, starts at $ 60. The restaurant is open every day, with different hours.

    • Where: 178 Broadway, Brooklyn.

    Keens Steakhouse

    Foto di Edsel Little

    Another historic New York venue, founded in 1885, this restaurant is famous for many firsts, all of whom are curious. Inside, for example, there are over 90.000 clay pipes (one of the largest collections of this type in the world), some owned by illustrious personalities such as Theodore Roosevelt, Liza Minnelli, Albert Einstein and Buffalo Bill, members of the Pipe Club housed inside the restaurant before it became a "simple" restaurant. Then, the best mutton chops in town are served here.

    The historic interiors, in which time seems to have stopped at the Club della Pipa, offer an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, sometimes romantic. Unmissable, here, is the Florentine-style steak, to be tried with spinach cream.

    The cost of lunch, drinks not included, starts at $ 75. The restaurant is open every day, Monday to Friday from 11.45am to 22.30pm, Saturdays from 17pm to 22.30pm, Sunday from 17pm to 21.30pm. Reservations are recommended.

    • Where: between 72 West and 36th Street, two blocks from the Empire State Building.

    Porter House Bar & Grill

    A place considered “luxury”, it is located in a futuristic building in Columbus Circle and was opened by Micheal Lomonaco, a very famous TV star and chef in the USA. Specializing in beef steaks, chicken and game, in 2018 it was voted "Best Steakhouse in New York" by New York Magazine. It goes without saying, therefore, that it is not exactly cheap. But a dinner here is well worth a certain kind of expense.

    The setting is chic and refined, a mix of contemporary furnishings and historical forays. Each dish, then, is strictly served with a dedicated cocktail. The must of this restaurant is definitely the beef loin served with green sauce (chimichurri) and a side of roasted Brussels sprouts.

    The cost of dinner, excluding drinks, starts at $ 70. The restaurant is open for lunch every day, from 11.30 to 14.45, while for dinner it is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 15 to 22, from Thursday to Saturday from 15 to 23.

    • Where: 10 Columbus Circle, 4° piano.

    Sparks Steak House

    Located in Midtown Manhattan, this restaurant is also well known for having witnessed a Mafia settling of scores that took place in the 80s with the killing, on its front door, of Mafia bosses Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti. It is not uncommon, therefore, to find tourists who have their photos taken at the entrance of the restaurant. A touch of color aside, this place is very characteristic, with a clear Italian imprint.

    Careful furnishings, elegant mise en place and a respectable wine cellar are the setting for sublime dishes. Beef medallions with Bordeaux sauce and mushrooms is one of the restaurant's most popular dishes, a delight that literally melts in your mouth. The cost of dinner, excluding drinks, starts at $ 40. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, from 12 noon to 23 pm.

    • Where: 210 East 46th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.


    Those who want to try unusual locations will like it. In fact, Cote is a mix of Korean cuisine, American tradition and an almost endless wine list. Specializing in grilled meat, which is cooked directly at the table (without making smoke), the restaurant is decorated in a typical Asian style, with soft lighting and minimal accessories.

    For a truly unique experience (even in price), it is recommended to order the Steak Omakase, a tour of 10 different cuts of beef, including tartare, scallops with caviar, banchan (side dishes based on rice, vegetables, horseradish …), Kimchi salad, lettuce rolls, noodles, egg soufflé and, to finish, caramelized sundae.

    The cost is the only sore point (but it's worth it, being a Michelin star restaurant!): This menu costs $ 165 per person, excluding drinks. Cote is open for dinner only, Sunday to Wednesday, 17pm to 23pm, Thursday to Saturday 17pm to 1am.

    • Where: 16 West 22nd Street, between West 5th and 6th Avenues, two blocks from Madison Square Park.

    Minetta Tavern

    Iconic New York restaurant located in the West Village, Minetta Tavern (or at least the space the restaurant now occupies) began its glory days as a clandestine liquor store in the 20s, once frequented by luminaries like Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound, and shady types, chosen by the New York elite, and not only, today.

    The environment is refined, furnished in shades of white and black, on the walls caricatures of characters from the past and murals restored and restored to their original splendor. The most coveted dish served at the Minetta Tavern is the Porterhouse-style veal cutlet served with a side of cauliflower au gratin.

    The cost of lunch, excluding drinks, starts at $ 64. The restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday to Friday from 12 to 15pm. You can dine here from Sunday to Wednesday, from 17pm to midnight and from Thursday to Saturday from 17pm to 1am. Reservations are recommended.

    • Where: 113 Macdougal Street, on the corner with Minetta Lane.

    4 Charles Prime Rib

    In the heart of the West Village, this small restaurant (just 10 tables) is almost hidden behind a tiny black door and looks like an old clandestine liquor store, among soft lights, leather sofas, wall paneling and small Art Nouveau lamps and candles to lighten the atmosphere a little. Which is immediately warm, welcoming and even romantic.

    It goes without saying that you eat very well and the portions, which is a little less obvious, are literally huge. What to order? Simple: choose the rib of beef rare with Bernese sauce, with a side of grilled corn on the cob.

    The cost of dinner, excluding drinks, starts at $ 100. The restaurant is open for dinner only, Monday to Sunday, from 17pm to midnight. Reservations are highly recommended.

    • Where: 4 Charles Street.

    Uncle Jack’s

    Photos at Mitch Altman

    Another meat lover's place, the Westside's Uncle Jack's is located near Hell's Kitchen and is a riot of wood, leather seating, warm, soft lighting. There are many menus to choose from (there are also for children), different depending on the time of day.

    The highlight of this restaurant, however, is the mix of fillets, roasted and with green pepper, served with mushroom chips and coriander. Finally, what makes this place even more special is the extensive national and international wine list, carefully selected by the owner.

    The cost of lunch, drinks not included, starts at $ 30. The restaurant located in the Westside is open on Mondays from 11.30 to 22, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.30 to 23, Sunday from 12 to 22.

    • Where: 440 Ninth Avenue.

    Gallaghers Steakhouse

    A stone's throw from sparkling Broadway and the iconic Times Square, this restaurant founded in the early 900s was first an anti-Prohibition venue and later became a chic address with a very specific dress code, from casual to elegant, no too sporty clothing, nor shorts. Usually frequented by celebrities from TV, theater and finance, the steakhouse offers specialties such as lamb cutlets accompanied by Lyonnaise potatoes.

    The cost of lunch, excluding drinks, starts at $ 62. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday from 11.45 am to 23.30 pm, on Sunday from 11.45 am to 22.30 pm.

    • Where: 228 West 52nd Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

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    Where to eat in New York

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