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Viterbo is one of the most popular and visited cities in Tuscia, the Italian area which includes part of the territories of Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. In addition to being known as the City of Popes, Due to the fact that it hosted the papal see in the thirteenth century, Viterbo is sought after for the numerous free spas and located around its urban fabric, for the popular manifestation of the Machine of Santa Rosa (celebrated in honor of the patron saint, every early September) and for the dishes of the culinary tradition.


  1. Buongusto Piadineria
  2. To the old clock
  3. Sale Nero Restaurant
  4. The Glutton
  5. Osteria del Vicolo
  6. Rossi Panini author
  7. Tony Crock
  8. Porta Romana
  9. BiPizza Monastery
  10. L'Antica Latteria
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Buongusto Piadineria

Remaining on the subject of street food, we recommend this place, small but welcoming, ideal for a quick lunch. All the wraps are made at the moment and are used exclusively products at 0 km. Excellent value for money. The two owners, a couple of boys, are witty and very attentive to the requests of their customers.

  • Address: Piazza del Plebiscito, 17 - Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 3936619127 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: piadina stuffed with chicory, olive cream and dried tomatoes; piadina with grilled aubergines, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan flakes and basil cream; piadina with porchetta from Tuscia and chicory;
  • Average price per person: around € 15,00

2 - At the old clock

Very characteristic place, with peperino at sight, which offers a menu of typical dishes. At Paolo Bianchini's old clock it seems to be one of the best restaurants in the city of Viterbo. Finding it will not be difficult: it is located in the heart of the City of Popes.

  • Address: Via vecchio clock, 25 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 335337754 - Facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: Osteria appetizer of local cold cuts and cheeses; pork fillet with honey and saffron from Tuscia; among the pizzas, the "GuanciaMia" is recommended.
  • Average price per person: around € 25,00

3 - Sale Nero Restaurant

Delightful family-run restaurant, with level and quality preparations. Regular customers warmly recommend the fish-based dishes, always very fresh, and the various first courses that are offered. If you are undecided, ask the waiters for help: they will certainly find a way to amaze you.

  • Address: Via Bottalone, 5 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 0761325045 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: Tortelli with infusion of porcini and bottarga; sea ​​bass with lemon compote; sea ​​ravioli with scallop and shrimp filling.
  • Average price per person: around € 25,00

4 - The Glutton

Do you fancy pizza? Then Il Ghiottone is the place for you: informal atmosphere, very kind staff and one wide choice of pizzas, all good and super cheap.

  • Address: Via A. Solieri, 1 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 0761326343
  • Specialty of the house: pizza by the slice, regardless of the flavor you prefer
  • Average price per person: around € 10,00

5 - Osteria del Vicolo

Specialized in second meat, Osteria del Vicolo is characterized by fast and friendly service and excellent quality dishes. All framed by a rustic and slightly romantic atmosphere.

  • Address: Via San Vito, 10 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 3277118600 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: fillet with caramelized onions; entrecot accompanied by porcini mushrooms; bujone
  • Average price per person: Fixed menu at € 15,00

6 - Author's Rossi Panini

Mediterranean recipes by fresh ingredients, abundant and tasty sandwiches and an air of conviviality. How do you say no to a lunch break in the simple (but very organized!) Rossi sandwich shop?

  • Address: Via Duilio Mainella, 16 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 338 3562277 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: Bansky salad; salty croissants with salmon and cheese; sandwiches filled to taste.
  • Average price per person: the price is around € 10,00 per person

7 - Tony Crock

Called the street food wizard by his loyal patrons, Tony Crock is the place to go if you're looking Stuffed sandwiches tasty and give it somewhat unusual and original ingredients. You can find it near the historic center, just right to indulge in a tasty snack after visiting the city.

  • Address: Via Cardinal Pietro la Fontaine, 7 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 347 5007366 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: beef burger; horse burger; Chianina hamburger stuffed to taste
  • Average price per person: € 10,00 approximately

8 - Porta Romana

Because you can't miss this trattoria with an 80s interior? First, for the genuine and simple but tasty dishes. Second, for the owner who will make you feel like one of the family. In short, a bit like being at grandma's house!

  • Address: Via della Bontà, 12 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 0761307118 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: herb soup; pork knuckle; side dish of local mushrooms
  • Average price per person: around € 25,00

9 - BiPizza Monastery

Spartan atmosphere, large portions and stratospheric pizza: this is what awaits you at the Monastero BiPizza pizza restaurant. It seems that the favorite specialty of customers is precisely there double taste pizza (traditional taste followed by the variant of the pizza maker) which has made the place famous in the city. But be careful: if you don't take reservations over the phone, you'll want to go there early so as not to risk getting queued!

  • Address: Via Fattungheri, 8 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 0761324346 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: the double pizza with double taste
  • Average price per person: from € 10,00 approx

10 - The Ancient Dairy

Finally, we come to talk about sweets. The Antica Latteria is one of the most popular ice cream parlors in Viterbo, thanks to the vast offer of ice cream ... so vast that it will really please everyone! Inside the restaurant, moreover, there are several tables and it is possible to take advantage of the free Wifi service: perfect for those who need a ... greedy break!

  • Address: Way of Truth, 25 - get directions
  • Contact us: Tel (+39) 0761344285 - facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: ice cream, in every possible flavor you can think of; artisanal cream; Modica chocolate.
  • Average price per person: it is difficult to exceed € 10,00

Viterbo specialties and typical dishes

La Viterbo cuisine, due to the particular geographical location of the city, it has undergone over time the culinary influences from neighboring regions, so much so that the typical dishes are born from a mixture of flavors and ingredients belonging to the Tusciano world. Among the first courses, the inevitable spaghetti cheese and pepper and Reatine shit constitute two bastions of the gastronomic tradition, not to forget the stracciatella alla Romana, Served especially during the Christmas period.
As for the latter, instead, we find a rather varied set of land and sea products: the pike alla Bolsenese approaches the turkey all'arrabbiata, the very tasty carnation (stewed beef flavored with cloves) withabbacchino alla cacciatora (made with lamb meat).
Finally, the typical dessert par excellence of the whole area are i tozzetti of Viterbo, prepared with hazelnuts from local crops.
If you are a lover of street foodInstead, you will find many places able to satisfy you with the proposals of simple but tasty and quality food. A few examples? The wraps with artichoke cream, or the slices of bread lightly seared and accompanied by a sauce of cream cucumbers. To bring aquolina in your mouth!

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