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    Where to eat in New York: restaurants and diners in the Big Apple

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    The great New York metropolis, as you can imagine, is overflowing with clubs, restaurants, bars and cafes suitable for all budgets. As you can read in our article on what to eat in New York, essentially there is no real one traditional cuisine, because, like many other large cities, it has assimilated a little from all the various culinary traditions of the people who populate it.

    Of course, New York is the indisputable homeland of junk food American, that of fast food, hamburgers, hot dogs, bagels and desserts such as cupcakes and cheesecake (moreover the famous New York Cheesecake is the protagonist of our "Cheesecake recipe"), but there are also more genuine points of reference, albeit at a higher price.

    As for the drinks, try it Brooklyn Lager, locally brewed beer, while paying attention to the choice of wines, which are often sold at their weight in gold. Coffee, on the other hand, is another institution of the city: in addition to the famous chains such as Starbucks in the Big Apple, there are many places of worship able to offer refined alternatives to the classic American coffee (have you read our article on coffee in New York?).

    Let's now see a selection of recommended places divided by the five major districts of New York.


    • Where to eat in Brooklyn
    • Where to eat in Manhattan
    • Where to eat in the Bronx
    • Where to eat in Queens
    • Where to eat on Staten Island

    Where to eat in Brooklyn

    It is one of the coolest areas of the moment when it comes to New York, not as chaotic as Manhattan but equally full of clubs, shopping streets, musical events and characteristic buildings, not to mention the charm of the famous Brooklyn Bridge, which connects it precisely on the island of Manhattan.

    Right near the bridge is located The River Cafè, 1 Water St, with an extraordinary view that makes it a romantic and elegant restaurant, where you can enjoy a dinner of international dishes at a reasonable price. Also in the area around the Brooklyn Bridge is the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, 1 Front St, definitely more suitable for an informal evening with friends with great and good Italian-American pizzas, with an excellent tourist location, and with the possibility of tasting the local beer, Brooklyn Lager.

    Moving to the Williamsburg area instead we find Marlow & Sons, 81 Broadway, which offers local and European cuisine, a place especially suitable for enjoying abundant American breakfasts in a simple and economical way. And by the way… also check out our article on where to have breakfast in New York for a wider overview.

    Where to eat in Manhattan

    This is the core of New York, where the attractions that characterize the city are located: the Wall Street Stock Exchange, Cental Park, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, or the important architecture of skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

    Da PJ Clarke's, 915 3rd Ave, e da Shake Shack, 691 8th Ave, it is possible to taste some of the best burgers and typical fast food dishes, for a satisfying lunch without spending too much, but if you want to live an authentic New York experience, the advice is to opt for Burger Joint. For an overview on the subject, you can take a look at our article on the best burgers in New York.

    At 1 West Central Park you will find the Nougatine at Jean Georges, a big name in French cuisine located in the Trump Tower; Virgil’s Real Barbecue, 152 W 44th St, is a restaurant specializing in meat cooking, well known for its great influence of southern cuisine at a competitive price.

    If you prefer to pamper yourself with delicious cupcakes you have to contact the Magnolia Bakery, 401 Bleecker Street, for a sweet break with a huge choice: the best are red velvet cupcakes or chocolate devil's food.

    In true “Alice in Wonderland” style we find Alice’s Tea Cup, 102 West 73rd Street, a well-kept place with porcelain cups and teapots in a truly reconstructed fairytale setting. Finally, the club is almost an obligatory stop in New York Katz's Delicatessen, 205 E Houston Street, which became famous for a scene from the movie "When Harry Met Sally", but above all for the goodness of typical Yiddish dishes, such as pastrami, a sandwich with beef enriched with spices.

    Between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District is one of the best places to eat Mexican cuisine in the city, Tacos #1 (75 9th Avenue), while in a slightly decentralized area (but still reachable by the New York subway), there is the best Indian restaurant in Manhattan, the Spice Symphony (182 Lexington Ave, fra 32 and 31 Street).

    If, on the other hand, you are overwhelmed by an irresistible desire to bite into a nice steak, don't despair: da Smith & Wollensky (797 Third Avenue) you will find delicious meat although of course, like any good meat restaurant, you shouldn't expect a cheap dinner! Other restaurants where to eat it are indicated in the in-depth article on steak in New York.

    How do tipping work? Not sure how tipping waiters works? Check out our article on Tips in America!

    What if you suddenly feel homesick? I report you Ancient Noah, in the Turtle Bay area (220 E 53rd St), where you can enjoy delicious Tuscan-style sandwiches. The original Antico Noè is a famous restaurant in Florence that prepares both traditional dishes and huge and tasty sandwiches: it is considered one of the best in the whole city not only by Florentines but also by Americans, who make a fixed stop during their stay in Florence . The success was such that the owners of Antico Noè decided to open a New York branch, with the promise that the quality of the ingredients will always be the same!

    Finally, here are a series of useful tips to bite into the best pizza in New York and recommended places to taste the best coffee in New York.

    Where to eat in the Bronx

    The Bronx in New York has had a reputation as a slum for years, but fortunately this is no longer the case, although the prejudice of American collective thought has remained. Several areas have been remodeled now offering shopping, culture and art, right in the other areas of New York: Riverdale, for example, it is the bourgeois residential area where there are also excellent public and private institutions for high-level education.

    In Bronx there is an Italian community that has given shape to what, according to some, is the real one Little Italy from New York. Here you will find several restaurants, including Enzo’s, 1998 Williamsbridge Rd, with dishes deriving from the Italian tradition such as rigatoni alla bolognese, eggplant parmigiana, and excellent freshly baked bread, or Michaelangelo’s Little Italy, 2477 Arthur Avenue, family-run Spanish restaurant with tasty lasagna, original margherita pizza and fresh fish dishes.

    For seafood dishes, however, the City Island Lobster House, 691 Bridge St, is a strong competitor, with large portions at a reasonable price, also ideal for families. If, on the other hand, you prefer to dive into American landmarks, try the Jake’s Steakhouse, 6031 Broadway, believed to be one of the best steakhouses in town, with good value for money and a welcoming atmosphere, or head to the Yankee Tavern, 72 East 161st Street, just two blocks from Yankee Stadium, an ideal spot for a snack and a cold beer before or after baseball games, with a touch of nostalgia for the past greatness of the team.

    Where to eat in the Queens

    In the western part of Long Island, bordering Brooklyn, is the eclectic residential neighborhood of Queens, with strong multi-ethnic influences, especially Asian, Greek and Latin.

    It is no coincidence that there are several Thai and Asian restaurants, such as the Thai Rock, 375 Beach 92nd Street, with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy specialties at a reasonable price, e Zakynthos, 3838 31st St, a diner run by a Greek family, with excellent breakfasts of pancakes or soft sandwiches with equally good coffee.

    Where to eat in Staten Island

    The greenest area of ​​the city, thanks to three public parks and the Staten Island Botanical Garden, therefore a relatively quiet area compared to the more crowded Brooklyn and Manhattan.

    Lo Z, 977 Bay St, is a Michelin-starred restaurant, with a beautiful outdoor garden and elegant interiors with refined furnishings. Here meat and vegetable dishes are enriched with light spices and aromatic herbs to give the guest a delicious experience, at a slightly higher price than the average but worth the service (Please note:: this place is unfortunately closed permanently).

    The German and Austrian cuisine restaurant is also particular Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn, 4254 Arthur Kill Rd, where you can drink excellent beer and typical dishes with staff dressed in Bavarian costumes and equally characteristic furnishings.

    And you? Which venues would you add to this list?

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