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A kitchen rich, "full-bodied", full of flavors from the best Lombard food and wine tradition, but with a touch of modernity that will not leave indifferent even the most "traditional" palates. The kitchen of Mantova it is to be considered a real forge of colors, textures, perfectly successful mixes, where cured meats and vegetables play a very important role.


  1. Hamburgheria Viva Cafe
  2. At the Buca della Gabbia
  3. Four Tits
  4. Al Torchio BIGOLERIA
  5. Farmer Ciapa and Porta a Cà
  6. Osteria dell'Oca
  7. Corte Bersaglio farmhouse
  8. Pizzeria La Botte
  9. Tortelli & Friends
  10. Piadineria Caffetteria The meeting
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1 - Hamburgheria Viva Cafe

If you think, once you enter the burger Viva Cafe you will find yourself in front of the umpteenth American fast food chain, then you are making an unforgivable mistake. From the most famous stars and stripes fast food chains, this friendly restaurant draws only on the philosophy of offering customers lunch and dinner based on super burger and inevitable side dish based on french fries; but the Viva Cafe also offers other courses, all made with fresh and very Italian products.

  • Address: Piazzale Cesare Beccaria 5. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 0376 245705
  • Specialty of the house: Chianina burger with potato side dish
  • Average price per person: € 5,00 - € 10,00

2 - At the Hole of the Cage

Don't call it a simple brewery. At the Buca della Gabbia is a real institution in the field of pubs and wine bars in Mantua. Located in an excellent position, the restaurant offers a varied menu that draws on the Mantuan tradition and a wide and detailed selection of wines e beers (among these, the one at pumpkin, truly unique).

  • Address: Via Camillo Benso Cavour 98. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 345 633 6101, facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: mixed platter of cold cuts and cheeses
  • Average price per person: € 20,00

3 - Four Boobs

The name of the place and the rather rustic mood for a restaurant serving typical Mantuan specialties should not be misleading. To the Four Tits you eat well and spend relatively well little. Recommended for young people and those who love - or who want to experience for the first time - the typical flavors of the city.

  • Address: Vicolo Nazione 4. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 0376 329478
  • Specialty of the house: pumpkin crepes with mulled wine
  • Average price per person: € 20,00

4 - Al Torchio BIGOLERIA

The local specialty is fairly obvious, but the flavor will not stop surprising you. If you are a fan of bigoli, you can not miss a leap At the Press to try all the specialties of this extraordinary egg pasta, served as tradition requires: and cook until pasta is.

  • Address: Via Solferino E San Martino 31. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 348 046 6563, Facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: bigoli with donkey and rabbit ragout
  • Average price per person: € 7,00

5 - Farmer Ciapa and Porta a Cà

Products a kilometer zero, a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, second courses of fresh meat and vegetables and one pizza worthy of praise. The Farmer Ciapa and leads to cà it is ideal for a quick meal (e plentiful!) with an eye for your health (all the products used for the recipes have been grown and maintained in an absolutely healthy way) and, not negligible detail, for your wallet.

  • Address: Via Orefici 9. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 0376 196 1484, Facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: black rice with zucchini, chickpeas and scamorza
  • Average price per person: € 7,00 - € 20,00

6 - Osteria dell'Oca

Let's start with an obligatory premise:Osteria dell'Oca, a place that serves typical Mantua specialties, is accessible above all by prior notice booking (unfortunately the tables are quite small, this is probably the only drawback of this restaurant). The effort to find a place, however, will be amply rewarded with a menu that will leave you speechless for the gluttony, thanks to a wide selection of typical dishes of the Lombard city, from appetizers to desserts.

  • Address: Via Trieste 10. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 0376 327171, Facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: sbrisolona cake
  • Average price per person: € 20,00

7 - Corte Bersaglio farmhouse

Noisy place but good food ottima qualità in the suggestive location offered byCorte Bersaglio farmhouse, the ideal place to celebrate a special event in cheerful company.

  • Address: Viale Learco Guerra 15 | Location Migliaretto. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 346 726 0961
  • Specialty of the house: risotto with porcini mushrooms and truffle cream
  • Average price per person: € 20,00

8 - Pizzeria La Botte

Agree, Mantova it is not Naples and the best Lombard pizza cannot be even remotely comparable to its Neapolitan counterpart. However The barrel, a characteristic pizzeria in the Lombard city, offers an excellent product, with perfect leavening times, a wide selection of flavors, all surrounded by very kind staff and at a more than affordable price.

  • Address: Via della Conciliazione 96. Get directions
  • Specialty of the house: white pizza with artichokes and artichoke cream
  • Average price per person: € 8,00

9 - Tortelli & Friends

It will not be difficult at all to guess the must eat del dish Tortelli & Friends, a tavern in which lunch and dinner become, rather than obligatory stops, real sensory experiences.

  • Address: Via Domenico Fernelli 28 / A. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 0376 196 2190, Facebook page
  • Specialty of the house: pumpkin tortelli with butter and sage
  • Average price per person: € 13,00

10 - Piadineria Caffetteria The meeting

For a fast lunch break, but no less greedy, you can turn your attention to the vast selection of sweet wraps e salads served at the Piadineria Caffetteria The meeting. Doughs of all kinds - from 00 flour to that of hemp, absolute novelty of the place - for wraps stuffed with all sorts of cold cuts, vegetables or fruit (in the sweet variant) fresh and washed down with every kind of drink, from simple water to liqueur - Ça va sans dire! - hemp flavor.

  • Address: Via Ippolito Nievo, 36. Get directions
  • Contact us: Tel: +39 347 630 4917
  • Specialty of the house: piadina with grilled chicken breast cut into cubes, grilled peppers and mayonnaise
  • Average price per person: € 5,00 - € 10,00

Specialties and typical dishes

A self-respecting meal can only open with a wide selection of cold cuts and 100% Mantuan cold cuts as an appetizer accompanied by chiscela, the typical salty focaccia of the place. Between first dishes the risotto, the agnolini in broth and the famous pumpkin tortelli, a must for restaurants in Mantua, are preferred. The second courses they are mainly based on meat (braised, stewed donkey and mixed boiled meat), but do not disdain lake fauna (stewed or fried catfish is a real delicacy); inevitable, alongside every self-respecting Lombard second course, the evergreen polenta. Every self-respecting meal always ends with a note Dolce: the rose cake made with butter and sugar, the Elvezia cake made with almond paste and garnished with zabaglione, and finally the extravagant and exquisite sbrisolona cake.

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