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    Where to eat in Los Angeles: recommended restaurants and diners

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    The Californian city symbol of celebrities and the film industry, thanks to neighborhoods such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills, also offers several gastronomic delicacies to savor, starting from the many influences of ethnic cuisine, including Mexican, Japanese, Salvadorian, Ethiopian, and so on and so forth.

    But Los Angeles is still a seaside city, so it offers restaurants with fresh fish dishes and with a Mediterranean flavor, while the classics fast food Americans are always a viable alternative for a quick and inexpensive snack.

    Very characteristic are the diner 50s, that is, the snack bars, or the wine bars, excellent as a meeting place to spend an evening having fun in company. So let's see some tips on where to eat in Los Angeles divided by areas and neighborhoods.


    • Downtown Los Angeles: in the heart of the city
    • Hollywood and its neighbors, walking among the stars
    • Santa Monica and Venice Beach: the coastal paradise
    • Beverly Hills, where to eat in Los Angeles between luxury and everyday life
    • More information about Los Angeles ...

    Downtown Los Angeles: in the heart of the city

    The Broad

    Downtown Los Angeles is an area often underestimated by mass tourism that offers many interesting attractions for those who have the time to explore this part of the city as well.

    Also here are some of the most characteristic and popular restaurants and clubs in Los Angeles. Let's find out which are the main ones.

    • Small Weight (419 W 7th St): If you like oriental cuisine then you must try this Filipino restaurant which has been one of the most popular in the city since 2010.
    • Wood Spoon (107 W 9th St): in this case we are talking about a restaurant specializing in Brazilian cuisine. The main dish is a chicken pie, with heart of palm, potatoes, olives and roasted corn.
    • Sonoratown (208 E 8th St): can't you do without a good taco? Here you can eat what many say are the best in the city.
    • the cute little sky (E-23 Olvera St): among the many attractions of the center, between visits to art galleries and the fashion district, find time to stop for a taco at number 23 of the characteristic Olvera Street, a small but historic place to eat Mexican and South American cuisine, with excellent chile relleno and an exquisite avocado sauce.
    • rossoblu (1124 San Julian St City Market South): after taking a culinary tour of the world, why not come back to savor the dishes of our house? If you miss Italian delicacies, book a table here and try the homemade pasta in a very special and well-kept location.

    Hollywood and its neighbors, walking among the stars

    This is the most famous area of ​​Los Angeles, thanks to the film and music industry, as well as the characteristic Walk of Fame, with the names of the most important international stars set in stars on the sidewalk.

    A must for music lovers is a stop atHard Rock Cafe at 6801 Hollywood Blvd, considered the best of the well-known chain, not so much for the quality of the restaurant, but for the decor and the hard rock culture that reigns there.

    If you want to eat a burger that is a bit out of the ordinary, you can try the Big Mec da Little Three (718 N Highland Ave), a double cheeseburger with American cheese, caramelized onions, and a red wine sauce with foie gras.

    For those who want to remain faithful to American flavors do not miss the opportunity to eat atElectric Owl (1451 N Gardner St) a restaurant whose architecture recalls that of a train station, whose main dish is certainly the House Double burger.

    Another particular place is the Magic Castle (7025 Franklin Ave) which, however, can only be accessed if staying in the hotel of the same name (or if included in the list by some promoter): it is in fact a splendid Victorian house renovated like a castle, in which the dress seems a must elegant so as not to feel out of place.

    Santa Monica and Venice Beach: the coastal paradise

    In addition to the wonderful beaches along the Pacific Highway that runs along the ocean, Santa Monica and Venice Beach in Los Angeles offer restaurants that take advantage of their favorable position to offer delicious seafood dinners, first of all the Water Grill (1401 Ocean Ave). Great location, spacious and recently refurbished venue for a tasty experience and excellent service.

    If you want to take a step back in time, the Johnny Rockets of Santa Monica (1322 3rd Street Promenade) is the place for you. In this diner you will find a great choice of hamburgers that you can eat surrounded by a very well made 50s atmosphere.

    An alternative can be the well-known fruit and vegetable market in Santa Monica, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, where you can buy genuine local products for a one-day picnic.

    For other tips I suggest you read our in-depth study dedicated to where to eat in Santa Monica and where to eat in Venice.

    Beverly Hills, where to eat in Los Angeles between luxury and everyday life

    Fashion and beauty district and home to some celebrities, Beverly Hills offers the luxury of boutiques and villas in the hills, but also the simplicity ofOriginal Farmers Market, 6333 West 3rd St towards Central LA, where you can buy fresh and good local ingredients. While among the restaurants it stands out Spago, Italian and Californian cuisine, at 176 North Canon Dr, in an elegant setting.

    For more advice, I refer you to our in-depth study dedicated to where to eat in Beverly Hills.

    More information about Los Angeles ...

    Are you looking for more info on the city of angels? Are you planning what to see in LA? Read all the articles on the site dedicated to this wonderful city.

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