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    Where to eat in Chicago: restaurants and diners to try in the city

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    Like other big American cities, too Chicago has its own culinary traditions, which have established themselves over the years to become real institutions. In the first places we find the culture of meat:hot dog, the original one, prepared with grilled or steamed sausage and accompanied by homemade sauces, steakhouses and street food kiosks, where you can tasteSpagnan beef sandwich, a sandwich with thinly cut meat with sauces reminiscent of boiled meat, creating a juicy and tasty mix.

    Other culinary must-haves are there deep dish pizza and the ethnic cuisine of the communities present here. A taste of these typical American dishes certainly cannot be missed for a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the city. So let's see some advice on where to eat in Chicago:


    • Near North Side and Gold Coast: the many city proposals
    • Lakeview, a vegetarian stop on the lake
    • Loop, the full center
    • And for dessert?

    Near North Side and Gold Coast: the many city proposals

    It is one of the four areas that make up downtown Chicago, full of hotels, entertainment and shops, including spectacular buildings and cultural venues such as galleries, museums and theaters.

    At 100 W. Ontario Street, it is located Portillo’s Hot Dogs, structured as a fast-food restaurant as far as self-service is concerned, with dishes served on cabaret trays and the use of disposable wrappers, but in reality it offers much more, with the use of always fresh and first choice ingredients. With spacious rooms and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is the ideal place to eat in Chicago l’hot dog American and l’Spagnan beef sandwich, which meat lovers will not easily forget.

    If, on the other hand, you are not really a meat lover, you can opt for the Pizzeria Uno's, at 29 E. Ohio Street, where the deep dish pizza, or pizza pie, which in the Spanish imagination is more associated with a savory pie. It is in fact a dish with thick and deep pasta, which includes a lot of cheese and tomato filling as basic ingredients, to which it is possible to add many other condiments.

    Being one of the best known and most renowned places in Chicago i waiting time they are generally long, the ideal would be to book and leave your order already so as not to have to wait too long once a seat is taken; a compromise to be accepted also due to the fact that the cooking times for the deep pizza they are definitely longer than traditional Italian pizza.

    There's a saying that you can't visit Chicago without including a stop at at least one of its historic steakhouses. A real institution of the city is the Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse (1028 N Rush St, Chicago) where you will find crowded tables from many clubs. In addition to meat, seafood dishes and tasty (and abundant) desserts also deserve a mention.

    Lakeview, a vegetarian stop on the lake

    As the name suggests, we are talking about the area bordering Lake Michigan, a residential area and quieter than the central ones.

    At 3411 N Halsted Street, il Chicago Diner it differs mainly in the proposed vegetarian dishes, not easy to locate in a city where the consumption of meat is a must. In this case, the restaurant offers a variety of burgers and seitan-based dishes, salads, soups and sandwiches with captivating names including Blueberry Fields Forever, The Titanic Burger, Buddha's Karma burger and many others, characterized by the use of spices, aromas , seeds, sauces, tasty vegetable ingredients that have nothing to envy to meat dishes. Try theomelette al tofu for breakfast, and the famous vegan milkshakes made with soy milk.

    Loop, the full center

    Photo by Jason Raia

    Right on Michigan Avenue, the bustling Magnificent Mile of the city's shopping and business life, there is no better Chicago restaurant spot than Heaven on Seven (111 N Wabash Ave # 7,) to savor the Creole cuisine, a fusion of the gastronomic habits of the many populations of the city. The specialty is the gumbo, a rice-based soup with meat or fish, made unique by the addition of ocher, testifying to the use of a great variety of original spices, also visible from the huge display behind the counter. Excellent relationship between quality and quantity of food and relative price.

    If you are craving meat (but also seafood) consider a meal at The Publican (837 West Fulton Market) whose culinary specializations also stand out clearly on the home page of their site: beer, pork and oysters. If you are a lover of one of these three things then you cannot avoid booking a table.

    And for dessert?

    Speaking of typical Chicago dishes, its most famous dessert, the Brownie, invented in this city way back in 1849. If you want to know more, take a look at this original Brownies recipe.

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