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    Where to eat in Boston: Recommended restaurants and fast food in the city

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    Main American cultural and scientific center, with Harvard University and MIT, Boston also represents excellence in terms of gastronomy, the ideal city where to eat and find great restaurants.

    Here in fact you will not find alone fast food that serve hamburgers and hot-dogs as much as I can (in reality now all American cuisine knows how to range far beyond), or rather, in addition to those you will have a wide range of possibilities for a lunch or dinner based on fresh fish, thanks to the proximity to the fishy Atlantic coast, or you can taste the home cooking in one of the restaurants of the town Little Italy (North End), or alternatively choose the enormous meat steaks national or Argentine always present in the American world. In addition to this, as in any other major US city, Boston is home to a large assortment of ethnic cuisine, more or less adapted to the national style.

    A unique city of its kind, which blends European and American characteristics, it cannot be missing from the wealth of experiences of a true lover of the USA. Here are some tips on where to eat in Boston and remain satisfied:


    • North End, la Little Italy
    • Back Bay e Downtown
    • Harvard Square, student hangout
    • Charlestown, between history and gluttony
    • Seaport District
    • Where to eat in Boston: culinary itinerary

    North End, la Little Italy

    Let's start immediately with the neighborhood that has the most sense of home, because there are many Italian immigrant families in the twentieth century. Among the countless and similar places with a welcoming atmosphere, Giacomo's (355 Hanover St) is considered one of the restaurants in Boston with the best Italian cuisine, thanks to the generous and delicious portions of fish soup and linguine with seafood.

    Al ristorante Al dente (109 Salem St # 1) you can rediscover the typical flavors of your home, with tasty first courses such as lasagna, ravioli or gnocchi, and then mozzarella, fine olive oil, inevitable fish dishes and a wide choice of wines, all at an affordable price.

    Back Bay e Downtown

    This is the central area of ​​the city, where many tourists (but also citizens) converge for shopping and entertainment venues, including pubs, art galleries, department stores and restaurants: in summary an excellent choice between the various areas where to eat in Boston.

    Try the cuisine ofAtlantic Fish Company (761 Boylston St), a name that already reveals it all: freshness is a top priority for this elegant place with great service, despite the fact that it is always busy and therefore it is good to book in advance. The specialties are lobster, tartare and clam chowder, or clam chowder, but also different cuts of meat.

    Another place not to be missed is Union Oyster House (41 Union St), the oldest in Boston, which still serves seafood in the original 1826 building. Exceptional guests have frequented this venue, starting with JFK. Take a seat at the raw bar and taste some raw fish.

    Harvard Square, student hangout

    Naturally this is the area close to the university of the same name, therefore with a greater presence of bars, bookstores, but also boutiques that have kept the original touch of the cultural expansion of the 60s.

    This is where many focus fast-food di Boston and places for a comfortable, quick lunch at a moderate price; for example from Otto's (1432 Massachusetts Ave) you can enjoy good and impressive slices of pizza with a topping of your choice, or Pinocchio’s pizza & subs (74 Winthrop St, Cambridge) boasts the best Sicilian pizza, as well as sandwiches and stuffed sandwiches.

    However, it can also be an excellent area to taste something more refined; if you like vegan or vegetarian style drop by The Clover (1326 Massachusetts Ave), where orders are handled by an automated system visible on the screen. I recommend trying the whoopie pie (if you don't know what it is, check out our article on New England cuisine).

    Charlestown, between history and gluttony

    Historic and picturesque area of ​​Boston, bordered by the famous Mystic River, to which the American Revolution and the formation of the first colonies are linked, in fact there are several monuments dedicated to this historical period.

    It is not an area particularly rich in restaurants, rather the places that prefer pastry and cafeteria are widespread, therefore ideal for breakfasts. Try it Zume's Coffee House (221 Main St.), with a modern exterior while the interior conveys greater intimacy, which offers excellent muffins, donuts and pastries but also sandwiches and savory variations for all tastes.

    Seaport District

    Here, as you can imagine, seafood specialties are king. Strolling through the neighborhood it is impossible not to notice the colorful red and yellow awning of the The Barking Crab (88 Sleeper St) here you can try, without fear of being disappointed: clambakes, lobster rolls, fish and chips and crab claws with melted butter. The environment is informal and is perfect for those who do not want to become too formal, the prices are affordable.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer a more formal lunch or dinner, the advice is to opt for the Legal Sea Foods – Harborside (270 Northern Ave) which, in addition to the quality of the dishes, has its position as ace up its sleeve from which you can admire a respectable panorama especially with the evening lights.

    On the other hand, those who cannot give up a good hamburger even in this neighborhood, should go to the The Smoke Shop BBQ (343 Congress St) the new restaurant of the famous local chain that according to many serves the best meat dishes in the entire city.

    Where to eat in Boston: culinary itinerary

    To recap here are all Boston restaurants displayed on the map as stages of a single gastronomic itinerary. If you want you can combine them with our indications on what to see in Boston and compose your own personalized itinerary. Enjoy your meal!

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