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The quintessence of Sardinian cuisine, mixed with Catalan influences: thefood and wine of Alghero it consists of aromas, flavors and textures that you will hardly find in other cities.

Praised by a famous song by Giuni Russo, the splendid city of Alghero will captivate you not only thanks to its attractions, but also and above all thanks to its indispensable "sins of gluttony", accessible to all budgets.


  1. Specialties of Alghero and typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine
  2. Trattoria Maristella restaurant
  3. Lu Furat Pizzeria
  4. Trattoria Rejal
  5. Bar Focacceria Milese
  6. SardOa Wine Aperitif
  7. Spaghetteria Al Usito Posto
  8. Little Loco
  9. Sant Miquel ham shop
  10. Enhorabona restaurant
  11. Orange Lounge Bar
  12. User questions and comments

Specialties of Alghero and typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine

La algherese cuisine - and the Sardinian one in general - found in very fresh fish one of the main ingredients of its gastronomy. From sea urchins to lobster, passing through the classics spaghetti with seafood, you absolutely must not miss the opportunity to taste a course that brings to your mind the smells of the city port. Each dish will be, as a must, accompanied by the evergreen carasau bread, a must on Sardinian tables. For lovers of more "rustic" flavors, it is a must to stop in one of the classics trattorias in Alghero: grilled meat, appetizers and tastings of delicious Sardinian cheeses they will win you over from the first taste!

Finally, special mention for the street food of Alghero and for the moment "happy hour": numerous trendy places, in fact, serve aperitifs based on appetizers and cocktails that recall the Spanish "tradition".

1 - Trattoria Maristella restaurant

All the flavor of fresh fish, prepared according to the Sardinian tradition and served in a rustic and convivial place. The Maristella restaurant, reachable from the city center on foot in just 5 minutes, will surprise you with its fish dishes, cooked with the typical "agliata" sauce, a must in Alghero's gastronomy.

  • Contact us: Via Kennedy, 9 - Tel. +39 079 978172
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4 stars out of 934 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: Agherese garlicky octopus
  • Average price per person: € 25,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/trattoriamaristella

2 - Pizzeria Lu Furat

In historic center of Alghero you can taste a tasty pizza at Lu Furat, a small place five minutes from the city center. In addition to varied pizzas, there are also typical products of the Sardinian tradition, such as farinata and sweet seadas.

  • Contact us: Via Columbano, 8 | Via Minerva, 20 - Tel. +39 079 973 6052
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4,5 stars out of 923 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: fainè
  • Average price per person: € 8,00 - € 10,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/LU-FURAT

3 - Trattoria Rejal

It offers a gorgeous sea-view the Rejal restaurant, a five-minute walk from the center of Alghero. Unmissable fish specialties, prepared by mixing the Sardinian culinary tradition with Catalan influences.

  • Contact us: Via Gramsci, 4 - Tel. +39 079 973 8229
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4,5 stars out of 286 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: Paella de marisco
  • Average price per person: € 12,00 - € 28,00

4 - Bar Focacceria Milese

Giant buns as if it were raining! The Milese focacceria bar is a real institution in Alghero. If you are looking for a sandwich or focaccia that is a valid alternative to the usual Mc Donald's and that fully reflects the Alghero "mood", then this place is right for you.

  • Contact us: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 11 - Tel. +39 079 952419
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4,5 stars out of 1875 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: focaccia del Milese
  • Average price per person: € 2,80

5 - SardOa Wine Aperitif

It's own site in front of the Cathedral of Alghero one of the most "in" places in the city, where Spain meets Sardinia, with almost sensational results. For a truly unforgettable aperitif, treat yourself to a stop at the SardOa Wine Aperitif: here you can taste the typical pintxos, "drowned" in a nice glass of Basque wine!

  • Contact us: Piazza Duomo, 4 - Tel. +39 349 221 2055
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4,5 stars out of 399 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: Pintxos
  • Average price per person: € 8,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sardoa.diVino/

6 - Spaghetteria Al Solito Posto

If one portion much more than abundant pasta does not scare you, then the spaghetteria Al Solito Posto, one of the most popular restaurants in the city of Alghero, will be right for you! In the restaurant, welcoming and equipped with outdoor tables, you can taste the evergreen spaghetti in its most alternative variants, most of which fish.

  • Contact us: Via Principe Umberto, 82 - Tel. +39 079 980054
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 3 stars out of 180 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: spaghetti with sea urchins
  • Average price per person: € 25,00 - € 30,00

7 - Poco Loco

Pizza by the meter, grills, dishes designed for the little ones. A stone's throw from the seafront of Alghero we find the Poco Loco restaurant-pub where, tasting a delicious pizza, we will be cheered by one of the many shows of live music offered by the venue.

  • Contact us: Via Gramsci, 8 - Tel. +39 079 983604
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4,5 stars out of 377 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: Brizio pizza
  • Average price per person: € 10,00 - € 30,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pocolococlubalghero

8 - Sant Miquel ham shop

A wide choice of cold cuts and cheeses to be tasted accompanied by a glass of good Sardinian wine. Small but hospitable, the Sant Miquel ham shop offers its customers cold cuts platters, cheeses, pickles and jams to leave you speechless!

  • Contact us: Via Misericordia, 20 - Tel. +39 348 469 4434
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 5 stars out of 330 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: mixed cutting board
  • Average price per person: € 5,00 - € 15,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ProsciutteriaSantMiquel

9 - Enhorabona restaurant

Both land and sea specialties at the Enhorabona restaurant. Courtesy of the staff and a dream location overlooking on the beautiful waterfront of the city complete the quality of a restaurant that uses only the freshest raw materials.

  • Contact us: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 101 - Tel. +39 079 989 3078
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 4,5 stars out of 1000 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: spaghetti Enhorabona
  • Average price per person: € 20,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Enhorabona

10 - Orange Lounge Bar

Cozy little place near the Coral Museum, at the Orange Lounge Bar you can taste dream aperitifs, unique dishes, exceptional Mojitos at very low prices. Huge selection of sandwiches.

  • Contact us: Via XX Settembre, 4 - Tel. +39 346 594 4925
  • Tripadvisor statistics: 3,5 stars out of 108 reviews
  • Specialty of the house: horse steak sandwiches
  • Average price per person: € 13,00
  • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/orange.alghero/

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