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Is it hard to live in Italy with a salary of € 1.200 euros? Unfortunately this is the sad truth, and the economic crisis that has been in vogue for years is certainly not helping. The good news is instead that there are countries where you can live with a few hundred euros, often even less than € 500: the cost of real estate and cups that are applied.
Not for nothing many Italians are moving abroad, looking for places where they can have a more dignified lifestyle. So what are the countries of the world where it costs less to live? Here is the top 10!

10 - Canary Islands, 850 euros

The Canary Islands are one of the favorite destinations of many Italian retirees: beautiful climate all year round and splendid beaches they are the icing on the cake of a place where you can feel good for around € 850 a month.
It depends on the island you choose, but in general it is cheaper than in Italy. The VAT, which ranges from 4 to 7% and does not apply to basic necessities. Furthermore, thanks to a mild climate all year round, no heating costs are required.

However, it is fair to point out that it is not easy to live in the Canary Islands with odd jobs: To lead a life of dignity, you need a fixed salary.
Here are some data on the cost of living:

  • Rent a studio in the center: around € 450,00
  • 1 month gym membership: around € 30,00
  • Lunch or dinner at the restaurant: about € 15,00 per person
  • 1 pack of Marlboro cigarettes: € 2,30
  • Fuel: about € 1,00 per liter
  • Monthly pass for public transport: € 41,00
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water, MSW): about € 60,00 per month for an 85 sqm apartment

9 - Romania, 750 euros

Without going too far, in Romania a few hundred euros are enough to live. From rent to daily expenses, such as gym, fuel, food and entertainment, the costs are much lower than in Italy. It is clear that everything is parameterized to average salaries, but we can say that with € 750,00 you can easily reach the end of the month. In addition, the emergency room is free, medical examinations and hospitalizations are paid only for foreigners.

The total utilities (heating, electricity, water, waste taxes) have an average monthly impact of less than € 90,00 for an 85 sqm apartment. Not bad, huh?
It is clear that then, as in all states, living in the capital (Bucharest) will be more expensive than living in rural areas such as Cluj or Pitesti.
Here are some data on the cost of living from Forex Trading Italia (updated November 2018):

  • Rent a studio in the center: around € 240,00
  • 1 month gym membership: around € 25,00
  • Lunch or dinner at the restaurant: about € 5,00 per person
  • 1 pack of Marlboro cigarettes: € 3,22
  • Fuel: about € 1,21 per liter
  • Monthly pass for public transport: € 13,00
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water, MSW): about € 90,00 for an 85 sqm apartment

8 - Panama, 700 euros

In Panama, tax haven for many Europeans, the cost of living is lower than we are used to. Out of the center a Flat we rent it for About 450, while a dinner at the restaurant the 8 € per person. Half a liter of domestic beer the € 0,70while one monthly pass for public transport costs € 20. To go to the movies are sufficient € 5. Panama is a good destination: it is a developed country, with skyscrapers and business centers. Without forgetting the heavenly beaches.

7 - Malaysia, 500 euros

Another low cost destination, in Malaysia it is possible to have a apartment for rent in the city center a € 350. utilities they cost about € 40 per month, while 1 km taxi ride is € 0,34. a pack of cigarettes the € 3,50, while a single dinner at the restaurant is € 2.

6 - Thailand, 450 euros

Thailand is a very popular destination for Italians who wish to move abroad: the sea is a dream and relaxation is assured. Any idea on prices? L'rent a studio apartment costs less than € 200 (€ 330 if you approach the city center), the internet connection € 16 per month, public transport ticket € 0,50 e 1 liter of diesel € 0,73. Even at the restaurant the prices are really good: a dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant it costs about € 15.

5 - Vietnam, 400 euros

If you love food and nature, Vietnam is one of the ideal places. A dinner at the restaurant costs less than € 4while one apartment for rent outside the city center € 250.

Un pair of brand jeans comes about € 30, utilities less than € 50 per month e 1 liter of diesel costs € 0,74. cigarettes they even cost € 1 per package. Healthcare costs quite high, so take out one private policy about € 50 per month.

4 - Moldova, 400 euros

Moldova is a rather poor country therefore it offers very low costs compared to Italian standards. For example, the cost for the purchase of residential properties ranges from about 700 euros per square meter, which compared to 9.000 euros per square meter in a city like Rome or Milan are very little stuff. Same thing goes for the cost of living which is more than 70% lower than in Italy. Calculations in hand, to live in an easy way just over 400 euros per month are enough, but for those who do not have big claims and are satisfied with modest conditions, even less may be enough (about 350 euros) !.

3 - Cambodia, 350 euros

In Cambodia, in Southeast Asia, you can live in dignity with € 350 a month: therent of an apartment for one person outside the center it costs just over € 150, with € 2,50 you eat at restaurant, with € 3,50 you go to movies and with € 0,80 you buy half a liter of beer. The only drawback is the health services, not of excellent quality and mainly private: a monthly policy for an adult costs around € 45.

2 - Philippines, 300 euros

The Philippines are also very cheap for us Italians: about 300/350 euros are enough to live in, for example Cebu area, one of the most developed in the country. The cost of a Flat is about € 150 per month while with others € 150 you can cope with miscellaneous expenses and utilities. The cost of a local transport ticket is € 0,16, while internet is a little more expensive: € 42 per month. On the other hand, you can go in two at the restaurant and spend about € 14.

1 - Nepal, 250 euros

Wins our ranking of the cheapest countries to live in Nepal, perfect for those who love trekking: they are enough € 45 to rent a studio outside the city center, And a dinner for two at the restaurant it costs € 7. 1 kg of tomatoes the € 0,50, it's a public transport ticket € 0,17. For utilities get away with € 40 per month, while internet costs around € 30 per month. To go to the movies are sufficient € 2,50. Recommended aprivate health insurance: some companies offer it a € 40 per month.

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