Where are crop circles found in the world?

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I crop circles I am now a known phenomenon even for those who are not familiar with aliens, esotericism and plots. These are mysterious figures that appear on the fields overnight as if they were painted by a skilled hand of an artist. Many have tried to provide a more or less credible explanation, but in fact the mystery remains. Let's find out what they are and where they appear. Are you curious?


  1. What is their significance? Are they real alien messages?
  2. What was the first? And where did the latest appear?
  3. The mystery of the circles revealed?
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What is their significance? Are they real alien messages?

Nobody knows what the real meaning is of these works, nor why they appear. There are those who believe to be the crop circles of messages from aliens or from other entities and we should decipher to understand some mysteries of the Universe and Life, but obviously we are not very good at it ...

no one knows that 80% are born from human hand, but the remaining 20%? Who or what makes them and why creates them? At the moment we have no certain answers and the debate continues among scientists, ufologists, conspiracy theorists, mystery lovers and believers in the spiritual forces of Nature.

What was the first? And where did the latest appear?

Everything started in the late 70s in south of England. Mysterious circles appeared during the summer nights: large up to 25 meters in diameter or as small as a wheel, inside the ears were bent in a spiral and never broken. in 1980, when the newspapers started talking about it, the circles increased (from 3 in that year to 700 in 1990) and began presenting increasingly complex forms. It was no longer a question of simple circles, but of elaborate and spectacular pictograms. Obviously this curious phenomenon immediately attracted the interest of onlookers, experts, conspiracy theorists, esotericists and ufologists. All this also turned into a kind of very profitable tourism. Given its proliferation over the years, the phenomenon of crop circles became an object of investigation: how are they formed? Who creates them? because? It was established that many of them, including the more complex ones, were made by human hand. An example above all, those of Doug Bower, Dave Chorley and John Lundberg. Bower and Chorley started this "fashion" in England in the 80s and were even awarded the Ignobel Prize in 1992 for the conception of their hoax. All the other explanations found so far are only suppositions and hypotheses. Over the years, from the first few circles in the English countryside, the phenomenon spread worldwide, even if the favorite place seems to have remained the English Kingdom of His Majesty. Thousands of fields of wheat and other cereals have hosted increasingly complex circles and figures. In general, the first formations (1970 - 2000) were based on simple geometric figures. The most recent crop circles, those that have appeared after the 2000, they are definitely more complex and seem be based on inspiring principles such as fractals. The figures have gradually become more and more creative. Many crop cirlce have finely developed details, with intricate symmetries within other elements which are themselves symmetrical with variations on different scales of size. Sometimes even illustrations with comic book characters have appeared, clearly human in nature. Currently the most recent crop circle is that of the July 7, 2016 in Wilts, near Stonehenge. It appeared in a still green oat field and represents a sort of 7-pointed star containing 7 smaller "diamonds" inside. The whole is then enclosed in a large circumference made up of two rows of squares. Also, next to the star there is a kind of crescent.

Here is now a selection of the most spectacular figures found over the years.

1 - Silbury Hill, UK

A 'elaborate circular figure with a decoration reminiscent of a Greek key.

2 - Crop circle ant, UK

A mysterious giant ant. Work of man or other creatures? But above all: what does the image of an ant want to communicate to us?

3 - Circle of sand, Middle Eastern Desert

A very special circle since it was created on the sand. The mystery also deepens because according to some this work would not have no trace of human manufacture. The reason? No footprints or traces connecting the circle to someone's presence.

4 - Fiore di Poirino, Italy

This was created near Turin splendid and complex design reminiscent of a flower.

5 - Windmill Hill, UK

Her Majesty's Country is very popular with crop circle creators. This gorgeous work made of circles really leaves you speechless.

6 - Oxfordshire, UK

A gigantic creation, twice the size of most other rims. To many resembles a jellyfish, to you too?

7 - West Woodhay, UK

We are once again in England, the undisputed homeland of crop circles. This looks like a snake. It seems that the creators of these works know the animal kingdom well ... what do you think?

8 - Goes, The Netherlands

A kind of butterfly man of 30 meters by 450, for many a work that accurately recalls Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. It is said to be the symbol of the flowering of humanity. A clear message finally? Maybe ... or maybe not ...

9 - Windmill Hill, UK

Another splendid creation near this hill. It seems to be a place popular with the creators, aliens or not, of crop circles. It is undeniably a splendid work. It seems virtually made of metal, but in reality its "chromatic flashes" are given by the different density of the plants present in the different points. Whoever the artist is, he did a masterpiece!

10 - Chilbolton, UK

We conclude with the most emblematic crop circle of all. We are for the umpteenth time in England. Whether it is the work of a human joker or is it really the true author the one represented? Is this crop circle the bearer of a message of peace or does it want us to understand some disturbing truth?

The mystery of the circles revealed?

Who is responsible? UFO? Vortices of plasma? Electrodynamic phenomena? In reality none of this. In theory (and also practice) to draw a circle a rope, a rake and a stake are enough. In an hour of work the game is done. You enter a field along the "channel" left by the tractor. Then you penetrate inside using the grooves between the ears. The stake is planted and then the rope is tied around it. The pole acts as a pivot and the rope, turning, manages to bend the sturdy wheat plants. To finish the work it is necessary to crush the ears by tracing the circumference, adjusting with the rope. Once the circle is done, you can widen the path and step on the ears without fear of leaving traces. But Is it really all that stupidly simple? Indeed No.. First of all: what sense would it make for the farmers ruin entire portions of the field to create designs, sometimes not even so beautiful? According to some scholars, thoughthe 80% of crop circles either the work of man, it is not known who or what the author of the remaining part is. One hypothesis is that the phenomenon is caused byaction of the Earth's magnetic field. The meteorologist Terence Meaden claims that crop circles are fruit of plasma eddies that would graze the grain, crushing it according to geometric figures. Electrically charged air whirlpools they would therefore cause changes at the cellular level of plants. Okay, but plasma is a gas of electrically charged particles. To generate it, it is necessary to heat a gas above 1000 ° C or apply intense electric fields such as those that produce lightning. Is it possible, therefore, that crop circles are produced by plasma vortices, which have never been identified in the atmosphere? And then how would they create geometric shapes such as edges, triangles and squares? The mystery, at least for now, remainsEtc.

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