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Le polar auroras they are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating manifestations of the incredible power of nature. It is suggestive beams of light in the sky in green, blue and red colors, caused by the collision of solar particles with the gases of the ionosphere. Sometimes these incredible waves of light are accompanied by particular hissing sounds. The scientific origin of these sounds has not yet been found, but what is certain is that they contribute to making the show an even more unforgettable experience.
If you think that a similar phenomenon takes your breath away already admiring it in photos, try to imagine what emotion you can feel by experiencing it in first person ...


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When to see the Northern Lights

Unfortunately there is no guarantee as to the exact time a Northern Lights will occur. Generally the phenomenon becomes more frequent between the autumnal and spring equinoxes, especially in the months from December to February. However, the climatic conditions must be taken into account: in general these months are particularly cold and strongly characterized by snowfall. Probably the best period to admire a polar aurora is during the months of September, October e November, wetter and less snowy especially in the north of the country, or even in the month of March when the climate is drier.

Where to see the Boolean auroras

To be able to enjoy the phenomenon in the best way it is necessary:

  • Choose gods places far from sources of light pollution
  • Avoid organizing excursions during full moon nights
  • Bring adequate equipment (boots and thermal clothing)
  • Follow the paths and i advice from local guides

Here are some of the best places to see the show:

Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska

In the city of Fairbanks, in Alaska, there is a hotel made entirely of ice blocks. His name is Aurora Ice Hotel, and is one of the most beautiful ice hotel in the world.

The owners believe theirs is the best place on earth to see the beautiful Northern Lights.

Þingvellir National Park in Iceland

Il best place in Iceland and the Þingvellir National Park, one of the most important places in the history of the country. In this territory, in the year 930, one of the very first parliaments in history met. Only in 2004 the park entered among the Unesco heritage for its incredible cultural value.

Luosto and Sodanklya in Finnish Lapland

In the town of Luosto, the inhabitants are even warned by an acoustic alarm that signals the beginning of each dawn. Instead a Sodanklya the research center is present Northern Lights which alerts the hotels in the area via messages, so that they can organize excursions for tourists in time.

Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland

In the region of Swedish Lapland, exactly in the county of Norrbotten, It is the Abisko National Park. According to experts it is one of the best places to admire the phenomenon. Here the incredible plays of light are reflected in the lake over 43 meters, creating the well-known Blue Hole.

Tromsø, Alta and Svalbard Islands in Norway

The best places are beyond the Arctic Circle, in the north of the country and in the Svalbard islands.
Right in Svalbard is the pretty town of Longyearbyen, famous for being the most colorful city in the world.

Equally good are the areas of Alta and Tromsø. The particularly dry climate of the latter offers truly optimal conditions.

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